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Honors 4000: Environmental Justice

Fall 2013



Use this page as a starting point for your environmental justice research project. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact Rebecca Kuglitsch, rebecca.kuglitsch@colorado.edu.

If you need immediate research assistance, stop by the Norlin Research Desk, call 303-492-7521, use one of our Ask Us services (including IM!), or try our extensive How do I... series.


  • Literature Review Resources
  • News Resources
  • Statistics, GIS & Data
  • Zotero

A few good particularly starting points for your scholarly literature review include:


  • Web of Science
    • Especially strong on health points, this database indexes top-tier scholarly journals.
  • Environmental Sciences and Pollution Management
    • Despite the name, this database includes good coverage of food issues and distribution.
    • A good starting point for any research with an environmental aspect, GREENR has a wide selection of source types, from scholarly articles to topic overviews and popular press content.
  • PAIS
    • Especially good for scholarly articles on policy.
  • Social Sciences Full Text
    • Wide coverage from a social sciences perspective, from economics to geography to health behavior.

Try supplementing your searches with Google Scholar, as well, when you have a clear, narrowly defined question. Also browse our other databases on the Find Articles page.

A news review will not only help you get a sense of what is currently occurring, it can also be a good way to find out who is involved in topics so current they have not yet made into the scholarly literature.


Search the mainstream press:

Search alternative and ethnic community press:

Find local press:


Title Online Print Microfilm Index
Denver Post 1988 - present Current issues 1901 - present

1963 - 1978

1987 - present

Rocky Mountain News 1997 - 2009 Ceased in 2009, no current issues 1859 - 2009 Not available
Daily Camera 1996 - present (selected*) Current issues 1973 - present Not available
Colorado Daily 1997 - present (selected*) Current issues 1953 - present Not available



Statistics, data, and GIS are relatively readily available for food distribution. While you'll find these resources from many different sources, this topic is especially well covered by government information. Consider consulting with the Government Information section of the libraries for more complex queries. Email govpubs@colorado.edu.


Consider starting by exploring:



You have several handouts for getting started with Zotero on D2L, but you might also find some of the following resources helpful: