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The Naturalist William A. Weber: Event Poster (pdf)

November 12, 2014, Norlin Library, 5th Floor, 4:30-7pm



Re-collecting Ludlow: A Panel Discussion (pdf)

April 15, 2014, Norlin Library, 5th Floor, 4:30-6pm



Corridos Sin Fronteras (pdf)
April 14, 2014, Norlin Library, 5th Floor, 4-7pm



Visiting Artist: Kim Jongku

Tuesday, February 11th, 6:15 pm at the Visual Arts Complex.


Seoul-based artist, Kim Jongku works in sculpture, video, painting and photography. Using black, steel powder — the result of an industrial grinding process — he “writes” calligraphic inscriptions on the floor of a pristine, white environment, as if the iron powder were Chinese ink. Then, using closed-circuit cameras positioned on the floor, Kim projects his constructed vista onto a screen to evoke traditional Korean ink and brush painting. While beautiful and evocative to experience, they are the artistʼs criticism of todayʼs materialistic civilization. Please join us for an evening or for a week during Kimʼs two week residency February 3rd to 14th.



Bad Apples or Bad Leaders:
Explaining State Repression and Sexual Violence in El Salvador

Michele Leiby, Assistant Professor, Political Science, College of Wooster, Ohio


Thursday, 7 February, 12:30-1:45p, IBS 155 (Institute of Behavioral Science, 1440 15th Street)


Why do militaries engage in sexual violence? Through her examination of patterns of state-perpetrated sexual violence and other political violence during the civil war in El Salvador (1978-1992), Prof. Lieby concludes that sexual violence is not perpetrated randomly, but rather targeted against particular subgroups within the population who present a real or imagined threat to the regime.


A comparison of data collected in the UCB Archives from two Salvadoran human rights organizations reveal the timing and locations of various forms of state violence and a demographic profile of the victims. This research, one of only two quantitatively-oriented analyses of first-hand accounts of sexual violence during the civil war, demonstrates many of the limitations of data on wartime sexual violence and makes an important contribution to the academic literature on wartime sexual violence as well as to the historical record of violence in El Salvador.


Unearthing the El Salvador Human Rights Archive

Why is the archive here? How has it been used for research and class projects?
What is required to ensure, enhance, and promote access?
Learn how you can access and utilize this material in your research!


Friday, 8 February, 12-1:30p, Gates Woodruff Cottage Library. Light lunch provided.


  • Michele Leiby, College of Wooster: Digging in the El Salvador Human Rights Archive
  • Asuncion Horno-Delgado, UCB Spanish and Portuguese: class projects using the Archive
  • Bruce Montgomery and Yolanda Maloney, UCB Archives and Special Materials at: How the World’s Largest El Salvador Human Rights Archive was Built: Travels of two archivists to a war-ravaged land to gain access to the secret archives of the Archdiocese of San Salvador

Sponsored by the University of Colorado Boulder Latin American Studies Center, University Libraries, Department of Political Science, and Women and Gender Studies Program


Contact Lbdv@colorado.edu: Lorraine Bayard de Volo, UCB Associate Professor, Women and Gender Studies and Director, Latin American Studies Center



NOW in the Norlin Lobbies!


Joining Forces: Book Arts in Collaboration
Kitty Maryatt and Sammy Lee
December 5, 2012 – March 8, 2013


Joining Forces Exhibit (pdf 8.30MB) | Joining Forces Event (pdf 11.12MB)


Norlin East Lobby “Kitty Maryatt: Limited Editions from the Scripps College Press”

Kitty Maryatt: Limited Editions from the Scripps College Press:
The Scripps College Press publishes and sells books created collaboratively by undergraduate students who take the Typography and the Book Arts class with Kitty Maryatt at Scripps College in Claremont, California. The students write the texts, make imagery, set metal type by hand, print by letterpress, and bind the limited edition of about 100 copies in the one-semester class.


Norlin West Lobby: "Artist’s Books by Sammy Seung-min Lee of Studio SML | k"

Artist’s Books by Sammy Seung-min Lee of Studio SML | k:
Sammy Seung-min Lee is a book artist and proprietor of Studio SML | k in Denver, Colorado. Sammy incorporates her diverse studies in fine art, design and architecture to push the boundaries of her books by investigating and experimenting with spatial, narrative, and sequential qualities.  She studied bookbinding under master bookbinder and book artist, Daniel Kelm in Easthampton, Massachusetts.


AND – a special PRESENTATION: Thursday, February 28, 2013, 7 pm, CBIS, “Joining Forces ~ Book Arts in Collaboration” with Kitty Maryatt and Sammy Lee.


ALSO - Special fee-based workshop: “Let Me Count the Ways” [to sew signatures together] with Kitty Maryatt, March 1-3, 2013, 10a-5p, Ewing Farm, Lafayette, CO. For details: http://www.facebook.com/Denver.RMC.GBW or sammy@studiosmlk.com.


Sponsored by University Libraries ScriptaLab, Rocky Mountain Chapter of the Guild of Book Workers, Book Arts League, Friends of the Libraries, and Archives and Special Collections.

Events Archives


Naturalist William A. Weber: Exhibit Flyer (pdf)



Opening the Tibetan Treasury of Knowledge (pdf)

Art + Maps

Rabbi Zalman Schachter-Shalomi
and the Origins of Post-Holocaust American Judaism (pdf)


Embodied Judaism: The Sound of Ecstasy (pdf)
Music in Contemporary Judaism and the Contributions of Rabbi Zalman Schachter-Shalomi


Exhibits and Art Shows in Norlin Fall 2014


First Floor

East Lobby Display Case
Sand from Around the World


East Lobby, SW Stoa Gallery
(also second floor SW Science Alcove Gallery, flanking 2nd floor bay window)
“Ray Tomasso—Master papermaker and paper artist: Works in Cast Paper ReMix.” Also, “Erosion and Tradition,” a mixed media work displaying traditional book crafts in a single over-sized volume (second floor SW Science Alcove Gallery).


Norlin Commons
“Celestial Light: Reflections on the Journey Home” -- an exploration of light and being in the paintings of former library staff member William Wallace Carson (June 19th 1948 - August 4th 1990).


Laughing Goat Cafe
“Hazel Barnes and the Existential Challenge in the 21st Century”: posters about the existentialists Barnes studied and taught—Sartre, Simone de Beauvoir, and Albert Camus, including quotes on topics such as existential consciousness, freedom, and gender.

East Underground Gallery

Writing and Rhetoric Digital Composition Class Projects on Multiple Modality Communication


Southwest Stoa Gallery
“Ray Tomasso Master Papermaker and Paper Artist: Works in Cast Paper ReMix.”


Second Floor

SW Science Alcove Gallery
“Ray Tomasso Master Papermaker and Paper Artist: Works in Cast Paper ReMix.” “Erosion and Tradition,” a mixed media work displaying traditional book crafts in a single over-sized volume, and metal books in west lobby vitrine


East 2nd floor landing and Research Services
“Rabbi Zalman Schachter-Shalomi and the Origins of Post-Holocaust American Judaism” explores the life and work of Rabbi Zalman Schachter-Shalomi and his role in shaping contemporary Judaism as a religion, social movement, and philosophy of spiritual transformation. Reb Zalman’s life is a rich tale of spiritual innovations sparked within a dynamic historical context and in relationship to many of the world’s great philosophers and spiritual teachers.


East Science Gallery
“Dr. William Weber – The Naturalist”


West Art and Architecture Collection
“Animal clusters:” captivating series of animal forms emerging from patterns by former textile print designer, Bhagvati Khalsa.


Third Floor

Triptych Gallery (across form Special Collections)

"History and Highlights of Special Collections"

"Opening the Tibetan Treasury of Knowledge: Textual Transmission and Cultural Preservation"

“Latin American Studies Center Graduate Student Fieldwork” (photos)


W Ventana Gallery

Louis DeAngelis: bright colors, riveting patterns, and musical allusion: artistic skills and cultural commentary.

A.C. Violet “Existential Gatherings” and Lauren McKenzie “Equestrian Performance.”


Northwest Balcony
Ryan Long photography: “Mend”



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A west summer view of Norlin Library