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May 2007

spring awardees 2007

Our Proud Spring Awardees: Susan Anthes (Ellsworth Award Winner) and Cassandra Volpe (Campbell Award Winner)


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Student Employee of the Month: Carly Lang


Government Publications has honored Carly Lang as "Student Employee of the Month" for April.


Pat McClure writes:

"She's been enhancing OCLC records, earning us credits on nearly everything she catalogs (I keep thinking OCLC might end up owing *us* money), and finding free online versions to link to. Except for my desk (which I may turn over to her) there are no serious cataloging backlogs here anymore, which has never, ever happened before, and it's all her doing.

We wish we had her focus and dedication, and owe her big-time."

Pat McClure and GovPubs


Kudos (updated May 25, 2007)


Janet Swan Hill has been re-elected to ALA Council.


Janet Swan Hill has been appointed to the Library of Congress Working Group on the Future of Bibliographic Control, which has been holding public meetings around the country, and will be working toward delivering a report to LC this fall.


Janet Swan Hill gave the keynote address "Stand and Be Heard: Activism and Advocacy for Technical Services" at the Colorado Association of Libraries TSAD (Technical Services and Automation Division) spring meeting.


Suzanne Larsen was elected Vice President/President-Elect of the Geoscience Information Society, a society of earth science information professionals which facilitates the exchange of information in the geosciences through cooperation among scientists, librarians, editors, cartographers, educators, and information professionals.


Thea Lindquist has been selected to receive the 2007 ACRL Western European Studies Section's "Coutts Nijhoff International West European Specialist Study Grant". This grant covers airfare to and from Europe, transportation in Europe, and lodging and board for up to 14 days. The primary criterion for awarding the grant is the significance and utility of the proposed project as a contribution to the study of the acquisition, organization, or use of library materials from, or relating to, Western Europe.


Windy Lundy gave a presentation on "LC Series Decision: One Year Later" at the Colorado Association of Libraries TSAD (Technical Services and Automation Division) spring meeting.


Carl Stewart was elected to the Board of Directors of the Society of Rocky Mountain Archivists (SRMA). In 2004, the Colorado Preservation Alliance (CPA) merged with SRMA, with the guarantee that there will always be a "Preservation Member-At-Large" on their Board. The Annual Meeting was held May 17-19 in Colorado Springs.


Jina Wakimoto was appointed to the International Federation of Library Association's Serials and Other Continuing Resources Section Standing Committee. She will join the committee this August in Durban, South Africa, along with new members from Nottingham Trent University in the United Kingdom, the Bibliotheque Nationale de France, and Biblioteca Nacional de España.


Heather Wicht published an article, "Staying Sane in a Climate of Constant Change," in the February 2007 issue of The Informed Librarian Online.


Personnel News (updated May 30, 2007)

Thanks to Lucy Zellar for providing the personnel update.


Diana Anderson has given formal notice of her intent to retire from her General Professional III position in the Cataloging Department effective 01 August.


Wendy Baia, Senior Instructor, began a sixty percent phased retirement in the Cataloging Department, Serials Unit, effective 01 May.


Nancy Carter retired from her position as Senior Instructor in Public Services effective 01 April and was appointed Senior Instructor Emeritus.


Marty Covey retired from her Library Technician II in Access Services, Interlibrary Loan Unit, effective 01 May.


John Dziadecki’s position in the Systems Department was reallocated from a Technician III to an Information Technology Technician II position effective 01 May.


Judith Yem Fong, Faculty Director of Collection Development, is on sabbatical effective 01 April through 15 August.


Cris Johnson’s Library Technician III position has been reassigned from the Media Library to Access Services effective 01 May.


Charlene Kellsey has accepted a reassignment from the Cataloging and Metadata Services Department to serve as Faculty Director of Acquisitions effective 01 July.


Gloria Lamboy has resigned her Library Technician II position in Acquisitions to accept a Library Technician II position in Access Services effective 06 June.


Daniel Morimoto will retire from his Library Technician III position in Acquisitions effective 01 August.


Michael Riberdy’s Media Specialist IV position has been reassigned from the Media Library to the Systems Department effective 01 May.


Cassandra Volpe will retire from her Archivist II position in the Music Library effective 01 August.


Current Searches

Administrative Assistant III—Mailroom
Bibliographer for Asian Languages and Studies (four year temporary)
Faculty Director of Reference and Instructional Services
Library Technician I (50%)—Access Services
Monographic Cataloger (Two tenure-track positions)—Cataloging and Metadata Services


Professional Development (updated May 25, 2007)


The Colorado Academic Library Summit, "Changing Cultures: Collaboration, Social Networking and New Technologies" will take place May 31 and June 1 at the Sheraton Denver West in Golden.


The Special Library Association's Annual Conference is June 3 - 6 at the Hyatt Regency in Denver. For more information about this event, visit the conference web page. This year's keynote speakers will include former vice president Al Gore and "Dilbert" creator, Scott Adams.


The 2007 ALA Annual Conference is June 21 - 27 in Washington DC.


For other professional development opportunities, see LEO "A continuing education calendar for Colorado libraries".


If you want to suggest a professional development listing, please email Matt Hamilton.

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