UCB Libraries

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First Month: must know and/or do

Libraries Mission Statement


University Vision and Mission


IT Online Security Training
This website will provide you with information about required IT security training and how to link into the training site.


Discrimination and Harassment Training Workshop
CU employees are required to attend a discrimination and harassment workshop within their first 30 days of employment. Please go to the above link for more information and for a current calendar of upcoming training sessions.


Building Security & Emergency Meeting
with Hilary/Call Security (2-5527) to arrange a time to do this.


Performance Plan (Classified Staff)
Within your first 30 days, you with your supervisor need to complete a performance management plan. This plan outlines the job duties on which you will be evaluated. Once this plan is completed, your supervisor will make you a copy and bring the original to Lucile Zellar in Admin Svcs. Plans run through March 31st at which point your supervisor completes an annual evaluation. A new plan is then drafted for the next year.


Supervisor Training (if you are a supervisor of classified employees)
There are three mandatory training courses supervisors of classified staff must complete. They are:

  1. Discrimination and Harassment (must complete within 30 days from hire date or promotion to supervisor)
  2. Successful Supervision in the Classified System: An Overview (must complete within 90 days from hire date or promotion to supervisor)
  3. Performance Management (must complete within 90 days from hire date or promotion to supervisor)

Library Organization Chart
This provides you with a brief overview of the divisions of the library and the departments overseen by each division.


Libraries Strategic Plan
Please take a look at this so that you’ll have a basic idea of the Libraries vision and future plans.


CU-Boulder Emergency Alert
Shows various ways you can get information in emergency situations on campus. The campus has a text alert and email alert system for emergencies, but you need to sign-up for it.


Norlin Map & Branch and other maps