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e-Reserves: Campus Scanning Sites

If you do not have a scanner in your department, here are some campus scanning sites, some of which are open to faculty outside their departments. Please note the hours posted below are subject to change.


Circulation (Norlin)

Norlin Library, 1st floor, near the east entrance

Equipment and some technical support available, but you must provide your own labor. A document feeder is available at this station. Items scanned at the Media Library do not need to be delivered to Reserve, as the machine is networked. Simply place your electronic files in a desktop folder as explained in the on-site instructions and they will be harvested by Reserve staff. Please bring a Flash or Jump drive if you wish to retain a copy of your scanned files, for use in future semesters.


Appointments recommended during the week before and week after each semester begins.


These scanners are located in the the lobby of the Access Services Circulation Desk in Norlin Library. Please stop at the Circulation Desk to check out a password to the machines. Scanners are for electronic reserves use only.


Contact: 303-492-7477.

Benson Earth Sciences Building

3rd floor

M-F > 8 am - 5 pm


Minimal assistance available. There is no document feeder at this station. Please bring a CD to store your scanned files. You may deliver your files to Reserves via email or by bringing us the CD. Please keep a copy of your files, though, if you wish to use them again in future semesters.

Business Faculty

Business Building
Contact: Kristine Burkhardt, 303-735-3590

Geography Faculty

Geography KESDA Lab

PoliSci and Sociology Faculty

Contact: Jeff Hayes, 303-492-7030