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Subject Guide for Arabic Language and Culture

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The following subclasses of the Library of Congress Classification Outline allow more precise browsing of the library's collection of Arabic history, language, literature, and culture.

History of Arabic-Speaking Countries


The Islamic World, DS 35.3-35.77

Arab Countries, DS 36-39.2

The Middle East, DS 41-66

Iraq (Assyria, Babylonia, Mesopotamia), DS67-79.9

Lebanon (Phenicia), DS 80-90

Syria, DS 92-99

Israel (Palestine), DS 101-151

Jordan (Transjordan), DS 153-154.9

Arabian Peninsula. Saudi Arabia, DS 201-248



Egypt, DT 43-154

Sudan. Anglo-Egyptian Sudan, DT 154.1-159.9

Magrib. Barbery States, DT 181-346

Libya, DT 211-239

Tunisia (Tunis), DT 241-269

Algeria, DT 271-299

Morocco, DT 301-330

Sahara, DT 331-346

Arabic Language and Literature, PJ6001-8517

Language, PJ 6073-7144

Ancient Arabic, PJ 6690-6697

Modern Arabic Dialects, PJ 6701-6901

South Arabian

Ancient, PJ 6950-6981

Modern, PJ 7051-7144

Arabic Literature, PJ 7501-8517

Individual Authors or works, PJ 7695.8-7876