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visitors in the department

Scheduling a class visit

  • The Department encourages use of its collections by undergraduate and graduate students as well as by local primary and secondary school students.
  • Please contact Special Collections to arrange a class visit as early as possible, preferably before the semester begins. Our schedule fills quickly, particularly during the Fall and Spring semesters. Once the schedule is full, we can no longer accept new classes.
  • Class visits are generally scheduled for Tuesday - Friday. Instruction for late afternoon or evening classes is possible but requests must be submitted at least three weeks in advance.  
  • Instructors who would like to use the Department for course integrated instruction (two or more visits) should contact the Department well in advance of the beginning of the semester to make the necessary arrangements and reserve dates.
visitors in the department


  • You will be asked for preferred dates and times, your course number (if it's a UCB class), the approximate number of students in the class, a copy of your syllabus (when it's available), as well as a copy of any worksheet or assignment given to the students.

  • Instructors have the option of choosing materials and conducting the session themselves or of having one of the Special Collections staff select materials (in consultation with you) and conduct the session.
  • Instructors are required to attend the Special Collections session together with their students.
  • Because the Special Collections reading room is small, it is difficult for us to accommodate classes larger than 22. Larger classes may be divided and separate sessions scheduled.
  • Students will be asked to leave their backpacks and bags just inside the door. We request that no food or drink (including gum) be brought into the reading room. Pencils rather than pens should be used while visiting.
    We ask that elementary school groups be no larger than 12 students and that they be accompanied by enough adults to provide a 1:4 ratio. We recommend visits of no longer than 30 minutes. Students in grades 4 or above are welcome. Visits by younger groups require special permission from the Department Head.
    We ask that middle school groups be no larger than 15 students and that they be accompanied by enough adults to provide approximately a 1:5 ratio. Visits of 30-45 minutes are recommended, depending on the group.