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Norlin Art Exhibits: Spring 2011

In the Norlin Library, the University Libraries highly diverse collection of art can be found throughout the building in fresh locations. And a variety of featured art shows enliven the building’s three main floors.


Experience the exploration of light and being as expressed in the painting, poetry and prose of former library staff member William Wallace Carson (June 19th 1948 - August 4th 1990). “Celestial Light: Reflections on the Journey Home,” in the first floor southwest Stoa Gallery, is a fond reprise and remembrance of a life and work.


Immerse yourself in the suite of 5 color etchings with aquatint, “Sea State Five, 2003,” on loan from the CU Art Museum Polly and Mark Addison Collection, and featured in the first floor southwest Stoa Gallery.  One of Time Magazine’s “100 innovators for the new millennium,” Matthew Ritchie’s artistic mission has been no less ambitious than an attempt to represent the entire universe and the structures of knowledge and belief that we use to understand and visualize it.


Read in “My Story,” the life stories that print makers share through images that interpret memories, diary entries, events, and experiences.  The prints were created by BFA students in Melanie Yazzi’s spring 2010 printmaking class and organized by Shannon Aragon in the second floor southwest Science gallery.    


Explore the related work of Andrew Violet and Lauren McKenzie in the second floor southeast Science Library stacks. Violet’s “unifying intention is to apprehend an almost instinctual fascination with a kind of dramatic form, embracing the scene with my own formless family of colors.”  McKenzie offers “the representation of a kinship between the animal-soul and the artist [in which the] animal soul may be taken for granted as the hero-subject of each scene, but the meaning does not stop with the representation of the subject.”  More by Violet throughout the second floor south with the group title—“Existential Gatherings: Images from the Whole.”


View an original illustrated fairy tale by brothers Nicholas and Jonathan Baldridge with Yelizaveta Baktin. Framed text and illustrations from their story “Camellia” line the wall just south of Norlin’s interior bay window in the second floor Research Services. Enigmatic paintings by Nicholas Baldridge brighten the Laughing Goat.


Pause for a moment to allow the animal forms to emerge from the patterns in the captivating series of “animal clusters” by former textile print designer, Bhagvati Khalsa, which are featured in the second floor west Art and Architecture collection.


Interact with 12 vibrant textures in paint by Rebecca Jewell on the southeast stairwell third floor landing and beyond.  The artist explains that painting is her mode of game making, in which she creates her own rules of patterning and color, selecting her color palettes from the videogames she played growing up.


Don’t miss the large canvasses with bright colors, riveting patterns, and musical allusions that shout out the artistic skills and cultural commentary of Boulder painter, Louis DeAngelis in the third floor west Ventana Gallery.


(posted 2010jan04)