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2006 Campbell Award Winner: Maureen Van Camp

13th Marie & Martha Campbell Award - 2006


Maureen Van Camp

Department: Media Library (part of Reference and Instructional Services)

Position: General Professional III

Length of Service in the Libraries: Almost 37 years
Length of Service in Current Position Position: in Audiovisual/Media Library since 1980

Previous Libraries Positions: Library Technician II in Law Library
Previous Relevant Career Positions: Received MA in Library Media

Primary Responsibilities:

Head of Media Library
Project manager for special projects

Award Recognizes Staff excellence


Comments from Supporting Letters: The letters highlight the recipient’s strong and passionate commitment to professional teamwork and public service excellence. They also speak of her strong leadership, planning foresight, and commitment to progress which have been pivotal in spearheading several key projects. Although her unit is an intensely technical work unit, she takes deep and heartfelt pride in making people her number one priority. One person wrote: If I were a patron coming into the library with a problem, I’d want an ally just like her!


One letter describes the recipient as an individual of great enthusiasm, optimism, creativity, and self-initiative whose worldview is marked by a deeply held sense of social responsibility and a “can do” attitude in all areas. Nominators speak of her assiduous attention given to her responsibilities as a supervisor and her countless hours of selfless overtime. They speak of the extremely high expectations she has for her student workers, and the very thorough training program which she demands her student workers complete. One letter states: she is to be commended for developing caring, respectful relationships with the students, and sometimes their parents. She realizes the lessons student employees learn in the libraries go far beyond specific tasks assigned to them.


The recipient has a positive outlook on life and enjoys helping others. One of her favorite quotations is “You make a living by what you get, but you make a life by what you give.” She often acts as the unofficial voice for libraries staff. Speaking out in public forums does not intimidate her, and throughout the years, many more timid staff members have counted on her to voice their opinions.


With the recipient, says one letter, the Libraries have their own “woman for all seasons”: she has served to preserve the past in a variety of media; she serves the present, by providing superb and persistent assistance to patrons in need of help; and she safeguards the future, by doing more than her share to ensure good health and a clean environment.


She cares about making her library a pleasant place to work and visit, says another letter. For example, she decorates the library for each holiday and even wears special outfits that represent special days. She has been a leader in recycling libraries materials, and an advocate for breast cancer awareness.