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This guide will help you navigate Women & Gender Studies' research resources within the University Libraries and beyond. Explore and enjoy the content here!


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This guide will help you navigate Women & Gender Studies' research resources within the University Libraries and beyond. Explore and enjoy the content here!


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Getting background info

Reference sources can be an ideal starting point in the research process. Many reference sources will provide you with:

  • an overview and background information on a topic
  • the established knowledge on a topic
  • the most important facts about a topic
  • the key figures, places, or events related to your topic
  • a list of recommended readings on a topic


SEARCH your topic in Reference Universe, enter your topic in the search box below:

Reference Universe: This is a searchable database that indexes information from specialized subject encyclopedias. It does not include the full text of reference materials but will point you to reference sources that cover your topic. It searches both the titles of reference articles as well as the encyclopedia / dictionary indexes, providing a thorough level of access to materials and potential sources. CU


For more reference source search tips, go to How do I find Reference Sources.


Sample Reference Sources



Feminism & Gender | Literature | United States | International | History | Biographical | Bibliographies & Indexes



Feminism & Gender

The A to Z of feminism / Janet K. Boles


Encyclopedia of feminist literature / Kathy J. Whitson


Encyclopedia of sex and gender : men and women in the world's cultures / edited by Carol R. Ember


Encyclopedia of gender and society / edited by Jodi O'Brien


Encyclopedia of women and gender : sex similarities and differences and the impact of society on gender


Historical dictionary of feminism / Janet K. Boles, Diane Long Hoeveler


Larousse Dictionary Of Women


The Routledge Critical Dictionary Of Feminism And Postfeminism


Women's studies encyclopedia / edited by Helen Tierney


Women’s Movement Today



An encyclopedia of British women writers / edited by Paul and June Schlueter


Women's fiction authors : a research guide / Rebecca Vnuk


Latin American women writers : an encyclopedia / María Claudia André, Eva Paulino Bueno, editors


United States

American women during World War II : an encyclopedia / Doris Weatherford


The almanac of women and minorities in American politics 2002 / Mart Martin


Encyclopedia Of Women In American History


Encyclopedia of women in American politics / edited by Jeffrey D. Schultz and Laura van Assendelft


Encyclopedia of American women and religion / June Melby Benowitz


Facts on File encyclopedia of Black women in America


From suffrage to the Senate. Vols. 1 and 2 [electronic resource] : an encyclopedia of American women


Routledge international encyclopedia of women : global women's issues and knowledge


Women during the Civil War : an encyclopedia / Judith E. Harper ; foreword by Elizabeth D. Leonard  


Women in the American Civil War [electronic resource] / Lisa Tendrich Frank, editor



Encyclopedia of women's folklore and folklife / edited by Liz Locke, Theresa A. Vaughan, Pauline Gre


Encyclopedia of women and world religion / edited by Serinity Young


International encyclopedia of women


International encyclopedia of women's suffrage [electronic resource] / June Hannam, Mitzi Auchterloni


International encyclopedia of women and sports


International encyclopedia of women scientists


Women's roles in ancient civilizations : a reference guide / edited by Bella Vivante



An encyclopedic dictionary of women in early American films, 1895-1930 / Denise Lowe


Encyclopedia of women social reformers / Helen Rappaport


Encyclopedia of women in the Renaissance [electronic resource] : Italy, France, and England


Women and war [electronic resource] : a historical encyclopedia from antiquity to the present


Women and gender in medieval Europe : an encyclopedia / Margaret Schaus, editor



Ahead of their time : a biographical dictionary of risk-taking women  


History Of Women's Achievement In America [DVD]



Bibliographies and Indexes

Bibliographic guide to Chicana and Latina narrative / Kathy S. Leonard


Feminism And Psychoanalysis : A Bibliography


Feminist periodicals : a current listing of contents


Feminist research methods : an annotated bibliography / Connie Miller, with Corinna Treitel


Feminist Theory (II) : A Bibliography

Significant Contemporary American Feminists: A Biographical Sourcebook


Studies on women and gender abstracts [electronic resource]


Women and mass communications in the 1990's : an international, annotated bibliography / compiled by John A. Lent

Women in Global Migration, 1945-2000: A Comprehensive Multidisciplinary Bibliography


Women's studies : a recommended bibliography / Linda A. Krikos and Cindy Ingold

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Chinook (the CU Libraries Catalog)


Chinook Catalog

Chinook is the catalog for books, journals, dvds, maps, and more available from CU Libraries. You may search by title or author for a specific book, or you may search by keyword for books on a topic.


You may also choose to browse by Library of Congress subject headings. Below are a few sample subject headings to get you started.

Women Biography

Women History
Women Social Reformers
Women And Literature
Women Scientists
Women Authors American (may substitute other geographic region)
Womens Studies
Womens Rights
Women Legal Status Laws Etc
Women Suffrage
Feminism United States (may substitute other geographic region)
Feminist theory
Feminism And Higher Education



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If you are unable to locate an item in Chinook, you may search other libraries.


Prospector (Libraries in Colorado and Wyoming)


If you search Chinook and find that the CU Libraries do not have the item you are looking for (or if the item you are looking for is checked out), you can search Prospector, which is a combined library catalog of 23 libraries in Colorado and Wyoming. CU students, staff and faculty can request materials through Prospector, and the items will generally be delivered to Norlin within a few business days.



Interlibrary Loan

Interlibrary loan requests can also be submitted through WorldCat, a comprehensive online catalog with 52 million bibliographic records. After searching for the book in WorldCat, click on the ILL icon at the top of the book record, fill out the form, and submit electronically.



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Articles By Topic | Articles From a Citation | Journals


Articles by Topic

If you are looking for articles on a particular topic, you can use many relevant databases to which CU Libraries subscribe. Some of the article databases include citation information about the article, while others include access to the full-text of the document, usually in either PDF or HTML format.


If the particular database you search does not have the full-text of the article available, look for the 'Find it at CU' option to search for electronic or print copies. If you are unable to locate the 'Find it at CU' option, follow the steps for finding a specific article below.


Typically you may search by keyword, author, title and more. For help developing keywords, go to How do I Choose Keywords? HINT! Keep track of search terms. Look for database recommended search terms and help resources.


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Recommended Databases:

Alternative Press Index
Provides citations for nearly 300 alternative, radical and left periodicals, newspapers and magazines 1991 to present.


Academic Search Premier

Provides full text journal coverage for nearly all academic areas of study.


Contemporary Women's Issues
Provides full-text access to global information on women in over 150 countries. Indexes books, journals, newsletters, research reports from non-profit groups, government and international agencies, and fact sheets.


Diotima: Materials for the Study of Women and Gender in the Ancient World
Searchable bibliography that links to full-text articles in JSTOR, and other on-line resources, including articles, translations, book reviews, databases, and images.


Family & Society Studies Worldwide
A core resource in NISC's series of databases on family and gender related topics.


Feminae: Medieval Women and Gender Index
Journal articles, book reviews, and essays about women, sexuality, and gender in the Middle Ages.


Monastic Matrix

Resources for the study of women's religious communities, including secondary and primary sources, 400-1600 C.E.




Sociological abstracts

CSA Sociological Abstracts abstracts and indexes the international literature in sociology and related disciplines in the social and behavioral sciences.


Social sciences citation index (SSCI)

A multidisciplinary index, with searchable author abstracts and cited references, covering the journal literature of the social sciences.


Women's Studies International
Covers the core disciplines in Women’s Studies to the latest scholarship in feminist research in the areas of sociology, history, political science & economy, public policy, international relations, arts & humanities, business and education.


Historical Databases


Defining gender, 1450-1910


Everyday life and women in America


North American women's letters and diaries


Women and social movements in the United States 1600-2000




Irish women poets of the Romantic period


Scottish women poets of the Romantic Period


Women writers online

View more article databases and indexes.



Article Finder--When you know the article you need




Author's Last Name: *
Year: *
ISSN: * Click here to find ISSN by entering journal title
Article Title:
Journal Title:



Women’s Studies

Women’s Studies: An Interdisciplinary Journal

Feature articles about women in anthropology, art, economics, history, literature, sociology and the sciences. Also includes book and film reviews and some poetry and fiction


Frontiers: A Journal of Women's Studies

One of the oldest and most respected feminist journals in the United States. A broad mix of scholarly work, personal essays, and the arts, this cross-disciplinary and culturally diverse journal's feminist content makes it an ideal source of women's history, cultural theory, literature, essays, art, criticism, and pedagogical approaches.


Journal of International Women's Studies

Peer reviewed journal that provides a forum for scholars, activists, and students to explore the relationship between feminist theory and various forms of organizing. The journal seeks both multidisciplinary and cross-cultural perspectives. The journal aims to create an opportunity for building bridges across the conventional divides of scholarship and activism; "western" and "third world" feminisms; professionals and students; men and women.


NWSA Journal

Official publication of the National Women's Studies Association, publishes interdisciplinary, multi-cultural feminist scholarship linking feminist theory with teaching and activism.


European Journal of Women’s Studies

Major international forum for original scholarship focusing on the complex theoretical and empirical relationship between women and the particular, and diverse, context of Europe.


Journal of South Asian Women’s Studies



Women's Studies International Forum
Publishes feature articles on feminist research of multidisciplinary and international topics. Includes a “feminist forum” section of forthcoming conferences, calls for papers, web sites, and new books.


Feminist Review

British publication featuring theme issues on a variety of topics, often with an international focus.


Feminist Theory

International interdisciplinary journal launched in April 2000 to provide a forum for critical analysis and constructive debate within feminism.


Feminist Studies
In addition to feature articles of feminist analysis on a variety of topics, publishes fiction and poetry.


Off Our Backs
One of the oldest feminist publications provides current news on all feminist issues and reports of recent conferences in the U.S. and abroad.


Gender and Education

International forum for discussion of multidisciplinary educational research and ideas that focus on gender as a category of analysis.


Gender and Society: Official Publication of Sociologists for Women in Society

Presents the latest research and theory on the social and structural implications of gender.


Journal of Lesbian Studies

Theme issues on various aspects of lesbian life.


Gender and Development

Aims to promote, inspire, and support development policy and practice, which furthers the goal of equality between women and men.


Feminist Africa
This forum for feminist intellectual dialogue and gender research on the African continent is a publication of the African Gender Institute. It is currently hosted by the University of Cape Town.


Gender Issues

Articles on basic and applied research on the relationships between men and women, similarities and differences in socialization, and on the changing roles of women around the world. (Formerly Feminist Issues).


Gender, Place and Culture

Forum for debate in human geography and related disciplines on theoretically-informed research concerned with gender issues. It also seeks to highlight the significance of such research for feminism and women's studies.


Sex Roles

Articles on all aspects of gender role socialization, including (but not limited to) the areas of social psychology, public affairs, law, economics, and health and employment policy.


Journal of Gender Studies

Interdisciplinary articles relating to gender from a feminist perspective covering a wide range of subject areas including the Social and Natural Sciences, Arts and Popular Culture.


Journal of Women’s History

Devoted exclusively to the international field of women’s history. Focuses on work on women that is sensitive to the particular historical constructions of gender that shape and are shaped by women’s experience.


Gender and History

International journal for research and writing on the history of femininity and masculinity and of gender relations. Examines changing conceptions of gender, and maps the dialogue between femininities, masculinities and their historical contexts.


Women's History Review
Interdisciplinary articles (for example, women's studies, history, sociology, cultural studies, literature, political science, anthropology and philosophy) that further feminist knowledge and debate about women and/or gender relations in history. Covers the 19th and 20th centuries as well as earlier times.


Hypatia: Journal of Feminist Philosophy

Feature articles, book reviews and announcements.


Journal of Feminist Studies in Religion

Oldest interdisciplinary, inter-religious feminist academic journal in religious studies. A channel for the publication of feminist scholarship in religion and a forum for discussion and dialogue among women and men of differing feminist perspectives.


Feminism and Psychology

Fosters the development of feminist theory and practice in psychology and represents the concerns of women in a wide range of contexts across the academic/applied `divide'.


Psychology of Women Quarterly

Articles germane to the psychology of women, including sex-related comparisons, psychobiological factors, sexuality, social and cognitive processes, career choice and training, discrimination, harassment and violence and psychological distress


Women and Health

The journal covers material involving the physical and psychological well-being of women, the sociocultural factors that lead to health problems, and issues of prevention, early diagnosis and treatment, the limitation of disability, and rehabilitation.


Duke Journal of Gender Law and Policy

Interdisciplinary publication devoted to discussion and consideration of gender issues in the context of law and public policy. The journal encourages works from multiple perspectives, with particular emphasis on practical analysis, in an effort to identify the connections between social science and the law, scholarship and public policy, and academic work and professional practice.


Women's Rights Law Reporter

Full-text documents dedicated to the scholarly review of law affecting women's rights and sex discrimination, issues of importance to students, practitioners and academics.


Camera Obscura

Devoted to providing innovative feminist perspectives on film, television, and visual media. Encompasses a spectrum of media practices including avante-garde, alternative, fringe, international and mainstream.


Differences: A Journal of Feminist Cultural Studies

Publishes feature articles bringing together cultural studies and feminist analysis


Hecate: A Women's Interdisciplinary Journal
Articles, commentary, poetry, and fiction from a socialist feminist point of view



Feature articles on various topics relating to women and culture.


Tulsa Studies in Women’s Literature

A scholarly journal devoted to the study of the relations between women and writing of every period and in all languages. Publishing articles, notes, archival research, and reviews, Tulsa Studies seeks path-breaking literary, historicist, and theoretical work by both established and emerging scholars.


Feature articles on a wide variety of women’s issues, U.S. and international news items, sections on health and work life, and opinion pieces.


Women and Politics

Covers issues pertaining to women and government (especially concerning social and public policy), from both a national and a comparative perspective.


Social Politics

Looks at politics and culture from the perspective of gender. Addresses changes in family, state, market, and civil society. Interdisciplinary and multicultural in scope.

Business and Economics

Advancing Women in Leadership

First on-line professional, refereed journal for women in leadership. The journal publishes manuscripts that report, synthesize, review, or analyze
scholarly inquiry that focuses on women's issues. Interdisciplinary.


Feminist Economics

Dedicated to developing an interdisciplinary discourse on feminist perspectives on economics and the economy.” Includes theoretical and research articles, short essays, book reviews and notices.


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Citation Styles

How to cite sources



A personal online database and bibliography creator that allows users to create a personal database online, import references automatically from multiple databases, organize references, and quickly format bibliographies and manuscripts. You will need to create a login and password. Provided by the University of Colorado Boulder Libraries.


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