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Subject Guide for Zoology

Brief Description: That part of biology which relates to the animal kingdom, including the structure, embryology, evolution, classification, habits, and distribution of all animals, both living and extinct. (Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, 1913)

CU = Resources marked with this symbol are available on campus and to students, staff, and faculty from an off-campus location. Use of these resources is subject to copyright laws and license limitations.

Abstracts and Indexes to Academic or Scholarly Articles 

Abstracts and Indexes are used to locate published journal articles, conference proceedings and papers, reports, scholarly research and patents. The database Zoological Record also provides Taxonomic classification of species.

CU Biological Abstracts
This database includes bibliographic references (records) with abstracts derived from life sciences research journals published worldwide - contains some links to full text articles. Coverage: 1969 - present.


CU Biological Sciences via Cambridge Scientific Abstracts
This interdisciplinary database offers abstracts and citations to a wide range of research in biomedicine, biotechnology, zoology and ecology, and some aspects of agriculture and veterinary science. Coverage: 1982 - present.


CU BioOne
Full text articles from selected scientific journals. Coverage: 2000 - present.


CU General Science Abstracts / Full Text
Index to general science literature from the U.S. and Europe. Contains some links to full text articles. Coverage: 1984 - present.


CU ScienceDirect
Contains full text articles from Elsevier published journals. Coverage: 1997 - present.


CU Scirus
This search engine can search 200 million webpages for scientific, scholarly, technical and medical data.  Subject areas covered include agricultural and biological sciences, astronomy, biosciences, chemistry and chemical engineering, computer science, earth and planetary sciences, economics, (business and management), engineering (energy and technology), environmental sciences, languages and linguistics, law, life sciences, materials science, mathematics, medicine, neuroscience, pharmacology, physics, psychology, social and behavioral sciences, and sociology.


CU Web of Science
Formerly ISI Citation indexes. Coverage: 1970 - present.


CU Zoological
A comprehensive index to zoological literature. Records cover every aspect of zoology, including biochemistry, behavior, ecology evolution, genetics, etc. Includes citations and taxonomic classification information. Coverage: 1978 - present.

Encyclopedias and Dictionaries for Zoology
Use these resources to gather background information, definitions, and explanations. Print resources link to Chinook, the UCB online catalog.

Avian External Anatomy Glossary



CU Access Science - Encyclopedia for Science and Technology



Arctic Wildlife Glossary



A Dictionary of Zoology 2nd Edition

Science Ref QL9 C66 1999


CU Encyclopedia Britannica

Available to campus IP addresses. Remote access information.


Glossary of Avian Terms



Glossary of Fisheries Terms



Grzimek's Animal Life Encyclopedia

Science Ref QL3 G7813 1974


Grzimek's Encyclopedia of Mammals

Science Ref QL 701.G7913 1989


Magill's Encyclopedia of Science and Animal Life

Science Ref QL7 M34 2002


Termite Terminology



Walker's Mammals of the World

Science Ref QL703 W222 1999

Internet Links for Zoology
These are selected sites providing access to research and information. Be sure to cite the information correctly when using it for assignments.

Amphibia Web


Amphibian Information Website



Audubon's Birds of America at the University of Pittsburgh


Bibliography of General Works in Mammalogy



Birdnet: Recent Ornithological Literature



BirdSource: Birding with a Purpose



EMBL Reptile Database



The Encyclopedia of Life


JoVE – Journal of Visualized Experiments


National Audubon Society



Nomenclature Zoologicus


Peterson Online