UCB Libraries

Frequently Asked Questions


How do I suggest a book, journal, or database I think the library should buy?

The library accepts suggestions for purchases. To submit a suggestion for a book or journal, please fill out our Suggest a Title for Purchase form.

To request the library run a trial of a new database, submit a Database Trial Request Form.

Whom do I contact to donate materials to the library?

Thank you for your generosity and desire to donate to the library. Before contacting the library, however, please review the section of our website on Gifts-in-Kind. This section will explain what we do and do not accept, as well as it includes general information on the donation process.

Once you have reviewed our Gifts-in-Kind policy, please contact the proper subject specialist for your materials.

The Libraries requests that donors provide lists of materials in a potential donation. Some exceptions may occur depending on the size of the collection.

I have old books to donate to the library. What types of materials are acceptable to give?

The Libraries seeks to add materials that meet the teaching and research mission of the university. Gift-in-Kind donations should meet the same selection criteria as our regular purchases, and must be approved by the appropriate subject specialist or library official. While the purchase price of gifts are free, the process of cataloging and adding materials is costly and storage space is limited. For these reasons, the library does not accept the following types of items: