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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we plan to continue to add sheet music to this site as our resources permit. Additional pieces of ragtime music will be added in 2002.

Yes, most of our sheet music collection is not currently on the web. You can find other sheet music titles that we own by searching our online catalog.

Contact the University of Colorado Music Library at mus@colorado.edu with questions about obtaining copies of the music.

Most music published before 1923 in the United States is now in the public domain or out of copyright. To help avoid copyright violations, we have not put any sheet music on this site published after 1922.

Persons wishing to perform the music from this site are responsible for ensuring that the music is not under copyright. Please see our copyright page which contains links to several helpful sites for making this determination.

Please contact the Head of the Music Library, at Laurie.Sampsel@Colorado.edu with questions about donating music.

Please contact us with other questions about the sheet music or this site at mus@colorado.edu.