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Video Reserves:
      Booking & Course Reserves

When to BOOK instructional VIDEO materials, and when to place them on COURSE RESERVES.


  • When to Book
  • When to Place on Course Reserves

BOOK a video if you need to have it available to show to your class during a specific time period. The standard booking period for videos is 7 days. You may BOOK films up to 1 year in advance.


Videos (VHS, DVD, Blu-ray) which have been placed on reserves for a specific course may not be booked by others without that instructor's permission.  Please contact norcirc@colorado.edu for further assistance.


There are a number of ways to BOOK a video:


  • Self-book the film in Chinook, the Libraries on-line catalog. Just find the item you want, look for the BOOK IT link and follow the instructions. A sample record in the catalog.

  • BOOK the film in person at the main Circulation Desk in Norlin.

  • Email the Access Services Department at norcirc@colorado.edu or phone us at 303-492-7477 and ask us to BOOK the material for you.

Place video items on COURSE RESERVES when you want them to be available during the entire semester for your students to use.


Fill out a Reserve request form either at the main Circulation desk in Norlin, or email an online form to the Reserves Team. Indicate whether you would like the materials to check out for 2, 4, 24, or 72 hours. How to place videos on COURSE RESERVES.


If you would like your students to be able to check out a video and you would like to have it available to show to your class sometime during the semester, it’s best to put the material on COURSE RESERVES.



Some video materials, including most VHS titles, are stored at PASCAL.  If you wish to use these materials within the next week, please use the REQUEST IT button in Chinook to order the material.


example: REQUEST IT!


Use the Booking function for items you would like to reserve in the future (beyond one week).


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