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The sheet music on this web site can be browsed as follows:

  • By collection (Colorado, Ingram, Ragtime)
  • Alphabetically within each collection
  • Alphabetically across all the music on the web site

The images were numbered according to the order in which they were scanned and not according to the page numbers that are on the pages of music. The cover or title page is Image 1.

When multiple copies of the same piece of music were available, the best copy was scanned if the pieces were completely identical. If the illustrated title pages or front covers were different, both pieces were scanned. Individual scans were also made of different numbered editions of the same piece of music even though there was little difference in the music or the covers. (This last difference is mainly true of the Ingram Collection.)

This site has been designed to function with all web browsers.

Each image is formatted to print on one piece of 81/2" x 11" paper. Acceptable prints can be obtained by printing from either Netscape or Internet Explorer.

If you are using any images or information from this web site, please cite the URL (web address) of the pages used.

Higher resolution copies of the music and/or covers can be purchased from the University of Colorado Music Library. Please contact us at our email address (below) for information and prices. Image files can be sent via email, or on a zip disk or printed on paper and mailed.

Contact us at mus@colorado.edu with any questions.