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Norlin Library is no longer adding streaming video or pdf files to an instructor’s Course Reserve page.


Please see the instructor’s D2L pages for these items.

The Reserves Team, as part of the Circulation Department, prepares books, media, electronic documents and other materials for Course Reserves.


Access Course Reserves
Search by instructor or course number.


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Books on course lists may be checked out from the Norlin Reserve shelves during Norlin Library’s normal hours of operation.  The branch libraries post their own hours.

The fine for an overdue Reserve book is $2.00 per hour.

If an instructor’s name or course designation doesn’t appear in the Reserve courses, it could be that s/he hasn’t delivered the course materials to Reserves yet.  Contact the instructor.

If the instructor says s/he has already sent us the materials, contact the Reserves office.

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Placing books (and other physical materials) on Norlin Library Reserve


Instructors may place books and audiovisual material owned by the University of Colorado Libraries or books, textbooks and audiovisual material owned by the instructor on reserve at Norlin Library.

Reserves will not place unauthorized copies of commercially available AV material on reserve.
Materials borrowed from another library or rented from a commercial establishment may not be placed on reserve.

Reserves will not place paper copies of single or collected articles or other writings on the Reserve shelves.

Materials for Reserve should be brought to the Norlin Circulation Desk, and a Book Reserve Request Form should be filled out.  Request forms are available online or in paper at the Norlin Circulation desk.

Reserves will retrieve requested items from the stacks as time permits and only if call numbers are supplied.  Call numbers ensure that the Reserve staff finds the exact title and edition being requested.

Instructors may have books paged through the Libraries’ Pilot Paging Project; however they will still need to pick up the books at the Norlin Circulation desk, fill out a Book Reserve Request Form, and indicate to Circulation desk staff that the books should be placed on Reserve.

Reserves will place holds if material on the Book Reserve Request Form is checked out to another patron.

Books from the Libraries branches may be placed on reserve at Norlin Library and vice versa.
The number of physical reserve items on any one course is limited to 50 per semester.  Contact the Reserves office if that limit must be exceeded.


To request PDFs of articles and book chapters for your D2L courses, please refer to the information on the Libraries’ Document Delivery Program.


Video Reserves: The difference between Booking & Course Reserves.





The Reserves Office is located behind the Norlin Circulation Desk on the second floor, opposite the west entrance. Office hours are 9:00 am - 4:00 pm, Monday - Friday.


Email: reserves@colorado.edu

Telephone: 303-492-3977

Staff: Barry Ratliff (Supervisor), Sandy Harriss