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Subject Guide for Arabic Language and Culture

Subject Headings


To find books and journals on Arabic language and culture, search Chinook and Prospector more in-depth by using LC Subject Headings. The following list may help get you started. Also, pay attention to the subject headings used for books you've already identified in order to find other works on the same subject and also identify other search terms.


Arabic English Language Dictionaries

Arabic English Language Grammar

Arabic Language Dictionaries

English Picture dictionaries, Arabic

Arabic Language

Arabic Language Dialects

Arabic Language Grammar

Arabic Language History

Arabic Language Pronunciation

Arabic Language Readers

Arabic Language Social Aspects

Arabic Philology

Calligraphy Arabic



Arab Countries

Arab Israeli Conflict

Civilization, Arab

Civilization, Islamic


Arabic Literature

Arabic Literature History and Criticism

Arabic Literature Translations Into English

Arabic Drama

Arabic Poetry

Arabic Fiction

Theater Arab Countries

Folk Literature Arabic


Islamic Cultures and the Iberian Peninsula:

  • Alhambra Granada Spain
  • Almoravides
  • Andalusia Arabic
  • Andalusia Arabs Spain
  • Arabic Literature Spain
  • Arabs Spain
  • Architecture, Islamic Spain
  • Art, Islamic Spain
  • Islam Spain
  • Islamic Empire
  • Moriscos
  • Mudejares
  • Muslims Spain
  • Muslims Spain History
  • Spain History 711 1516