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Colorado Collection

One of many recurrent themes in nineteenth- and twentieth-century American popular music is that of place. Songs have honored streets, cities, rivers, mountains, and states. A few examples include Stephen Foster's "Kentucky Home," James Bland's "Carry Me Back to Old Virginny," George M. Cohan's "Give My Regards to Broadway," and Hoagy Carmichael's "Georgia on My Mind." When published in the sheet music format, the music, lyrics, and illustrations of songs about Colorado combine to form unique expressions of the state's history and natural beauty.


Colorado has inspired many composers and lyricists. Perhaps the best known story is that of Katharine Lee Bates drafting her most famous poem "America the Beautiful" at the summit of Pike's Peak during the summer of 1893. After revising the poem in 1904 and again in 1913, it was set to the tune "Materna" composed by Samuel A. Ward. Of course neither the poem nor the resulting beloved patriotic song are just about Colorado, rather they are a tribute to the whole country. However the "purple mountain majesties" that started it all are Colorado's own.


The Colorado Rockies inspired many others as well, including popular singer/songwriter John Denver. His story is also well known; the man who chose his stage name for the state's capital. Denver lived for many years in Aspen, and time and again he wrote and recorded songs about the mountains. The best known is "Rocky Mountain High," but others include "Aspenglow," "I Guess He's Rather Be In Colorado," and "Starwood in Aspen." In 1975 John Denver was named Colorado's poet laureate.


While Denver's "Rocky Mountain High" has become so well known that it has been suggested as a more appropriate state song than A.J. Fynn's "Where the Colmbines Grow," other songs about Colorado remain only in manuscript. Many Colorado songs were composed by local musicians who published the music themselves or were issued by small Colorado firms. Others were picked up by major Tin Pan Alley houses such as Shapiro, Bernstein & Company, Jerome Remick & Company, and Leo Feist. While some composers such as Charles L. Johnson. Ernest Ball, and Richard A. Whiting are still remembered, others are long forgotten.


Some of the more ephemeral songs were also a tribute to Colorado's beauty. Most all illustrate the state's history through the years. Some are simply love songs set in the state. Many were composed for a special local event or for a Colorado school or association. Another theme was the peacefulness of life in the mountains. Reading through the lyrics of these songs, one is struck by their overwhelmingly positive tone.


A final recurring theme is the pleasure of coming home to Colorado. Compare the following songs, written nearly sixty years apart. The cover of "Back to Dear Old Denver Town" (1912) shows a man running to catch a train. The lyrics by Oscar Olson state, "You can have your dear old Broadway, and your Coney Island too?For I'm going back, back, back to that dear old Denver Town. far from the sea, but a dandy place to be." John Denver's 1971 song about a plane ride to Colorado in "Starwood in Aspen" is strikingly similar. "It's a long way from LA to Denver?.It's a long way home to Starwood in Aspen, A sweet Rocky Mountain paradise, oh my sweet Rocky Mountain paradise."


The bibliography below includes Colorado songs in the CU Music Library collection which are not in the public domain and therefore cannot yet be digitized.


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