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Subject Guide for Spanish & Portuguese Language and Literature

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The following subclasses of the Library of Congress Classification Outline allow more precise browsing of the library's collection of the languages and literatures of Iberia and Latin America.

PC Romanic Languages

Catalan Literature, PC3900-3976

Spanish Philology, PC4001-4071

Spanish Language, PC4073--4977

Portuguese Philology, PC5001-5041

Portuguese Language, PC5043-5498

PQ Spanish Literature, PQ6001-8929


PQ Portuguese Literature, PQ9000-9999

Portugal, PQ9000-9499

Brazil, PQ9500-9698.36

PQ 7081-8560 Literature of Spanish America

Mexico, PQ7100-


West Indies, PQ7361-

Cuba, PQ7370-

Dominican Republic, PQ7400-

Jamaica, PQ7410

Puerto Rico, PQ7420-

Other islands, PQ7450-

Central America, PQ7471-

Costa Rica, PQ7480-

Guatemala, PQ7490-

Honduras, PQ7500-

Nicaragua, PQ7510-

Panama, PQ7520-

El Salvador, PQ7530-

South America, PQ7551-

Argentina, PQ7660-

Bolivia, PQ7880-

Brazil (Spanish language literature in), PQ7880-

Chile, PQ7990-

Colombia, PQ8160-

Ecuador, PQ8200-

Guiana, PQ8230-

Paraguay, PQ8250-

Peru, PQ8300-

Uruguay, PQ8510-

Venezuela, PQ8530-