UCB Libraries

First Week: must know and/or do

Whew, it’s finally here: your first day. Before jumping into your new job duties, there are a few tasks we need to do first.


  • Meet with your supervisor at your prearranged arrival time.  Your supervisor may want to show you around and go over some of the basics of your new department.

  • Meet with Dylan Wiersma in Administrative Services (Norlin M450). We will go through the paperwork necessary for your employment. Make sure you bring the documents listed here.

  • Go to get your campus ID, the Buff OneCard.  You will also get your Eco Pass (bus pass) at this office.

  • Meet with a member of our Libraries Information Technology Department at your workstation to go over Windows logons, your Identikey password, your e-mail account, and other important IT info.

  • Call Payroll and Benefits Services at 303-735-6500, opt. 0, to set up your Benefits Orientation: Faculty | Staff.  You only have 30 days to make your benefit selections, so do this as soon as possible.

Okay, you’ve made it through your first day. Here are some tasks for the rest of the week that you can mix into your schedule while learning your new job.


  • Review your Position Description Questionnaire (PDQ) with your supervisor.  This document lists the duties of your position.  You get a copy of this.

  • Get a tour of your work area, the library, and maybe even parts of the campus.  Also, your supervisor will provide you with an Emergency Quick Reference.  Have them show you how to get out of the building in an emergency!  Fill out the the back of the Emergency Quick Reference and post next to your phone.

  • Your supervisor will request the necessary keys/access you need from your building’s key liaison (Norlin-Dylan).  You will get a key card to take to Facilities Mgmt’s Access Services (STAD 1B11: Gate 8), where they will cut you a key.

  • Your supervisor will give you a monthly work record (aka calendar) on which you mark your work and leave time (e.g. vacation, sick).  Once you have accrued leave (after your first month), you will need the leave/absence request form to get supervisor approval to take planned leave.

  • Check out the two web portals available to faculty and staff:

    • CUConnect is the Boulder campus portal that allows you to view information specific to this campus.

    • MyCU is the campus-wide portal on which you can view your monthly pay advice, required and optional online training via SkillPort, and much more.  Both require you to login with your Identikey password.