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Congratulations on your job offer! Now that you have accepted the position, there are some important pre-employment steps that need to be taken to make sure you are ready to go on your first day.


  • We will initiate the appropriate background checks. You should receive an email from hr-bgc@colorado.edu outlining how to log into the Hire Right service to provide your information and authorize the check to be done. Please follow these instructions.

  • Dylan Wiersma will send you a personal data worksheet for you to fill out and complete so that you can be entered into the payroll system.

  • We will draft and mail you an offer letter. Please sign the letter and complete all other enclosed documents and return to:

          Dylan Wiersma
          University of Colorado Libraries
          184 UCB
          Boulder, CO 80309

  • Call or email your supervisor to establish an arrival time for your first day.

  • If you will need parking for your first day or if you would like to purchase a parking permit, contact Dylan Wiersma.

  • Gather the documents you will need to complete your employment paperwork on the first day.¬† The list of documents you will need is here.

  • Facts About the Libraries.

  • Faculty: Keep track of your moving expenses for reimbursement.

  • Faculty: Office of Faculty Affairs A-Z list of what to do