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Subject Guide for History

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Please note that these pages are not routinely updated, as this is an historical archive. Faculty interested in the continued maintenance of any of these pages should contact Thea Lindquist.


Undergraduate Courses

HIST 3110: Senior Honors Colloquium (V. Anderson, Bruce, Lester)


HIST 3115: Early American History (F. Anderson)


HIST 3133: Decolonization of the British Empire (Chester)

HIST 3415: American Thought and Culture, 1940-1960 (Pittenger)


HIST 3416: American Society and Thought: The Social Impact of the Civil War (Mann)


HIST 3511: Medieval History (Lester)


HIST 3516: American Culture and Reform, 1880-1920 (Sutter)

HIST 3616: Women's History


HIST 3616: The Women's Movements of the 1960s and 1970s (Chambers)


HIST 3800: Seminar in Global History (Kim)


HIST 4349: Decolonization of the British Empire (Chester)


HIST 4417: Environmental History of North America (Young)


HIST 4546: Popular Culture in Modern America (Young)

Graduate Courses

HIST 5000: Historical Methods (F. Anderson, Kent, Yonemoto)


HIST 7052: Modern European History (Hanna)

HIST 7153: Medieval and Early Modern English History (Hammer)

HIST 7156: U.S. Diplomatic History
(Schulzinger, Zeiler)

HIST 7257: History of the American Frontier (Young)

Recent Library Instruction