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American Factfinder: Database Guide  Information
This is a quick guide to the American Factfinder database from the U.S. Census Bureau. This database contains both quick facts on communities as well as the ability to create customized data sets from the economic and population and housing censuses. As well as population estimates and the American Community Survey.

GeoRef  Information
This is a brief introduction to searching in the GeoRef database, focusing on its specialized descriptors.

ProQuest Congressional: Database Guide  Information
This is a quick guide to using the ProQuest Congressional database. ProQuest Congressional provides indexing, with selected full-text access, to publications from the US Congress. This includes, laws, hearings, reports, and documents.

Proquest Statistical: Database Guide  Information
This is a quick guide to using the Proquest Statistical Database. The Proquest Statistical database contains statistics on the state, federal and international level. While there are selected full-text titles in this collection, all the publications can also be found in the Business or Government Information Libraries.

Reference Universe  Information
Reference Universe is a searchable database that indexes information from specialized subject encyclopedias. It does not include the full text of reference materials but will point you to reference sources that cover your topic. It searches both the titles of reference articles as well as the encyclopedia / dictionary indexes, providing a thorough level of access to materials and potential sources. Watch this quick tutorial on how to use this resource!

Sociological Abstracts: Database Guide  Information
This guide gives you an overview on using Sociological Abstracts, including some tips you may want to use to get the most out of your research. Sociological Abstracts is the primary database for researching sociological topics.

Using Chinook  Information
Chinook, the library catalog, has a new look and feel. The updates and redesign will provide all the familiar search features and much more. To learn more about using the new Chinook, view these short introductory tutorials.

Video: What is FDsys?  Information
What is the Government Printing Office's Federal Digital System, or FDsys? This humorous video explores the contents and purpose of this useful government database. (2:22)

Web of Science: An Overview  Information
This video covers how to access and use Web of Science effectively.

World Development Indicators: Database Guide  Information
This is a quick guide to using the World Development Indicators database. This statistical database, from the World Bank, provides development data on over 600 variables for 200 countries.