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Subject Guide for Spanish & Portuguese Language and Literature

Subject Headings


To find books on Spanish, Portuguese or Latin American languages or literature, search Chinook more in-depth by using LC Subject Headings. The following two charts may help get you started. Also, pay attention to the subject headings used for books you've already identified in order to find other works on the same subject and also identify search terms.


1. Subject Headings Relating to Literature

Authors Spanish

Authors Spanish American

Authors Chilean

Poets Spanish

Poets Spanish American

Mexican Poetry

Venezuelan Literature

Cuban Literature 20th Century

Picaresque Literature, Spanish

Spanish American Literature

Latin American Literature

Short Stories Spanish

Short Stories Spanish American

Detective and mystery stories, Brazilian

Argentine Drama

Spanish Drama

Spanish American Drama

Latin American Drama

Theater Latin America

Hispanic American Theater

Spanish Essays

Dominican Essays

Essays Latin American

Essays Portuguese

Individual Authors:

Cervantes De Saavedra Miguel De

Juana Inés de la Cruz, Sister, 1651-1695

Garcia Marquez Gabriel 1928


Fiction Spanish American

Fiction Latin American

Fiction Novelists Spanish

Women Authors, Mexican

Mexican Women Authors



2. Subject Headings Relating to Language and Linguistics



Bilingualism - country

Bilingualism - United States

Blingualism - encyclopedias

Bilingualism - Psychological Aspects

Bilingualism in Children

Code switching (Linguistics)

Education, Bilingual

Languages in contact


Sociolinguistics - country

Sociolinguistics - state

Spanish language

Spanish language - Dialects

Spanish language - Dialects - country

Spanish language - Discourse Analysis

Spanish language - Errors of usage

Spanish language - Grammar

Spanish language influences on English

Spanish language spoken Spanish

Mexican Americans Language

Hispanic Americans - Language