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Quiz: New Employee Jeopardy!

Congratulations! You've made it this far and are feeling one of the family. We just have a few questions for you and ...


Welcome to New Employee Jeopardy!

Click on the answers below to get the question.

1. They are three, yet one -- the Libraries Executive Committee.

Who are James Williams (Dean), John Culshaw, Suzanne Larsen?

2. He helps you set up your pre-employment paperwork.

Who is Dylan Wiersma?

3. This card is your passport to many events and services on campus and also serves as your University identification.

What is the Buff OneCard?

4. This pass allows you free bus transportation throughout the Denver/Boulder metro area

What is the EcoPass?

5. This training should be scheduled on your first day.

What is Payroll and Benefits training?

6. This department will schedule a meeting with you on your first day to help you get set up with your computer workstation and provide you with your logins and passwords.
7. This web portal allows you to view your monthly pay advice and online trainings you need to complete among other things.

What is MyCU?

8. The number of branch library locations that are a part of the University Libraries.

What is 4? Business; Earth Sciences & Map; Engineering, Mathematics and Physics; and Music.

9. This is CU-Boulder’s mascot and athletic team name.

What are the Buffaloes or Buffs?

10. This week long event is held every April at CU-Boulder and brings in dozens of speakers for discussions and debate.
11. I get text alerts to my cell phone if there is a campus emergency.

Did I sign-up at http://www.colorado.edu/alerts/ ?

12. From this document, I know where my department meets if there is an evacuation.

What is the Emergency Quick Reference that is hanging next to my phone?