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The goals of this project include increasing the accessibility of the collections to a wider audience, regardless of physical location, and providing musical materials for use in formal and informal education and research activities. Below are suggestions for using the sheet music in K-12 education as well as a description of our initial outreach plans.



The music available on this site may perhaps be most heavily used in K-12 schools for performance and study in elementary general music classrooms and in vocal music programs. Because of the images depicted on the covers and the poems set to music, however, the collections have wider educational value, particularly for teachers of middle and high school students. The following links make suggestions for incorporating the use of this music as an enhancement in the study of history, geography, and ethnicity. Additional suggestions for the teaching of musical fundamentals are planned for the future.


Suggestions for: Grades K-4 | Grades 5-8 | Grades 9-12


To inform the local community about the availability of digitized Colorado-related music, our initial outreach goal is a display in the CU Boulder Music Library to be mounted in January 2002. We hope to illustrate not only the music itself, but also the process of scanning and related activities. Future plans include a concert on the CU Boulder campus of selected titles from the music presented here. Outreach efforts will be announced on this website.