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Research assistance for French, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Catalan, Latin America, Comparative Literature and Humanities!

alison.hicks @ colorado.edu | 303 735-1709 | E250C, Norlin

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Get answers to your questions about your research projects or using the Libraries' collections.

I'm here to help!




Make an appointment

  1. Check my calendar to see when I'm free
  2. Send me an email to confirm a meeting time
  3. Or: just pop your head in my office
    • Bear in mind I may have temporarily stepped out or be eating ;)
  4. If none of those times work, let me know!

Help via email

  1. I can also help via email! Just send me your questions.

Hi, I'm Alison, and I'm here to help you with questions about your research projects, using the Libraries' collections, or anything else research related!


For those of you who've never been to an appointment with me, here's what you can expect:

  • We can go over your topic, especially what is and is not researchable, see if there's a lot written about your topic (so you might have to narrow it), or see if there's not much written (so you might have to broaden or diversify).

  • We can go over everything from basic to advanced search strategies and techniques and identify databases that would be most helpful for your research.

  • We can make sure you haven't missed that one critical source for your topic.¬†

  • I can set you up with citation managers or productivity tools to help you manage your research notes and citations¬†

Remember, while I'm happy to help at any stage, these sessions work best if you can let me know what you've done up till now (search words, where you have searched etc.)


Good luck this semester!




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