UCB Libraries

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Marcelyn H. D'Avis, Music Librarian

Laurie J. Sampsel, Head, Music Library

Robert Glaubitz

Eric J. Petersen, Music Cataloger

Cynthia Li

Ingram Collection

Early Music Publishing in Denver: The Tolbert R. Ingram Company (pdf, 5 MB) / Nancy F. Carter

The Ingram Collection / Laurie J. Sampsel    

Colorado Collection

The Colorado Collection / Laurie J. Sampsel    

Ragtime Collection

The Ragtime Collection / Marcelyn H. D'Avis

Katheryn Quimby

Laurie J. Sampsel

Tim Buckman

Elena Rodriguez

Lisa Rogers

Delight Scheck

Jeff Vach

Heather Hyttinen

Cynthia Li


William Garrison, Head, Cataloging Department, University of Colorado

John Culshaw, Head, Systems Department, University of Colorado

Systems Department, University of Colorado

Chris Murphy, Color Remedies

Liz Bishoff, Project Director, Colorado Digitization Project

Sue Kriegsman, Colorado Digitization Project

Raymond Clark, Imaging Consultant

Lew Sharpe, Imaging Consultant