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Search below to find marine maps. Return to the Map Library main page to search for maps by topic.


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  • Ocean: The library has nautical charts for the entire world. Indexes are available to help you locate maps for your area of interest.
    • You can also search for the subject “Submarine topography -- Maps” and include your region of interest.
    • Try also searching for “bathymetr*” AND “maps” AND your region of interest (see sample search).
  • Rivers and inland water bodies: Nautical charts cover the larger, navigable rivers and inland water bodies. The collection also includes plan and profile sets for Colorado rivers.

  • Groundwater/Aquifers:
    • Ground water atlas of Colorado
    • Ground water atlas of the United States
    • The hydrologic investigations atlases from the USGS are in individual-map format (HA series) available on the South Wall of the Map Library. Search for “Hydrologic investigations atlas” and your region of interest.
    • Try searching for “groundwater OR aquifer” and your region of interest.


Groundwater Atlas of Colorado

From the Colorado Geological Survey


National Map Small-Scale Data Download

Water: Dams, networked hydrography, gaging stations, streams, and waterbodies



This interactive map allows you to select a larger stream and trace it upstream or downstream.


Bureau of Ocean Energy Management

Maps and GIS files


NOAA Office of Coast Survey – GIS & Other Products
Links to NOAA map portals


NOAA Charts for US Waters (NOAA Office of Coast Survey)

View NOAA's 1000+ U.S. coastal and Great Lakes nautical charts that provide up-to-date navigational information to mariners.


NOAA Digital Coast Data Access Viewer

"Provides access to coastal data managed by the NOAA Coastal Services Center, including lidar, land cover, imagery, and benthic data"


NOAA National Geophysical Data Center – Map Viewers
U.S. Bathymetric and fishing maps, Marine geology, Tsunamis



Downloadable spatial data files for exploration and analysis.



Davey Jones' Locker Treasure Chest of Web Links (Oregon State University)
Includes links to seafloor mapping and marine/coastal geospatial data.


Environmental Data Explorer (United Nations Environment Programme)
Displays the data as maps, graphs, or tables. Search within the Marine & Coastal Areas data category.


NOAA Office of Coast Survey – GIS & Other Products
Links to NOAA map portals, interactive mapping applications, and prepared maps


National Geophysical Data Center – Map Viewers (NOAA )

Bathymetric data, Marine geology, Tsunamis


Online Chart Viewer – Global Chart Coverage (NOAA Office of Coast Survey)

Charts available online for these regions: North America, Western Africa, Mediterranean, Black Sea, Eastern Asia, South Eastern Russia, Phillippines


SEDAC Map Client (Socioeconomic Data and Applications Center)

Choose the Marine and Coastal map them (top right corner) in this interactive mapping application.


UN Atlas of the Oceans

Includes Maps from the Atlas of the Oceans. This sytem requires registration to view maps.


IWMI Water Data Portal

Provides access to a large amount of data related to water and agriculture