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Subject Guide for Sociology

Reference Resources


International Bibliography of Sociology (1955 - 2000)
Call No/Location: Z7161 .I594, Norlin Reference Index
An extensive classified listing of books, pamphlets, periodical articles and official government publications in 25 languages, including Slavic and Asian languages. Includes author, placename and subject indexes.


Sociology : A Guide to Reference and Information Sources (1985 - 1996)
Call No/Location: Z7164.S68 A24 1997, Norlin Reference Stacks
This book includes descriptions of 576 of the major reference sources in sociology. Indexes, bibliographies, handbooks, databases, World Wide Web sites, dictionaries, and other print and electronic reference and information sources published from 1985 through 1996 are cited. Entries include annotations.


Finding The Source In Sociology and Anthropology: A Thesaurus-Index to the Reference Collection
Call No/Location: Z7164.S68 B75 1987, Norlin Reference Stacks
This work covers bibliographic citations to core reference sources by subject/topic area and a thesaurus-index for descriptor and subject indexing. Also includes author and title/subtitle indexes.


Social Science Reference Sources : A Practical Guide
Call No/Location: Z7161.A1 L5 2000, Norlin Reference Stacks

Part I provides information about research resources and various types of sources. Chapter 19, of Part II, focuses specifically on sociology, its subfields, and provides annotated entries for discipline specific reference sources. Contains name, title, and subject indexes.


Handbooks and Research Guides:

Essentials of Research Methods: A Guide to Social Research

Call No/Location: H62 .R728 2005, Norlin Stacks


The International Handbook of Sociology
Call No/Location: HM24. I575 2000, Norlin Reference Stacks


Handbook of Environmental Sociology
Call No/Location: GE195 .H35 2002, Science Stacks


Handbook of Population

Call No/Location: HB871 .H336 2005, Norlin Reference Stacks


Blackwell Companion to Medical Sociology
Call No/Location: RA418 .B5736 2001, Science Stacks


Blackwell Companion to Political Sociology
Call No/Location: JA76 .B58 2001, Norlin Stacks


Blackwell Companion to Social Theory
Call No/Location: H61 .B4773 2000, Norlin Stacks


Blackwell Companion to Sociology
Call No/Location: HM585. B53 2001, Norlin Reference Stacks


Key Quotations in Sociology
Call No/Location: HM17 T56 1996, Norlin Reference Stacks


The FBI : a comprehensive reference guide (Electronic Book)


Reference Handbooks by Topic (Electronic Books):


Statistical Abstract of the United States
Call No.: C 3.134, Norlin Reference - Ready Reference

* Statistical Abstract of the United States from the US Census Bureau


Crime Statistics (Bureau of Justice Statistics)

Crime Trends (Bureau of Justice Statistics)

Sourcebook of Criminal Justice Statistics



Statistical Resources from CU's Government Publications Library


Style Guide

ASA Style Guide / American Sociological Association
Call No/Location: HM73 .A54 1997, Norlin Reference Stacks
Comprehensive guidance on writing style and manuscript organization for ASA publications and journals.

* Quick Style Guide from ASA



The Blackwell Dictionary of Sociology: A User's Guide to Sociological language
Call No/Location: HM17 .J64 2000, Norlin Reference Stacks
Defines concepts and includes suggested reading citations, includes biographical sketches: a selected sociological Who's Who.


Dictionary of sociology
Call No/Location: HM17 .L392 2001, Norlin Reference Stacks

Dictionary of Terrorism

Online: Electronic Book


The Blackwell dictionary of twentieth-century social thought
Call No/Location: H41 .B53 1993, Norlin Reference Stacks


Concise Oxford Dictionary of Sociology
Call No/Location: HM17 .C66 1994, Norlin Reference Stacks


Dictionary of Twentieth Century Culture
Call No.: GN307 .D35 1994 v.1-5, Norlin Reference Stacks


The Blackwell Encyclopedia of Sociology Online

Includes specially commissioned entries written and edited by an international team of the world's best scholars and teachers. Entries range from short definitions of key terms to extended explorations of major topics.


The Continuum Complete International Encyclopedia of Sexuality
Call No/Location: HQ21 .I68 2004, Norlin Reference Stacks


Encyclopedia of Conflict Resolution

Online: Electronic Book


Encyclopedia of Feminist Theories

Online: Electronic Book


Encyclopedia of Sociology
Call No/Location:
HM17 .E5 2000, Norlin Reference Stacks

Encyclopedia of Religion and Society
Call No/Location: BL60 .E53 1998, Norlin Reference Stacks


Encyclopedia of Sociology
Call No/Location:
HM17 .E5 2000, Norlin Reference Stacks


Encyclopedia of Statistical Sciences

Online: Electronic Book


International Encyclopedia of The Sociology of Education
Call No/Location: LC191 .I49 1997, Norlin Reference Stacks


The Social Science Encyclopedia
Call No/Location: H41 .S63 1996, Norlin Reference Stacks
Online: Electronic Book


Graduate Programs in Social Sciences (Annual)
Call No/Location: L901 .G715 2001, Norlin Reference - Educational Directories


The American Sociological Association Directory of Members (Annual)
Call No/Location: HM9 A46, Norlin Reference Stacks


World Databases In Social Sciences
Call No.: H50 .W67 1996, Norlin Reference Stacks


American Sociological Association

Scholarly Societies - Sociology (via University of Waterloo)

Sociology organizations (via Yahoo)

Sociology departments (via Yahoo)