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Publishing Open Access

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Why Publish Open Access?

When you publish in Open Access journals your articles are made available without access barriers. This opens up entirely new audiences for scholarly work, increasing the global reach, availability to the public, and the impact of the research. Many institutions around the world cannot subscribe to a full array of journals and publications, publishing open access means scholars around the world, no matter their affiliaton, can read your work. Members of the public can see open access publications, demonstrating the value of the academic scholarship. Finally, the easy availability of open access research means more eyes and more citations for publications.

Where to Publish?

There are many open access journals, many are peer-reviewed and well-respected in their fields. Open Acccess journals have many funding models, which will effect the publishing process.


Open Access Funding

Since publishing a journal is not without costs, Open Access journals use many strategies to fund their work. Many OA journals are supported by an endowment, an institution, or membership dues. In OA journals, the cost of production has to be shifted from subscription fees to manuscript fees to publish. The fees are usually not paid by the author but instead paid for by the institution or written into the author’s research grant. Sometimes OA publishers will waive these fees if financing is not available for the author. UCB Libraries offers a Open Access fund to support OA publishing.