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Events Policy Statement

The mission of the University of Colorado at Boulder Libraries is to enrich and advance learning and discovery in the University, community, state, and nation by providing access to a broad array of resources for education, research, scholarship, and creative work to ensure the rich interchange of ideas in the pursuit of truth and learning.  We join the University to serve Colorado and engage in the world.


The goal of the Libraries Programming and Communications Department is to keep the University community, Libraries personnel, and general public informed of Libraries materials, services, opportunities, and policies and to position the Libraries as an integral intellectual and cultural resource on the campus through its, exhibits, art shows, events, and communications.

The University Libraries adheres to the Laws of the Regents, campus policies and procedures, and a number of documents published by the American Library Association (ALA), including the ALA Code of Ethics, Library Bill of Rights, Freedom to Read Statement, and the Association of College and Research Libraries' Intellectual Freedom Principles for Academic Libraries.


The Libraries Programming and Communications Department coordinates general events in Norlin and maintains events policies and procedures.  Every effort is made to ensure that events sponsored by the Libraries are appropriate to an academic setting as a forum to enlighten and spark discussion, and to highlight the activities of the faculty, staff, or students of the University of Colorado at Boulder.  The development of events sponsored or co-sponsored by the Libraries is the responsibility of Libraries personnel and final say on participants and forums for events is the responsibility of the Libraries Programming and Communications office and/or Libraries administration.


The Programming and Communications Department accepts event suggestions from and partnerships with Libraries staff; CU faculty, staff, and students; and the general public.  Priorities are the Libraries, the campus, the community.  The University Libraries also acts as a neutral forum or site for events. In accordance with the Laws of the Regents, event space in the University Libraries may be provided for the free and safe expression of ideas in support of one of the core goals of the University, “learning through discovery.”


Events staged in the Libraries or cosponsored by the Libraries must conform to the CU Boulder campus Policy on the Use of University Facilities.


Presenters are placed "under no control or authority save the control and authority of rational methods by which truth is established." and may "communicate the results" of their research through presentations. In the spirit of the principles of academic freedom and free expression, the Libraries places no blanket restrictions upon opinions expressed in Libraries events. Nevertheless, "academic freedom does not give either faculty or students the right to disregard the standards of conduct" outlined in the Laws of the Regents.  Topics will not be addressed if they are deemed to be willfully injurious to persons, disruptive of Libraries activities, or to interfere in any manner with the private rights of citizens. (Quotes are taken from the Laws of the Regents)


As a forum for the free exchange of ideas, the Programming and Communications office welcomes comments and responses from events attendees. The Planning and Promotions librarian, Deborah Fink, may be reached at 303-492-8302, or deborah.fink@colorado.edu.


Approved November 2007. Updated September 2009, August 2010, October 2011.