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Under the direction of Patricia Morris, the Preservation Department conducted a detailed conservation needs assessment of the collections throughout the Libraries during the years 2005-2009. The survey gathered statistically valid data on the preservation treatments required to maintain the Libraries' collections over the long term. To accomplish this we developed procedures and forms that enabled properly trained student workers to gather consistent data under the supervision of staff. The primary tool for training students, providing consistent data, and documenting our decision-making process is an online manual, inclusive of a training form. You may review the manual's contents, which include a description of the project and its goals, definitions of terms used, and the forms we have developed by clicking the link below, which will take you to the manual's index page. Links to completed reports and supplemental information can be accessed at Conservation Needs Assessment Report.


Conservation Needs Assessment Manual


Table of Contents

    1. Statement of Purpose

    2. Procedures

                2.1 Add a Linked Table

                2.2 Checking Out Items (Assistants)

                2.3 Collecting and Managing Samples from Collections   (Assistants)

                2.4 Data Entry (Assistants - SF1 forms)

                2.5 Random Sample Generation   (Staff)

                2.6 Review File Creation and Maintenance (Staff)

                2.7 Workflow Chart(Assistants - SF1 forms)

    2.8 Special Collections: Method and Instructions

    3. Instructions for Completing Survey Forms

                3.1 SF1: General Instructions

                3.2 SF1: Paper Based Items (Overview)

                3.3 SF1: Detailed Instructions

                3.4 SF1: Referred Items – Detailed Instructions (Assessors)

                3.5 JUVENILE Collection – SF1: Detailed Instructions

                3.6 STAFF:  SF1:Referred Items -Guidelines

                3.7 STAFF:  SF1:Referred Items -Detailed Instructions

                3.8 Special Collections :  SF1:Detailed Instructions

    3.9 Archives:  SF1:Detailed Instructions

   3.10 Special Collections Material - Manual and Definitions

    4. Terms and Definitions

    5. Reports and Documentation


Appendix A - Forms

- SF1: Paper Based Items-revised 2/22/07

SF1: Paper Based Items-prior to 2/22/07

- SF1: Referred Paper Based Items

- Juvenile Collection – SF1: Paper Based Items

- Shelving Problems

- Rebind

- Recase – original cover

- Recase – new cover

Appendix B – Parts of a Book

Appendix C – Photo Gallery

Appendix E - SPECIAL EDITION 8/2/05

Appendix F – Specify – Other: Summary of Terms

Appendix G –Collection and Samples Size (as of 7/2005)

Appendix H – Specific Actions Required

Policy and General Preservation Information
Christine De Vries, 303-492-8122
Contact me for general information, questions about our policies, or questions or problems with the Conservation Needs Assessment Manual.