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Subject Guide for Spanish & Portuguese Language and Literature


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Confused about "por" and "para"? What is the preterite of "to ask "?

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Reference Material
Language Learning Material


Reference Material




CU The Concise Oxford Spanish Dictionary (English-Spanish)
CU The Concise Oxford Spanish Dictionary (Spanish-English)


Collins Lexibase

English<>Spanish Dictionary (Granada University, Spain)

Merriam-Webster's Spanish-English Dictionary


Collins Spanish dictionary = Collins diccionario inglés
PC4640 .S595 2003

The Oxford Spanish dictionary
PC4640 .O94 2003

The University of Chicago Spanish dictionary
PC4640 .U5 2002


Diccionario de la lengua española. (RAE)

Diccionarios en línea para hispanohablantes


Diccionario De Uso Del Español / María Moliner
PC4625 .M6 2007

Tesoro De La Lengua Castellana O Española
PC4620 .C7 2006

Diccionario Panhispánico De Dudas
PC4460 .D53 2005


Collins Lexibase


Larousse Concise Dictionary : Portuguese-English, English-Portuguese

PC5333 .L36 2003

Collins English-Portuguese, Português-Inglês Dictionary
PC5333 .W45 2001


Aulete Digital: (Downloadable)

Dicionários Porto Editora

Michaelis: Moderno Dicionário da Língua Portuguesa

Priberam Informática - Língua Portuguesa On-Line


Dicionário De Dúvidas Dificuldades E Curiosidades Da Língua Portuguesa
PC5260 .S22 2005

Grande dicionário : língua portuguesa
PC5327 .G735 2004


The Oxford Business Spanish Dictionary

Portuguese business dictionary

HF1002 .S567 2006


Spanish Language Dictionaries in Chinook

Portuguese Language Materials in Chinook


Catalan Dictionaries

Galician Dictionaries

Guarani Dictionaries

Maya Dictionaries

Mixtec Dictionaries

Nahuatl Dictionaries

Quechua Dictionaries



Parasaurus Rex


Using Spanish Synonyms

PC4591 .B38 2006

Gran Diccionario De Sinónimos Y Antónimos

PC4591 .G67 1987

Diccionario de sinónimos explicados : matización, aclaración, antónimos y frases

PC4591 .A56 1984

Ensayo de un diccionario español de sinónimos y antónimos
PC4591 .S25 1967


Dicionário analógico da língua portuguesa

PC5315 .A9 1974

Dicionário Houaiss de sinônimos e antônimos

PC5315 .D53 2003


A Guide to Countries of the World [CU]
World Encyclopedia [CU]


El Pequeño Larousse Ilustrado 2003

AG61 .P48 2003

Enciclopedia Hispánica
AE61 .E52 1992

Enciclopedia Universal
AE61 .E51 1990

Encyclopedia of Caribbean literature. 2006 (2 volumes)
PN849.C3 E53 2006

Encyclopedia of Latin American and Caribbean literature, 1900-2003. (2004)
PQ7081.A1 E558 2004 (Ojo! Location = Norlin Stacks)

Diccionario Espasa literatura española. 2003
PQ6051 .B74 2003

The feminist encyclopedia of Spanish literature 2002 (2 volumes)
PQ6055 .F46 2002

Concise Encyclopedia of Latin American Literature. 2000
PQ7081 .A1 E56

Diccionario enciclopédico de las letras de América Latina. 1995 (3 volumes)
PQ7081 .D515 1995

Diccionario de literatura española e hispanoamericana. 1993 (2 volumes)
PQ6006 .D6

Dictionary of the Literature of the Iberian Peninsula. 1993 (2 volumes)
PN8495 .S6D54

Language Learning Material


Anderson Language Technology Center (see class professor)



BBC - Languages - Spanish

LinguaCentral Language Resources

Spanish Language Exercises

Spanish Language Practice / Páginas de ayuda para estudiar español (Enrique Yepes, Bowdoin)



BBC - Languages - Talk Portuguese


De Tudo um Pouco



The Grammar Survival Kit (Spanish)

Real Academia Española

Spanish Grammar


Gramática Didáctica Del Español

PC4112 .G636 2007

Using Spanish : A Guide To Contemporary Usage

PC4129.E5 B32 2005

The Oxford Spanish Dictionary And Grammar

PC4640 .L45 2001

A New Reference Grammar Of Modern Spanish

PC4112 .B88 2000



Ciberdúvidas da Língua Portuguesa

Gramática da Língua Portuguesa

Brazilian Portuguese Grammar


Texto E Gramática / Maria Helena De Moura Neves

P147 .N479 2006

Portuguese : An Essential Grammar

PC5067.3 .H88 1996



BBC Mundo

BBC Languages


Education Podcast Network

Foreign Language Podcasts



Radio Lingua

Radio Nederland

Spanish NewsBites


Spanish videorecordings in Chinook

Portuguese videorecordings in Chinook


Diction For Undergraduates : A Two Semester Course In English, Italian, Spanish, German, And French

2003 M412

Pronunciación Del Español : Lengua Hablada Y Literaria

PC4137 .C26 1987

Talking Brazilian : a Brazilian Portuguese pronunciation workbook

PC5444 .P48 2004


Online Verb Conjugation Trainer

Vocabulary training (Spanish)

ConVer: Conjugação Verbal Portuguesa


Collins Spanish verbs

PC4271 .C64 2005

Spanish verbs made simple(r)

PC4271 .B76 2005

Webster's New World 575+ Spanish verbs

PC4271 .P57 2004

Spanish verbs

PC4271 .B88 1997

501 Portuguese verbs : fully conjugated in all the tenses, in a new easy-to-learn format, alphabetic

PC5145 .N52 2005

201 Portuguese verbs fully conjugated in all the tenses, alphabetically arranged.

PC5145 .N5


Writing Guide: Sweet Briar College {Spanish}


Academia Brasileira de Letras


Ortografía De La Lengua Española

PC4143 .A5 1999