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Subject Guide for Anthropology

Finding Books


Included on this page are resources to search for books, lists of call number ranges to browse and selected subject headings to use while searching Chinook to find books pertaining to Anthropology and Archaeology.


How to Search for Books

Chinook - http://libraries.colorado.edu/

Chinook is the library catalog for materials at CU. Chinook is also used to manage your library account (including renewals, holds, recalls, saved searches, etc.)


Prospector - http://prospector.coalliance.org/

Prospector is a union library catalog of libraries in Colorado and Wyoming. CU students, staff and faculty can request materials not owned by CU (or currently checked out materials) through Prospector.


Interlibrary Loan ( ILL ) - http://ucblibraries.colorado.edu/ill/

If the item you are looking for is not in Chinook or Prospector, request it through Interlibrary Loan.

Suggested Subject Headings

Below are some selected subject headings for finding books in Anthropology. Clicking on the subject headings will take you to the results list in Chinook, the CU library catalog, with the most recent books appearing at the top of the list.

For suggestions for other subject headings to try to find materials for your research, please contact the Anthropology librarian, Alison Graber

Browsing Call Number Ranges

Below are some call number ranges that pertain to Anthropology and Archaeology. To find out where these books are located in the libraries, consult the Call Number Location Chart.





GN1 - GN 890



GN49 - GN 298

Physical Anthropology


GN301 - GN647

Ethnology (Social and Cultural Anthropology)


GN700 - GN890

Prehistoric Archaeology


GR1 - GR950



GT1 - GT7070

Manners and Customs


Searching within Specialized Encyclopedias

Developing a comprehensive understanding of your topic is essential when embarking on research. One way to gain background information is to utilize reference sources. This will help you to focus and concentrate your interest in a researchable portion of your topic. For help developing background information:

You will find numerous reference sources in the UCB Libraries' collection, both online and in print.

SEARCH your topic in Reference Universe, enter your topic in the search box below:

Reference Universe: This is a searchable database that indexes information from specialized subject encyclopedias. It does not include the full text of reference materials but will point you to reference sources that cover your topic. It searches both the titles of reference articles as well as the encyclopedia / dictionary indexes, providing a thorough level of access to materials and potential sources. CU

Reviews in Anthropology

Reviews in Anthropology provides details reviews of books in the anthropology and related fields.