UCB Libraries

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        303-492-5527 — or — emergency: 911

  • Security operates at all times that Norlin Library is open to the public.
  • The Security office is located in Norlin S205, on the second floor, southwest side.
  • Security personnel staff the east entrance and Norlin office and regularly do rounds.
  • Security personnel are in radio contact with each other and campus police.
  • The phone number above rings at our office.
  • Lost and found items should be turned in to the Security office.
Security is also responsible for the timely evacuation of library patrons and staff during fires, fire alarms or other major incidents. Security personnel consist of two full-time staff and about 40 part-time student guards.  Security is part of the Building Management unit of the University Libraries Administration.


Guards are charged with enforcing the rules and regulations of the library. The rules are:


  • Posting Policy: No flyers, posting of events, or advertisements are permitted in the Norlin Library without Security approval.

  • No smoking in the library.

  • Food is to be eaten only in the Commons area and in other clearly designated areas in the library. “Messy” foods, such as ice cream, soup, and greasy foods are not allowed beyond the Commons.

  • Excessive noise is prohibited.

  • Mutilation of material, including books, periodicals and furniture is prohibited.

  • Theft or attempted theft of library or personal property is prohibited.

  • Only authorized personnel are allowed in areas designated for authorized staff or personnel.

  • No pets or bikes are allowed in the library or attached to the building unless the area is a designated area for such.

  • Obstruction, disruption or interference with staff or patrons is prohibited.

  • All persons on University property must identify themselves upon request of a University official acting in performance of their duties who reasonably suspect that the person has committed, is committing, or is about to commit a crime or a violation of a University rule or regulation.

Many of the items listed are also violations of municipal or state law and offenders may be arrested by the University of Colorado Police Department.