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Mostly the personal papers of twentieth century American literary figures, including Jean Stafford, Anne Ellis, Gene Fowler, and Franklin Folsom. Also includes non-manuscript material, such as the Fritz Hoffman Collection of Argentine Newspapers (MS 292) and the Eugene Richardson Printing Ephemera Collection (MS 295).


In various stages of processing. Detailed card files exist for some, but only accession records exist for others. Many are cataloged and most have finding aids available online (see below).


Each collection has its own manuscript call number. Most of the collections are shelved by manuscript call number. Small collections have been gathered together and placed in boxes labeled "Miscellaneous Manuscripts," which have been placed at the beginning of the collection. Within these boxes, the small collections are in folders, arranged by manuscript call number.


215 shelves (628 linear ft.) plus 2 map case drawers.


Separate card file in the Reading Room and a shelflist in the SC Shelflist, but not all of Special Collections' holdings are reflected here. Many collections have some kind of inventory. Links to some finding aids are provided below. Others are available only in paper. Over half have searchable finding aids in the Rocky Mountain Online Archive (RMOA).


Each collection has a different provenance. For information on a specific collection, see the catalog record, finding aid, collection file, correspondence file, or register.

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Archival collections by MS number:

The following guide to Special Collections' archival collections was created by Susan Guinn-Chipman, Spring 2006


MS 1:


Pseudo Augustine. Meditations (ff. 1-31v); Soliloquies (ff. 32-49); Manuale de verbo domini (ff. 50-61v); De fide ad Petrum (ff. 62-64v). Venice, late 15 th c. Paper. Ff. 71. [Plume].


MS 2:


Alfred Austin (1835-1913). Typescript of the unpublished play, Progress, a Comedy. Each of the four acts is tied in a loose-leaf quart volume with wrappers. 4 v. [n.p., n.d.].


MS 3:


[Herman Linne]. Autograph album possibly belonging to Herman Linne in German with inscriptions and signatures mostly dated at Hanover in the 1870's and 1880's. Donor, Walter L. Helwege, March 14, 1967.


MS 4:


Manuscript letters on Brazil. Portuguese. May 1643?


MS 5:


Miss Eliza C. Brillinger of York, Pa. ? 5 manuscript school exercise books prepared at the Eclectic Educational Institute, York, Pa., 1849-50. Donor: Mr. W.W. Warner of Nowata, Okla., June 1965.


MS 6:


John Hobart, 1st earl of Buckinghamshire (1694?-1756). English royal household accounts. London : 1727.



MS 7:


Paddy Chayefsky. Middle of the Night. Original TV script produced at NBC September 19, 1954, on Philco-Goodyear Television Playhouse. [n.p., 1954]. Typewritten copy of a file copy of NBC. Donor: Seldon Faulkner.


MS 8:


George H. Cressler Collection of Autographs (Fort Wayne, Indiana). An autograph album containing 72 signatures of major American political and literary persons of the 1890's. Representative autographs are: John Kendrick Bangs, A. E. Stevenson, Grover Cleveland, Frances Cleveland, Mark Twain, Melville W. Fuller, Levi P. Morton, Henry Cabot Lodge, W.Q. Gresham, J. Sterling Morton, John Sherman ( Ohio ) W.D. Howells, Joseph Pulitzer, James Whitcomb Riley, W. McKinley, John P. Altgeld, T.B. Reed, David B. Hill, W.S. Bisell, Jho Wanamaker, Edward E. Hale, Charles A. Dana, Eugene Field, Horatio Alger, Jr., Benj. Harrison, Hoke Smith, Richard Olney, Lew Wallace. Henry George, Geo. F. Hoar. Donor: Mrs. Alfred Cressler, Nov. 9, 1965.


MS 9:


Samuel Langhorne Clemens. 1 card, holograph. There is writing on both sides listing matters for Twain to do, such as Make appointment for me with dentist Xmas presents What would they like?. [n.d.]. The card came in Twain's Editorial Wild Oats, New York, 1905. Donor: Professor Joe Ben Wheat.


MS 10:


Capt. William Cross (c. 1700). Printed broadside with handwriting filled in. I, Capt. Wm. Cross, pursuer of their Majesties ship the Julian Prize, do acknowledge to have received from the commissioners for Victualling Their Majesties Navy at the Port of Portsmouth


MS 11:


De la Torre Mc Cue Collection. Lillian de la Torre, author of detective novels featuring the historical Dr. Sam Johnson and George McCue, urban design critic and author of works on architecture and sculpture in St. Louis. Collection of 28 items of printed ephemera by or about Lillian de la Torre and/or George S. McCue, including a personal letter. List with collection. Typescript of Fiasco, a farce of literary forgery ; typescript of The Pleasures of Histo-Detection; photocopy of typescript of Phantom Rarities. A Cordasco bibliography and Tobias George Smollett: Bibliographical Guide, by Lillian de la Torre. Typescript of Tales of Evans School, typescript of The Coffee Houses of London, with reproductions of illustrations; College and University Library Buildings (book review); Confusion worse Confounded; reprint of Educational Broadcasting after the War; Notes Washed up in a Bottle; On Grammar and Grammarians, (book review); Salvation through Semantics, or, Sacred Cow is not Sacred Cow; Sam. Johnson's Word Hoard; A Seventeenth Century Gulliver; Webster's New Third International Dictionary, (book review); Words at Work, a Guide for Better Expression and Comprehension; Youth's Tower of Prophecy; A Graphic History of English Stressed Vowels; Libraries of the London Coffeehouses; by George S. McCue. A Modest Proposal for Increasing the Pay of Professors, (by George Swift). Donor: Paul and Dorothy Thompson, August 31, 1995.


MS 12:


Hilda (H.D.) Doolittle. 28 letters from novelist and poet, Hilda Doolittle to Frances Wolle; 7 Wolle carbons; 3 letters from Bryher (Mrs. W. MacPherson); photographs, postcards, and programs. Photocopy of The Gift and Morning Star manuscripts. Donor: Francis Wolle, April 22, 1964.


MS 13:


Die ebene trigonomotrie. 95 p. Von den logarithmen. 36 p.. Book of handwritten calculations, etc., likely written in Austria between 1810 and 1820.


MS 14:


Alexander Farnsley. Facsimile reproduction of letters written by Alexander Fernlea to Mary Elizabeth Thurman of Louisville, 1856-1860 on the occasion of the weddings of their great granddaughters Sally Burell Farnsley married at Louisville, July 28, 1962 Ann Peaslee Farnsley married at Bamberg, Germany, c. August 5, 1962. [ Louisville, Kentucky, Lost Cause Press, 1962].


MS 15:


Katherine Fry (c. 1820). Copy of the account of the coronation of King George IV taken from 3 letters written by me to my sister Rachel, the first dated Plashet 7 mo 23. 1821. Written by Katharine Fry to Rachel Fry.


MS 16:


Louise Hagen. 7 letters from Miss Hagen to Mr. and Mrs. Fred Hagen, dated July 8, 1904 to Feb. 21, 1905, from Rotterdam, Mannheim, and Karlsruhe. Photograph of Miss Hagen taken March, 1905. 1 letter from Dr. von Sallwurk to Miss Hagen, Nov. 25, 1905. 2 ships menus, 1905. 18 picture postcards of the singers and actors at the Karlsruhe season, 1904-5. 3 hotel bills, 6 dance and music programs for R.M.S. Ryndam, July, 1904. Donor: Miss Louise Hagen, March 15, 1965.


MS 17:


George Bruce Halsted (1853-1922). Geometrie rationelle. [n.p., n.d.]. Translation into French of Rational geometry. Manuscript copy. 1 v. (unpaged). Probably made for the author by the translator, Paul Barbarin.


MS 18:


Rolfe Humphries Collection. Humphries (1894-1969), poet, teacher and translator, author of Europa and Other Poems and Sonnets, 1929, translator of Virgil's Aeneid, 1951, Ovid's Metamorphoses: Art of Love, 1953, 1955; Juvenal's Satires, 1959, and others. Humphries taught poetry and creative writing workshops, including the Writers' Conference in the Rocky Mountains at the University of Colorado. Carbon copy of typescript with some manuscript corrections of Juvenal's Satires, translated into English hexameters by Humphries. 16 satires. Amherst, Mass., May, 1958. 1958 telegram from Edith R. Greenberg of Indiana University Press to Rolfe Humphries regarding publication.


MS 19:


James Kirkup. Original holograph notebook. 1953.


MS 20:


James Kirkup. Original Poems. [n.p., ca. 1942-56]. Includes autographs and typewritten manuscript, some dated and signed.


MS 21:


Ella Costillo Bennett (1865-1932). Scrapbook containing typewritten manuscripts. Clippings from newspapers of poems and stories of Ella Costillo Bennett, information on the Costillo and Mickolds families, and on Denver, Portland, and San Francisco. Also 6 loose portrait photos, Picturesque Colorado by the Colorado and Southern Railway, c. 1900, autograph book various Colorado towns, 1897-1906, and The Yellow Journal that Couldn't Be Muzzled, by Al Stump from True magazine, May, 1964. Donor: Miss Mary L. Bennett, July 26, 1967.


MS 23:


Carl Conrad Eckhardt. The papacy and the secularization of politics as evidenced by the Peace of Westphalia and the Lateran Accord of 1929. Typed manuscript with manuscript corrections and revisions. Donor: Carl Conrad Eckhardt.


MS 24:


Anne Ellis Collection. Anne Ellis (1875-1938) cooked in camps for telephone gangs and sheepshearers, baked, ran a boarding house, and served as Treasurer of Saguache County to support her children. She published her account of this pioneering life in T he Life of an Ordinary Woman, Plain Anne Ellis, and Sunshine Preferred. She was awarded an honorary degree at the University of Colorado, Boulder by George Norlin in 1938. The collection holds c orrespondence between Anne Ellis and her sister Josephine Cole written between 1892 and 1926. Correspondence with Neita Carey, Mrs. William F. Boyd, and Esta Fuson. Newspaper clippings and photographs of the Ellis family. Manuscript of Early days in the Gunnison Valley, by Alonzo Hartman, notes on early days of Saguache, by Mrs. Mollie (Settle) Sullivan; My pioneering experiences in the West by M.A. Deering, Saguache, by Mrs. Boyd, Reviews of Ellis's, The life of an ordinary woman, Mrs. Boyd's notes on Anne Ellis. 5 documents on the Boyd family. Typescript and galley proof of Plain Anne Ellis. Numerous photographs and family genealogy. Miscellaneous family papers. Typescript of Adventures in Cooking, by Anne Ellis. Donors: Mrs. Josephine Cole; Mrs. William F. Boyd; Agnes Norlin; Joan Lee; and John Carey.


MS 27:


La España. Manuscript. [Colección de articulos manuscritos publicados en la revista La España] de 1852 a 1856. [n.p., n.d. 1852?]. 1 v. (various pagination). Binder's title, partly illegible.


MS 28:


Aileen Lucia Fisher (1906 -), journalist, poet, playwright, author of a number of works for children. Miscellaneous typed manuscripts, proofs and autograph copies of works by Fisher. A collection of letters from school children to the author. Correspondence with publisher, publicity pamphlets, and miscellaneous correspondence. Donor: the author.


MS 29:


Aylesa Forsee Collection. Forsee, author of biographies of Frank Lloyd Wright, Pablo Casals, William Henry Jackson, Artur Rubinstein and others. Typescripts of published works, miscellaneous personal papers, book contracts; research material, photographs, correspondence, and transcription of speech. Miscellaneous correspondence from Pablo or Marta Casals, Walter Gropius, Richard Neutra, Eleanor Roosevelt, and others. Donor: Aylesa Forsee.


MS 30:


Dorothy Gardiner Collection. Typescripts of published works, miscellaneous correspondence, photographs, and drawings. Draft of manuscript of West of the River manuscript of The girl who went to college (a memoir of Maude Corinne Clark).


MS 31:


Horace Greeley. Editor's manuscript introduction, typewritten, with handwritten corrections and edited pages of Greeley 's Overland Journey. Donor: Dean Charles T. Duncan, 1964.


MS 32:


Robert E. Gregg. Typescript with manuscripts corrections of The Ants of Colorado [1963]. Donor: Robert E. Gregg.


MS 33:


Christopher Murray Grieve Collection. [Hugh MacDiarmid, 1892 -]. Correspondence, holograph poems, articles and book reviews, pamphlet regarding Grieve's candidacy in a parliamentary election, and newspaper ad for Grieve's candidacy in the parliamentary election regarding communist party.


MS 34:


Miscellaneous Manuscripts. 1. The Hamiltons of South Berwick, Maine, 1651-1963. 2. Old-Time New England, The Society for the Preservation of New England Antiquities, (Vol. XLVIII, no. 3 Winter 1958. Serial No. 171). 3. Burgh of Hamilton, Lanarkshire, official guide. 3. Hamilton coat of arms (Photocopy). Donor: Harlan Hamilton.


MS 35:


Marcia F. Heald Collection. Aspiring poet, author, and playwright. Collection holds 24 letters including personal correspondence and response from publishers. Dates between 1890's and 1940. Includes 2 letters from Count Ilya Tolstoy and 1 from his wife, Nadine.

Includes letter from Leo Tolstoy to Ernest Crosby, dated 11 July 1898. Tolstoy's letter discusses the plight of the Doukhabors, or Spirit Wrestlers, a Christian pacifist sect who were persecuted in Tsarist Russia for their refusal to serve in the military. Tolstoy requests assistance from Crosby in finding land in Texas for them to settle. Six months later, Sergei Tolstoy sailed with 2,333 Doukhobors from the Black Sea port of Batoum to Halifax. They settled in Canada. Donor: Mrs. Caroline Taylor, March 1, 1965.


MS 36:


Lois Phillips Hudson Collection. Assoc. Prof. Emerita of the University of Washington and author of works on the depression era American heartland, such as award winning The Bones of Plenty. Several typewritten drafts, early discarded versions, alternate unused version, semi-final draft, and final draft. Uncorrected advance proof and correspondence concerning the book. Pencil drawings of Mrs. Hudson. Publishing history of the book. Donor: Louis Phillips Hudson, April, 11, 1966.


MS 37:


Henry James. Confidence (1880) now first edited from the manuscript with notes, introduction and bibliography by Herbert Ruhm New York : The Universal Library, Grosset & Dunlap, 1962. Herbert Ruhm's copy of galley proof with manuscript corrections, photostats, and typescript.


MS 38:


Florence Becker Lennon Collection. Poet and author of Victoria Through the Looking-glass, revised edition The Life of Lewis Carroll and Forty Years in the Wilderness. Manuscript material. Nineteenth-and twentieth-century books on poetry, the Moravian Church, Brook Farm (a literary and philosophical commune), author George William Curtis, and various other topics. The collection also includes, memorabilia, realia, reel-to-reel audiotapes, and small press imprints, as well as various poetry periodicals. Miscellaneous newspaper clippings and correspondence with George Bernard Shaw, Anne Sexton, Franklin Folsom, Buckminster and Anne Fuller, Langston Hughes, Carl Jung, Ruth Benedict, photographs, clippings, and scrapbook of George Bernard Shaw, and others.


MS 39:


Libellus de venerabili sacramento et valore missarum (manuscript, Spanish origin in Spanish and Latin, c. 1500. [Plume].


MS 40:


Joseph Mery (1798-1865). L'Universe et la maison ou doria, en cinq actes, en vers. [ Paris ] 1846. Manuscript on paper in several hands. Has signature of Bocage, 5 October, 1846.


MS 41:


L. Kate Nes, of York, Pa. Autograph book. Signatures are mostly from her classmates at Y.C.I., 1874-78. Donor: Mr. W. W. Warner of Nowata, Oklahoma, June, 1965.


MS 42:


Douglas Nichols Collection. Lyricist and poet, author of The Narrative of Johnny Appleseed. A number of lyrics, often in multiple versions beginning from holograph and moving through revisions, usually typescript with holograph corrections or alterations. The narrative of Johnny Appleseed 1st typescript from original. Rein to sport, a collection of verse (typescript) includes table of contents and seven of the poems listed. Thunderbird (The hole in the sky or The changing woman, typescript of play in multiple revisions). 3 tapes of Douglas Nichols readings, interviews, and broadcasts. Donor: Douglas Nichols, Feb. 1963. Daniel Ary Nidess, correspondence, typescripts of compositions for radio, and typescripts of poems (1943). Donor: Professor Francis Wolle, c. 1950.


MS 43:


Daniel Ary Nidess. Letter and some compositions for radio. Letter written to Professor Francis Wolle, while in Italy, during WW II Spring of 1944. Typescripts of 17 war related poems. Typescript of Strange things,' a composition for radio. Typescript of Leading to a recognition of radio composition, 4 pages.

Donor: Francis Wolle, c. 1950.


MS 44:


David Sievert Lavender (1910). Typewritten drafts with manuscript emendations and galley proofs of Bent's Fort, The Fist in the Wilderness, Land of Giants, Trail to Santa Fe, Westward Vision, The American Heritage History of the West, Zachary Taylor, President by Chance, The Rockies, California, Land of New Beginnings, Southwest, The Hudson Bay Company, The Republic of Texas, The Great Persuader, and other works. Typed letters, signed from Jack Kendrick, Joseph Henry Jackson, Gladys Bent Sanders, George F. Bent, John O'Reilly, and others. Correspondence with publishers. Donor: David Sievert Lavender, August 3, 1965.


MS 45:


Franz Liszt. Letter to an unknown conductor, dated 9th May, 70.


MS 46:


Alexis McKinney collection, or zoo of bloopers, goofs, and mistakes typographical, pictorial, grammatical, intellectuals, etc. in newspapers and other publications.


MS 47:


Julian Maclaren-Ross (1912-1964), critic, playwright and freelance writer. Autograph manuscripts of The Black Romances of A. E. W. Mason, Chandler and Hammet, Farewell Mr. Frankenstein, It's different in July, My Name is Love, The Shoestring Budget, You Have Been Warned, and others. Miscellaneous scripts, galleys drafts, fragments, news clippings, and typescripts.


MS 48:


Florence Crannell Means. Award winning author of literature and biographies for young people of subjects focusing on minorities. Typescripts, news clippings, etc., of That Girl Andy, Us Maltbys, Smith Valley, It Takes All Kinds, The Rain Will Come, Tolliver, Our Cup is Broken, Hot Soufflé, I Want to Know!, George Washington Carver, Belle, The Girl with the Trumpet, But I am Sara, Candle in the Mist, Birds of Passage, Dedication of Oraibi Church, and other works. Miscellaneous correspondence with publishers. Geneology. Miscellaneous clippings, notes, etc.


MS 49:


Airlie-Stanley-Ogilvy Papers. Miscellaneous correspondence (autograph letters signed). Family tree, holograph notebook by Jack Ogilvy, photographs, etc. Mary, Queen of England, 1910-1936, d. 1953. Autograph letter signed to Lady Airlie on Balmoral crested stationary, Oct. 7, 1920. 2 snapshots of the Queen while on a visit to Airlie Castle. Correspondence with William Gladstone, 1881.

Hutchinson Notebook a bound notebook filled with holographic medical diagnoses and drug specifics.


MS 50:


Walt Whitman. Letter to William Ingram of Telford, Pas. Camden, Sept. 2, [19]89. Donor: Prof. Harold Kelling of the University of Colorado, Boulder English Department, whose wife is William Ingram's great-granddaughter. March 24, 1964. William Ingram was a pallbearer at Whitman's funeral less than three years after the letter was written. Accompanying material.


MS 51:


William Wordsworth. Letter to Henry Robinson, solicitor. May 19, 1829.


MS 52:


Edward Young, poet and dramatist, 1683-1765. 1): MS 52: Autograph letter, signed, to Mr. Dodsley, Aug. 10, 1755. With seal. 2): MS 52A: Autograph letter, signed, to Robert Dodsley, Oct. 16, 1747. (Gift of Henry Pettit.) 3): MS 52B: Autograph letter, signed, to Sir William Bunbury, Wellwyn, July 5, 1747. [Bunbury was Rector of Reed, Hertfordshire and Vicar of Mouldon Hall, Suffolk.] In answer to ye Favour of your Letter about ye Play if you would do me ye Honour of a Visit for a Day or two with Mr. Garrick, we would read ye Play together [Published as No. 225 in Henry Pettit's The Correspondence of Edward Young; referring to Young's play The Brothers, which was produced by Garrick at Drury Lane in 1753.]


MS 53:


Wayne D. Overholser. Land of promises, by Joseph Wayne, (pseud.). Garden City, N.Y., Doubleday, 1962. Typescript with corrections and revisions. Donor: the author


MS 54:


Charles Perrault (1628-1703). Autograph letter, signed. Letter and calculation signed by Charles Perrault. 2 June 1672.


MS 55:


Prayer book. St. Trinity's prayer book. Manuscript on vellum in Ethiopic language [n.d.]. Donor: L. H. Alemayyehu, June 13, 1961.


MS 56:


Harvey Pridham. English fonts. Drawings of fonts of churches in Somerset and Wiltshire, 1886-89. 60 plates in portfolio. Manuscript drawing and notes. Donor: Fischer, 1959.


MS 57:


Olive Rabe. United Nations Day. New York : Crowell, 1965. Typewritten manuscript, galley proof, and autographed copy of the published book. Donor: Olive Rabe, Feb. 26, 1966.


MS 58:


Carl Sandburg. Be steady now and keep your shirt on. [n.p., 1939]. Signed: Morris Rosenfeld, as between good neighbors, Carl Sandburg, Denver, August 9, 1938. Typewritten poem. Typed letter, signed to Jessie B. Rittenhouse Aug. 18, 1919 on Chicago Daily News letterhead stationery, with envelope. Typed letter signed to Mary Ethel McAuley, March 8, 1920 on letterhead with envelope. Miscellaneous material related to Sandburg including tear sheets and advertisements for books by and about Sandburg. Clippings. Donor: John Feldman.


MS 59:


John W. Skiles Papers. Three typewritten manuscripts: 1. Military record of J. W. Skiles. 2p. n.d. 2. The 23 rd Ohio Volunteer Infantry, 3 p. Denver, Sept. 14, 1894. 3. My search for the captain. 6 p. Denver, 1894? Donor: Mrs. John Lewis, Boulder, March 6, 1961. Donor: Mrs. John Lewis, March 6, 1961.


MS 60:


Walt Whitman. Spirit that form'd this scene, dated 1881. Photocopies of 4 manuscript versions. Donor: Charles E. Feinberg, 1965.


MS 61:


Noble Walter Wood. Manuscript copy of a part of his diary (March 31, 1863) Sept. 4, 1863 the Vicksburg campaign) while a member of Co. F. 26th Reg't., Iowa Volunteers. Donors: Carl Mitcham, Roger Freed, and Darr Collins.


MS 62:


G.W.N. Yost. (1831-). Autobiography ( New York, Oct. 19, 1891). 16 page typescript.


MS 63:


Charles E. Scoggins (1888-). Typescripts with some corrections. Donor: Mrs. Lois Scoggins (May 26, 1964) and Amos C. Sudler III.


MS 64:


Jean Stafford Collection. Jean Stafford was a prolific writer producing a nearly constant stream of novels, short stories, essays, book reviews, book introductions, and letters. Her papers include holographic and typewritten notes and drafts, typescripts, early versions, revised versions, deleted versions, and final manuscripts of most of her output. There are galleys, page-proofs, and tear-sheets as well as grammar school essays, diaries, journals, nearly 200 photographs, hundreds of letters, and her first Royal portable typewriter. The collection also includes a rapidly growing body of work by authors who have written about Jean Stafford.


MS 65:


U.S. Army A. E. F., 1917-1920. 1st Army. Office of Chief Engineer. Supply Section. Report of the Engineer Supply Officer to the Chief Engineer, First Army, on the Saint Mihiel and Argonne-Meuse operation. December, 1918. Progress of organization of Supply Department. Standard army park stock list of engineer materials, 1919. Engineer materials. Stocked and issued at parks and jumps for the St. Mihiel operation 10th Aug. to 16th Sept. 1918 and the Argonne-Meuse operation 12th Sept. to 1st Nov. 1918. 1919.


MS 66:


Francis Wolle. Army letters, May, 1917-June 26, 1919, World War I. A collection of 115 letters written by Francis Wolle, nearly all to his mother, Mrs. Hartley C. Wolle. Army letters World War II. A collection of 439 letters from men in the service to Prof. Francis Wolle, 1942-1946, including many carbon copies of Prof. Wolle's letters to them. Musical comedies and operettas, 1910-1932, written and directed by Francis Wolle. Includes programs, scores, and scripts. World War I collection concerning primarily the Second Section of the 4th Army Corps, A.E.F.. Maps, some with holographic notes. Black and white photos taken Feb. 1919 showing the destruction of the war in Europe and the headquarters of the 4th Army Corps. A Fitz-James O'Brien collection including typewritten manuscripts. Donor: Francis Wolle, 1969.


MS 68:


U.S. Russian telegraph expedition. Reports, 1865-1867, and a map of Russian America or Alaska Territory, 1867. Charles S. Buckley, Engineer in chief. Positive photocopy of manuscript reports. Donor: Outten J. Clinard, Mar. 10, 1964.


MS 69:


Hoover commission (Commission on organization of the executive branch of the government). The James Grafton Rogers Papers. Task Force reports, Commissions Reports to Congress, Foreign Affairs Task Force, correspondence, newspaper clippings, and miscellaneous publications. Donor: James Grafton Rogers,

Oct. 5, 1952.


MS 70:


Edward Joseph West, (1903 - ). Shaw on Theatre. Typed manuscript, galley proof, reviews, and correspondence. Donor: Edward Joseph West.


MS 71:


Edward Joseph West, (1903 -). A collection of Shaw, Milton, Byron, English and American literature, drama, actors and acting, and E. J. West manuscripts consisting of typewritten and manuscript notes and references, clipping, reviews, reprints, correspondence, and etc.. Donor: E. J. West.


MS 72:


Fragments of literatures; a literary miscellany in the Russian, Persian, Malay, German, Hindostanee, and English languages. Manuscript of 139 leaves.


MS 73:


William Bowles (1698?-1781). A book of my accounts in ye years 1723-44. Manuscript ledger of household and miscellaneous expenditures including titles and prices of books purchased by Bowles. Correspondence and notes relevant to Bowles's biography laid in. [Plume].


MS 74:


Thomas Sewell. Autograph album of the 1830's; autographs and inscriptions mostly by Massachusetts person, several apparently by students at Wesleyan Academy, Wilbraham, Mass.


MS 75:


Samuel Davies, 1724-1761. The Reverend Samuel Davies abroad; the diary of a journey to England and Scotland, 1753-55 ; ed., with an introductions by George William Pilcher. University of Illinois Press, 1967. Typed manuscript of 367 pages (2 copies); typed manuscript or rough draft of 164 pages; 1 set of galley proof; and 1 page proof. Donor: the editor, May, 1, 1968.


MS 76:


Joseph Joel Keith, American poet of the mid-twentieth century. 8 manuscript notebooks of material from literary periodicals. 104 Keith poems. Donor: Mr. B.E. Ballard, literary executor. March 25, 1968.


MS 77: Box 4


Catterick, merchant, fl. 1770. An Inventory of my whole estate consisting of money goods, and debts owing to [J] by one B. D. S taken this Day, and is as flows, viz: English Merchant of tobacco, wine, etc., for Jan. & Feb. 1770. 1 v. In manuscript.


MS 78:


Mabel Barbee Lee Collection. Back in Cripple Creek. Garden City, NY: Doubleday, 1968. 1. 188 page typed manuscript, signed, with emendations. 6 page introduction by Lowell Thomas; 17 page index. Box II. 2. 4 set galleys and page proofs. Box I. 3. Correspondence with Doubleday, 1966-70, 3 folders. Box II. 4. Correspondence, misc. Box II. Donor: Mabel Barbee Lee, August 5, 1968.


MS 79:


Alason G. Kelly. Copy or exercise book containing arithmetical problems. 19th century person for Pennsylvania and Illinois. 168 pp. Donor: Dr. Mehdi Nakosteen, 10/14/68. Enclosed notes indicate that the copy book was given by Dr. Blair Kelly to Mr. and Mrs. Leary, 12/8/1954 and from Mrs. Edith Leary to Dr. Nakosteen 1/3/1955.


MS 80:


Distinctione evangeliorum. Italy, 13th century. The manuscript includes distinctione euangeliorum,' ending with the seven deadly sins. Parchment. Ff. 295. [Plume].


MS 81:


Sir Francis Galton, English anthropologist. 15 cards and letters (holographic and signed) to Mrs. Maud Clark Gardiner, 1894-1907. The letters are chiefly concerned with the new subject of finger-printing. Also included is a short clipping on the subject written by Galton. A letter from Dr. Francis Ramaley of the University of Colorado, Department of Biology, dated August 14, 1936, reviews the contents and donor. Donor: Gift for Dorothy Gardiner, daughter of M.C.G., with an explanatory letter from Prof. Francis Ramaley.


MS 82:


Amanda McKittrick, 1860-1939. Wm. Stafford. (n.p., n.d.). Poem entitled Wm. Stafford. Dated, Feb. 14, [1887] in exercise book.


MS 83:


Katibi of Nishapur, d. 1434/5. Works. Philosophical Poems, Lyrical Poems, The Observer and the Observed, Merging of the Two Oceans, Book of the Divine, Mono-Theism, and Benedictions). Manuscript completed 984 A. H., or 1605 C.E. Persian manuscript on paper, Nasta'liq script, 315 leaves, 2 columns, 19 lines, ruled margins of 7 lines in colors, text pages illuminated with geometric figures of flower ornaments, 2 double-page decorated pages. Bound in green morocco. Donor: Professor Mehdi Nakosteen, December 18, 1968.


MS 84:


Dürrenmatt, Friedrich. The Visit. Trans. by Larry Rich. n.p., n.d. [1960's]. 60 mimeographed leaves. Donor: James Sandoe, April 30, 1969.


MS 85:


Sergeant Murayama. A Japanese War Diary, translated by Robert D. Thornton, Department of English, University of Colorado. Typescript: v. 16 pp. A front-line diary, December 19, 1942 January 8, 1943. Oka Battalion, Nagao Co., Guadalcanal, Solomon Islands. Donor: Francis Wolle, 1969.


MS 86:


J. Fred Harley. When is his Highness? Or, the Disgrace of the Sam Browne Belt. 12 pp. manuscript typed. Short story recalling duty as infantryman as a member of the American Army of Occupation in Cochem-an-der-Mosel, under Colonel Stilwell (later General) December 1918. Donor: Francis Wolle, 1969.


MS 87:


Erskine Reed Myer. Keeping Step, 1917, 1918, 1919; The Letters of a Doughboy Lieutenant. Typescript, 143 pp. Donor: Francis Wolle, 1969.


MS 88:


James A. Rosenfield. Stoned. October 30, 1969. Reproduction of typescript. An original play produced by the New Play Theater, Dec. 2nd and 3r, 1969, Old Main Chapel, University of Colorado. A note by Sandoe indicates that the play was being revised by James Rosenfield, but expressed interest that the interim draft should be preserved. Donated by James Sandoe, December 12, 1969.


MS 89:


John Creasey (1909-1973) award winning British crime writer. See Nothing, Hear Nothing, Say All, a play. 93 mimeographed pages. Includes correspondence regarding Creasey's play and notes on his other writings, many under pen-names. Donor: James Sandoe, December, 1969.


MS 90:


Robin McKown. LUMUMBA. NY: Doubleday, 1969. 1 folder typed manuscript signed, final draft with emendations and corrections. 1 folder typed manuscript early drafts, with corrections. 1 folder research notes, both typed and holographic. 1 folder correspondence, clippings and photographs. Donor: Robin McKown, December 10, 1969.


MS 91:


Friedrich von Holdt. Works. n.p., n.d. Four folders of typed materials. Photographs. Contents: Die stenographirte Geschichte des Sobald Trujess. Aus Wäldern und Bergen. Lyrik, Philosophie und satirischer Humor.


MS 92:


Mabel Barbee Lee, Colorado author and Dean of Women, Colorado College. The Gardens in my Life: an Intimate Memoir. Garden City, NY: Doubleday, 1970. 1. 133 page typed manuscript signed, with emendations. Box III. 2. 1 set galleys, 2 set page proofs. Box I. 3. Placement layouts for illustrations. Box I. Donor: Mabel Barbee Lee, August 4, 1970. Also Mabel Barbee Lee Collection. Colorado College Dean of Women (1922-29) and author of Cripple Creek Days. Malcolm Cowley. Autographed letter signed, to Mabel Barbee Lee, N.Y., Oct. 2, 1968. Lowell J. Thomas. 1. Twenty-three typed letters signed, one card, correspondence with MBL, 1952-72. Seven typed card from Mabell Barbee Lee to Lowell Thomas. Includes two typed excerpts from Lowell Thomas broadcasts, 2 autograph letters, signed from MBL to H. Waltemade. 2. 19 clippings. 3. Misc. materials and photographs of Lowell Thomas and Mabel Barbee Lee, 1967. 4. Autograph letter signed 8/31/70 to Thomas from Electa McCombs. Autograph note, n.d. to Lee from Marshall Sprague [1972?]. Box III.



MS 93:


Witter Bynner [1881- ?]. "To need no sky. Typed poem signed with initials. 1937.


MS 94:


Firdausi, (940-1020). Poet and author of Persian epic, Shah Nameh. Persian manuscript of Shah Nameh on paper, 16th century. Incomplete. 48 leaves. Margins ruled in gold, headings in red and blue. Donor: Prof. Mehdi Nakosteen, 1970. [Plume].


MS 95:


Firdausi, (940-1020). Shah Nameh. [Persian manuscript on paper, 18th century. Incomplete. 212 leaves. Margins ruled in gold, headings in gold, orange, red and blue. Loose in floral lacquer binding. Donor: Prof. Mehdi Nakosteen, 1970. [Plume].


MS 95-2:


Firdausi, (940-1020). Shah Nameh. Persian manuscript on paper, 18th century. Incomplete. 26 leaves, Margins ruled in gold, boxed heading decorated with designs of gold, blue, orange, red, and white. Donor: Prof. Mehdi Nakosteen, 1971. [Plume].


MS 96:


Thomas Chauncey. The Snow Story. 2 folders. 18 page typescript with corrections, 5/4/37. Rocky Mountain News with printed story. Typed letter, signed 2/15/39 from C. Thomas to Prof. H.R. Warfel. Typed letter, signed, 5/16/64 from W.G. Gaffney to H.R. Warfel. Donor: H.R. Warfel, November 23, 1970.


MS 97:


Athanor. A journal of poetry and fiction. NY: Winepress, (Spring/Summer 1967. v. 1, no. 1; v. 1, no. 2). Includes typed manuscripts of poems and stories, edited and corrected holographically. 121 pages in 2 folders. Works by: Georgia Lee, Doe Lindell, Frederick Jackson, Barbara A. Holland, N.H. Pritchard, Diane Wakoski, Ree Dragonette, Allen Katzman, Jean McLean, Robert Bosworth, Jack Marshall, Paul Johnson, John Ratti, Don Katzman, Mildred B. Cavallo, Allen Planz, Clifford Browder, Patricia Ellsworth, William Dady, David Galler, Kenneth McRobbie, James Boyer May, Vernon Newton, Lee Stothers, Jean V. Naggar, Spencer Holst, Robert Lima, Anna Akhamtova, Robert Stock, Michael K. Berryhill, Howard Ant, Jill Castro, John Alexander Allen, Donald Newlove, Robert Kelly, Paul Blackburn, Kirby Congdon, Joan Newman, Stephen Stepanchev, George Amabile, and anon.


MS 98:


Germaine Demster. A collection of mostly Chaucer material. Notes, manuscripts, notebooks, reprints, and correspondence, pamphlets, issues of periodicals, and photograph albums. Donor: Germaine Dempster, 1971.


MS 99:


Boris Pasternak. A Pasternak-Kayden collection consisting of: 1. Two post cards and five letters, all in holograph and in English, from Pasternak to Eugene M. Kayden, July 8, 1958 Dec. 3, 1959. Correspondence deals with Kayden's translations of Pasternak, Pasternak's poetry, concept of poetry, his play and his illness. Typed copies with notes by Prof. Kayden are included. 2. Two Pasternak photographs. 3. Two Christmas cards with Pasternak poems. 4. A typed letter from Poet Lore Company to Eugene Kayden. Donor: Professor Eugene M. Kayden, June 13, 1968. [Plume].


MS 100:


Leonard Leh. A Simple Guide to Religion. Boulder, Co. [n.d.]. Typed manuscript [99 pages] signed. Gift of UNC Library, 2/23/72. [Plume].


MS 101:


[Robert Gould]. A note of such things as are to be obiected against Roberte Gould minister of Edenthorpe in the Countye of Norr. Anno 1592. for incontinencye. Manuscript on paper. Five page document from the archdeacon's court of Edenthorpe, 1592. From Phillips Ms. 29759: Fenn sale 1866, lot 242. [Plume].


MS 102:


Esposizione degli Evangeli (with other texts in Italian). Tuscany, c. 1350-1400. Paper. Ff. 147 + i. The principal text is an exposition of the gospels for the liturgical year, beginning with Advent, including a few feasts from the Sanctoral as well as the feasts of the Temporal and ending with the gospels for the Common of Saints. This is followed by an account of the Passion taken for the four Gospels. [Plume].


MS 103:


John L. Jerome Hart Collection. Hart, mountaineer and former president of the American Alpine Club (1970-1972). Manuscripts and correspondence relating to Fourteen Thousand Feet: a History of the Names and Early Ascents of the High Colorado Peaks, On Long's Peak, New Maps of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains, and other works. Dwight Lavender material to Hart for Fourteen Thousand Feet, including autographed letters, a drawing of Wilson Peak including El Diente, and notes on the July 4th 1930 ascent of Wilson and Montezuma Peak (El Diente) with holographic map, photographs, and hand-drawn maps, penciled notes of altitudes of mountains in the Elk & Collegiate ranges, one letter from W.C. Mendenhall, acting director of the USGS (March 11, 1931) and one letter from V. Ferguson, Sierra Club Secretary, (Feb. 28, 1931). Letter from William H. Jackson, Jan. 18, 1929. Miscellaneous correspondence.


MS 104:


Hal Glen Borland. Press clippings, photograph, and letters from files of The Colorado Alumnus. Part 1. 2 typed letters, signed to Margaret Robb; typed letter, signed to Don Saunders; typed letter, signed to Mabel S. Reynolds with clipping found in Hal Borland's An American Year. N. Y., Simon and Schuster, 1946 [PS 3503.0 563/A75].


MS 105:


Papyrus manuscript, 5th or 6th century A.D. A list of books on various topics, in 9 lines of cursive script written in Greek (31.4 x 12.8 cm.). [Plume miscellany].


MS 106:


Papyrus manuscript, 166 A.D. A receipt of dike-tax by Stotoetis of Socnopaei Nesus to Dioskorus. 10 lines of cursive script written in Greek (5.5 x 12.0 cm.). [Plume miscellany].


MS 107:


Deed on parchment, 1547. Deed for three parcels of land in Stopham, Little Hunts, England : Bathpool Mead, Brooks Mead, and Mardon Mead. Two parchment sheets (39.5 x 24.5 cm.), joined by a parchment band secured by a round seal 11 cm. in diameter. Donor: Mrs. Charles E. Drennan, July 17, 1970. [Plume miscellany].


MS 108:


Mary A. Flower. Book of remedies and preparations. Small holographic book, c. 1850. Fredonia, N.Y. Contains handwritten recipes for folk medicines. Incomplete typed transcription by Prof. Eugene Irey.


MS 109:


Wilhelm Frick. Commissions appointing Walter Hille to the position of Oberst der Schutzpolizei, April 20, 1942, and to the position of Generalmajor der Polizei, January 14, 1944. The 1944 commission bears the signatures of A. Hitler and H. Himler. The 1942 commission bears the signatures of A. Hitler and [Wilhelm] Frick. [Plume].


MS 110:


Laurence Binyon (1860-1943). Autograph letter, signed to [ Sydney ] Cockerell, London, 23 Jan. 1902? Concerns the loan of a Cockerell Rossetti for an exhibit, Binyn's meeting Mrs. Lytton, and the publication of his Adam in the Monthly Review. Found in: Binyon, Laurence. The Death of Adam and other poems. London, 1904. [PR 6003 I75 D4].


MS 111:


Henry Ingersoll Bowditch (1808-1892). Autograph letter, signed, dated Jan. 24, 1862 to Dear Sir. (information about his brother Nathaniel). Autograph letter, signed, no date, to Dear Sir. (Concerns the establishment of 16 scholarships by his brother and his wife). Autograph letter, signed, incomplete, Baltimore, April 18, 1861 to My dear Molly. Writer not identified, apparently two drafts of eulogies to Nathaniel Ingersoll Bowditch, one dated May 9, 1861. Found In: Bowditch, Nathaniel Ingersoll, (1805-1861). Memoir of Nathaniel Bowditch. Boston : 1839, in Mechanique celeste, by the Marquis De La Place, tr. By Nathaniel Bowditch, v. 4 [QB36 B7 B6 1939].


MS 112:


Sir Edmund Gosse (1849-1928). Autograph letter, signed, London, February 18, 1910 to W.W. Gay. Found in: Gosse, Sir Edmund. French Profiles. New York: 1905 [PQ139 G7].


MS 113:


Graham Greene (1904-). Autograph letter, signed, 8 Heathcroft, Hampstead Way, N.W. 11, Oct. 9?, 1929, to Harold J. Baily, 3437 Bedford Ave., Brooklyn, New York. Regarding The Man Within and his next book. Thanks Baily for comments on his work. Found in: Green, Graham. The Man Within. London: 1929 [PR6013 R44M3].


MS 114:


Alfred Harbage. Autograph letter, signed, July 2, 1954 to Geo. F. Reynolds. Autograph letter, signed, Jan. 23, 1956 to Geo. F. Reynolds. Found in: Harbage, Alfred. Theatre for Shakespeare. Univ. of Toronto Press, c. 1955 [PR3091 H37].


MS 115:


Clifford Henry Benn Kitchin (1895 - ). Autograph letter, signed to Dr. Plumley, London, 24 Oct. 1927. Found in: Kitchin, Clifford Henry Benn, 1895-. Winged Victory. Oxford, Blackwell, 1927? [PZ3 K62 W49].


MS 116:


Henry Louis Mencken (1880-). Typed letter, signed, Baltimore, April 1st [no year] to Dear Miss Fox. Found in: Mencken, Henry Louis. Europe after 8:15. New York, John Lane, 1914 [D429 M4].


MS 117:


Burl Ives. The football game; a story of his college years. Typescript (4 pages). Given to Prof. Charles Norris, Biology Dept., in 1949, with inscribed presentation copy of Ives's Wayfaring Stranger.


MS 118:


Christopher Murray Grieve (H. MacDiarmid). Materials, notes, notices, etc., found in his The Islands of Scotland [PR6013 R735 no. 20.]


MS 119 (1-5):


Sir John Martin Harvey (1863-1944) Collection. Harvey, actor and theatre manager, mounted such productions as The Only Way (1899), an adaptation of Dicken's A Tale of Two Cities. 1. Freeman Wills. A collection of material relating to The only way, adapted from Charles Dickens' A tale of two cities, originally produced by Sir John Martin Harvey at the Lyceum in 1899. Letters. Holograph drafts of Saint Guillotine and typescripts. 1a. Freeman Wills. A collection of material relating to The Only Way. One original watercolor drawing by Hawes Craven, designer of the 1899 production. Photographs of Lady Martin-Harvey, of the Tribunal scene, and of Martin Harvey as Sydney Carton. And scenes from Harvey 's production of The Only Way, etc.. 1b. Music for The only way production. 1 full score. 10 part scores. 2. The Silence of Den Maitland, a play adapted from Maxwell Gray's novel, with the authoress' (Mary Gleed Tuttieitt) collaboration. Holograph drafts of the Silence of Dean Maitland. 3 typescripts of The Silence of Dean Maitland. 3. C.E. Openshaw and Ethel Dickens. The Scapegoat, based on Charles Dicken's Great Expectation. 3 typescripts. 3a. Music for The Scapegoat production. Original manuscript score, unbound. 4. Freeman Wills. Autographed letter signed to Martin Harvey, Feb. 13, 1906. Presented with William Gorman Wills' play St. Cyr or Nino. [PR5834 W8S3]. 5. [Everyman]. Via cruces ( The way of the Cross ) a morality play on The death of a rich man. Rewritten by Hugo von Hofmannstahl. [Adaptation in English by Hon. Sybil Amherst and Dr. C.E. Wheeler. n.p.: 1923]. One page holograph letter from Martin Harvey from Blackpool, April 19, 1923.


MS 120:


Hugo de Vries. Autograph letter, signed, Amsterdam, July 8, 1913 to Dear Sir (Prof. T.D.A. Cockerell?). Found in: Vries, Hugo de. Species and Varieties, their Origin by Mutation. Chicago : 1905. [QH366 V98].


MS 121:


Edith Sitwell, (1887-1964). Autograph letter, signed to Mr. (Edmund) Gosse, September 12, 1918. Autograph letter, signed, to Mr. (Edmund) Gosse, n.d.. Found in: Sitwell, Edith. Clown's Houses. Oxford, Blackwell; New York: Longmans, Green, 1918 [PR 6037 I8 C6 1918].


MS 122:


Albert Einstein. Typed letter, signed with envelope to Prof. O.C. Lester, Univ. of Colorado. 7 Dezember 1930.


MS 123:


William Dean Howells. Autograph letter, signed dated Feb. 19, 1911 to Prof. William Strunk, Jr. of Cornell University. Found in Howell, W.D., The Rise of Silas Lapham, Boston, Houghton Mifflin Co., 1884 [PS2023 R5], which had belonged to Prof. Strunk.


MS 124:


Arthur Machen, 1863-1947. Autograph letter, signed, London : March 31, 1924 to Mr. Pettitt (a note on The London Adventure ). Found in: Machen, Arthur. The London Adventure: or the art of wandering. London : M. Secker, 1924 [PR6025 A245 L6 1924a].


MS 125:


Graily Hewitt. Illuminated manuscript.: From a Fourteenth Processional of the Nuns of Chester. 1 leaf hand-calligraphied on both sides, meant to be folded in half. Red music lines with musical notes and words in black. Gold initial letter. [Plume].


MS 126:


Siegfried Sassoon. Autograph letter, signed, to Frank P. Harris, June 18, 1929. Found in: Sassoon, Siegfried. The Daffodil Murderer by Saul Kain (pseud.) London: 1913 [PR6037 A86 D34].


MS 127:


William Somerset Maugham. Autograph letter, signed to Roy Murchie dated 6th June, 1923. Found in Maugham, W.S. On a Chinese Screen. N.Y., George H. Doran Co., 1922, 1st ed [PR6025 A8606].


MS 128:


Mari Sandoz. Autograph letter, signed to Frances Wolle, date 10/24/61. Found in Sandoz, Mari. Slogum House, Boston, 1937 [PS3537 A667 S56].


MS 129:


Baynard Taylor. Autograph letter, signed to Dear General,' dated Jan. 13, 1878. Found in: Taylor, Baynard. The Echo Club, and other literary diversions. Boston, 1876 [PS2990 E4 1876].


MS 130:


Marjorie (Allen) Seiffert (1885-1970). Seiffert, poet of such works as The King with Three Faces and A Woman of Thirty. Sanital; A Sequence of Episodes in the Life of a Militant Suffragette. A parody of Arthur Schnitzler's Anatol.


MS 131:



Vera Meynell. Typed letter, signed to Sam Goldman, Esq. Dated October 12 th, 1932.


MS 132:


Manuel del Cabral. Typed letter signed, dated enero 25-79.


MS 133:


Gore Vidal. 1 p. of typed manuscript autographed and titled. Found in: The Judgment of Paris. New York: Dutton, 1952 [PZ3 V648 J9].


MS 134:


Ivy Compton-Burnett (1892- ). Autograph letter, signed, to A.R. Redway, Dec. 3, 1947, Wimbledon, S.W. 19. Typed letter, signed to Frank Redway, London, 18th January 1950 from W. Blackwood & Sons Ltd. Found in: Compton-Burnett, Ivy. Dolores. Edinburgh : W. Blackwood, 1911 [PZ3 C738 D6 c. 1].


MS 135:


Archibald MacLeish. Typed letter, signed, dated February 16, 1939 to H. Tatnall Brown, Jr. Found in: A. MacLeish. Conquistador. Boston: Houghton Mifflin, 1932 [PS 3525 A27 C6 1932].


MS 136:


Ralph D. Paine. Autograph letter, signed, March 10, 1919 to Roy Murchie. Roy Murchie. 2 p. draft, holograph of letter to Paine. Found in: Paine, Ralph D. The call of the offshore wind. Boston, Houghton Mifflin, 1918 [PS3531 A275 C3].


MS 137:


William Dana Orcutt. Typed letter, signed to G.F. Reynolds, dated 12/19/25. Scaife, R.L. Houghton Mifflin Co. Typed letter, signed to G.F. Reynolds, dated 12/9/25. Printed notice of new book to be published by W.D. Orcutt. Found in: Montaigne's Essay of Friendship, Boston: Houghton Mifflin, 1915 [PQ1642 E6 H7].


MS 138:


Henry Miller. Penny postcard, autograph letter addressed to Mr. Bern Porter, dated 8/20/44 regarding artistic reproduction. Found in: Porter, Bern. Henry Miller, Miscellanea. San Mateo, 1945

[PS 3525 I5454 M5].


MS 139:


Okechukwu Ndukaonwu. You are entering the Cerebral Passport Zone. Typescript (129 pages) of poems. Written 1976-1978.


MS 140:


Thomas J. Cobden-Sanderson. Holograph letter to unidentified addressee, 3 Feb. 1915. Found in Dove's Press ed. of Winship, George Parker. William Caxton.


MS 141:


Lowell Thomas. Typed letter, signed to Henry Waltemade ( Univ. of Colo. ) dated August 24, 1966 with envelope. Two typed carbon copies of letters from Henry Waltemade to Lowell Thomas date Aug. 11 & Sept. 26, 1966.


MS 142:


Iris Murdoch. The Existentialist Hero. Typed broadcast script (twelve legal-size pages, carbon copy, corrected). Typed letter signed from Prudence Smith of the BBC date 14 March 1950.


MS 143:


H.M. Brock. Autograph letter, signed dated March 20, 1919, to Dear Sir' pasted into back cover of The Essays of Leigh Hunt. Edited by Arthur Symons, London, J. M. Dant, 1905. Illus. by H.M. Brock. [Creamer Coll.].


MS 144:


Lord George Gordon Byron. 1 ½ p. autographed letter signed, dated Venice April 27th 1819 to Galignani's Messenger. Found in a copy of The Works of Lord Byron. Paris : A. & W. Galignani, 1831. Leslie Marchand, p. 267 of v. 6 of his edition of Byron's letters (Cambridge: Belknap Press, 1976) gives his source for the text of this letter: MS Facsimile, Works of Lord Byron, Published by A. and W. Galignani, Paris, 1826. Facsimile.


MS 145:


Harriet Monroe. 1 postcard autograph letter signed to Edna Davis Romig date Mar. 11, 1935, Chicago. Autograph letter, signed to Edna Davis Romig, dated Mar. 26 1936, Chicago.


MS 146:


Edmund Blunden. Proof of At Senlis Once corrected in author's hand. Donor: Edna Davis Romig estate.


MS 147:


Leonora Speyer. Proof of Early, with corrections, a note, and signed by author. Donor: Edna Davis Romig estate.


MS 148:


Max Eastman. Typed letter, signed to Edna Davis Romig, dated July 6, 1943. Donor: Edna Davis Romig estate.


MS 149:


Edward Weeks. Typed letter, signed to Edna Davis Romig, dated Mar. 4, 1963. Discussion of Robert Frost.


MS 150:


James Grafton Rogers. Autograph letter, signed to Edna Davis Romig, dated Denver, July 13, 1970, with envelope. Correspondence with H. Waltemade of Special Collections Department of Univ. of Colorado Libraries. 1968-1969.



MS 151:


Bessie Moult (Mrs. T. Moult). Autograph letter, signed to Edna Davis Romig, dated Denver, Jan. 25, 1945. Narrates at length her visit in 1919 or 1920 to John Masefield's house at Boar's Hill.


MS 152:


William Henry Davies. Autograph letter, signed to Mr. Moult date May 20th, 1919. Donor: Edna Davis Romig estate.


MS 153:


Walter de la Mare. Typed letter, signed with holograph note, to Moult dated 2nd November, 1928. Donor: Edna Romig estate.


MS 154:


William Ellery Leonard. One postcard, holograph, signed to Edna Davis Romig, one dated Jan. 21, 1924, and the other dated 7/12/27. Autograph letter, signed to Edna Davis Romig, no date.


MS 155:


Mehdi Nakosteen (1904-), Professor Emeritus, History and Philosophy of Education, University of Colorado, Boulder, whose works include translations of The Ghazaliyyat, (Sonnets) of Haafez, The Rubaiyyat of Omar Kyayyam, and others. Collection includes typed copy of Pertinent facts on translators of Arabic works into Latin, Hebrew, Spanish, Italian, Catalan, and Greek, arranged by Mehdi Nakosteen, 1962.


MS 157:


Louis V. Ledoux. Autograph letter, signed to Edna Davis Romig, dated Dec. 8, 1935. Donor: William Romig, 1980.


MS 158:


Robert Graves. 3 autograph letters, signed to Louis Untermeyer, dated Aug. 25, 1961, Sept. 11, 1961, and Sept. 25, 1961. The envelopes of these letters are pasted in Robert Graves. More Poems, 1961.


MS 159:


Imogen Cunningham (1883-1976), photographer. Autographed note signed to George Waters [1970] on back of postcard with reproduction of a Cunningham photo from her 1970 books of photographs. It is useless to say I wish you had printed this book thanks for being interested in it. All good wishes Imogen C. Found in Cunningham, Imogen. Photographs. Seattle : University of Washington Press, 1970.


MS 160:


John L. Jerome Hart, mountaineer and former president of the American Alpine Club (1970-1972). Letters and postcards from mountaineering expeditions. 1 postcard, photo of Dhaulagiri ( Nepal ), photographed by Alex Bertulis. The official card of Women's 1980 Expedition to Dhaulagiri. Postmarked Nepal 11 Nov '80. Signed by Heidi Ludi, Lucy Smith, Cyndy Simes, Vera Komarkova, Suan Havens, Sheri Kearnsey, Sue Geller, Diana Dailey, Annie Whitehouse. 2 postcards. View of East Face of Mount Everest from Base Camp. Official postcard of 1981 American Everest Expedition to China. 1 postmarked 1981.9.21, China. From Nicholas Clinch. 1 postmarked 1981.8.28, China. From Jim Morrisey, Chris Dan Reid, Sue Gillay, Bruce McCubbrey, Louis Reichart, Eric Perlman, John Ruskelley, George Lowe, Kim M____, Andrew Harvard, E. Hillary. From Jed (John Edward) Williamson a postcard with the photo of Gongga-Shan. (Photographed by Terris Moore in 1932.) The official postcard of the America Gongga Shan Expedition 1980, sponsored by the American Alpine Club. Postmarked Dec. 13 [80] in New Hampshire. From Jed Williamson: typed letter signed on American Gongga-Shan Expedition in 1980 letterhead with 8 x 10 photograph of the climbers. Postmarked June 15, '81.


MS 161:


Gaston Rebuffat, well-known French alpinist and author of such works as Entre Terre et Ciel, Massif du Mont Blanc, and others. Collection holds correspondence with John L. Jerome Hart and various persons about Rebuffat's 1965, 1966, 1967, and 1971 Film Lecture tours. (Mar. 19, 1965 April 30, 1971). 94 letters in 102 pp, including letters written by Hart to: Gaston Rebuffat, Francis P. Farquhar, Ned Ames, John Devitt, Betsy Partridge, Arthur Formichelli, Andrews Black, Ursula Corning, Francis Belcher, Bradford Washburn, Leo Davey, Francois Gratier, Victor A. Gares, Don Vockeroth. 9 typed letters signed from Rebuffat to J. L. J. Hart. Additional correspondence including Francis P. Farquhar, Berkeley; Francis Belcher, Boston ; Hon. Victor A. Gares, French Counsel in Denver; Bradford Washburn, Boston; and Andrews Black, Denver and San Francisco.


MS 162:


Rolfe Humphries, (1894-1969), poet, teacher, and translator. Author of Europa and Other Poems and Sonnets, 1929, translator of Virgil's Aeneid, 1951; Ovid's Metamorphoses: Art of Love, 1953, 1955; Juvenal's Satires, 1959; and others. Collection holds translations of the Poems of Louis Aragon. Letters concerning these to R. H. from Malcolm Cowley and others. Typed letter signed from Sam Sloan, Duell, Sloan & Pearce Inc, April 26, 1944. Typed letter signed from Helen Macafee, Yale Review, April 20, 1944, both in regard to Aragon translations. Malcolm Cowley letters to R.H. in regard to Louis Aragon poems translated by R.H. typed letter signed, June 15, 1943, with holographic additions. Typed letter signed, June 21, 1943 with two pages, each, of R.H.'s translations: The Waltz of the Twenty-Year Olds, May Night, Tears are Alike. Typed letter signed, July 12, 1943. Typed letter signed, July 21, 1943, with envelope. New Republic tear sheets, July 5, 1943. The Middle Danger (Malcolm Crowley?), typescript with manuscript corrections (10 pages) in envelope addressed to R.H. postmarked Sept. 5, 1944. Miscellaneous letters and manuscripts.


MS 163:


Frank Waters. 3 typed letters, signed to Henry Waltemade, dated Jan. 4, 1967, May 8, 1970, and May 25, 1972. Five carbons of letters to Frank Waters from H. Waltemade, 1966-1972.


MS 164:


Henry James. Autographed letter signed, to Walter Berry, dated October 5, 1907. Bound into James, Henry. Letters to Walter Berry, Paris, The Black Sun Press, 1928 (removed from book).


MS 165:


John Greenleaf Whittier. Autographed letter signed dated 1890. Accompanied by a note explaining his letter and some family history. Donor: Mrs. Charles Keller, Lyon, Colorado, 1/82.


MS 166:


Louis Auchincloss (1917-). Correspondence with Ellsworth Mason. Donated by Ellsworth Mason over a period of time.


MS 167:


Nicolas Clinch. Two postcards to Dr. and Mrs. Harold Walton, one from Mount Everest (photo) of 1981 American Everest Expedition to China. 1 from Paiju Peak (photo) of Pakistan-American Karakoram Expedition. Typed letter, signed with envelope to Ellsworth Mason, dated July 9, 1985. 1 postcard from the Xinjiang Chinese-American Mudztaga expedition, dated Sept. 23, 1985.


MS 168:


The Holland Collection. Correspondence to poet and author Josiah Gilbert Holland (1819-1881) during the term of his editorship of Scribner's Monthly, of which he was co-founder, from 1870 1881, including letters from Emily Dickinson, Charles J. Bonaparte, William Gladstone, Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, Samuel Clemens, Oliver Wendell Holmes, Walt Whitman, Harriet Beecher Stowe, and Helen Hunt Jackson. Donor: Meriwether Lewis Holland in memory of Josiah Gilbert Holland (1900-1975). [Plume].


MS 169:


Dwight Garriques Lavender. Typed manuscript, written by Dwight Lavender [1932, 1933 or 1934], including Introduction, Chapter I, II, III, & IV on climbing in the San Juan and Uncompaghre Mountains. Manuscript incomplete. Hand drawn map of Uncompaghre Group peaks and creeks. Manuscript annotation by David Lavender. Donor: David Lavender.


MS 170:


Arnold Lunn. Postcard to John L. J. Hart dated 11th July 1927, with a note written by Hart as an addendum. Found in Lunn, Arnold. Oxford Mountaineering Essays (in the Hart Mountaineering Collection).


MS 171:


James A. Michener. Typed letter signed to John L. Jerome Hart, dated April 2, 1973.


MS 172:


Louis Adamic (1899-1951). Typed letters, signed to Mr. Ralph Doud, New York, 1932 and five autograph postcards to Mr. Doud, 1932 and 1933, all from Yugoslavia. Donor: Mr. Ralph Doud.


MS 173:


Richard Y. Batterton. Typed letter, signed to Mr. Pettit, Denver May 13, 1960. Donor: Prof. Henry Pettit.


MS 174:


William Worth Belknap. Autograph letter, signed to Hon. G. B. Chaffee, House of Representatives, Jan. 3, 1874. Regarding the sale of the Fort Reynolds Military Reservation in Colorado Territory. Donor: Mrs. A. Bullock-Webster.


MS 175:


Albert Bierstadt. Autograph letter, signed, New York, Jun 28, 1888. 2 ½ pp. Regarding financial matters.


MS 176:


Louise Bogan. Autograph letter, signed, New York, N. Y., Oct. 21, 1959 to Margaret Robb. Autograph letter signed, New York, N. Y., Oct. 5, 1960 to Margaret Robb. Donor: Margaret Robb, Sept. 12, 1966. Louise Bogan. 4 typed letters, signed to Miss Bogan (dated Sept. 26, 1960; Oct. 16, 1959; Nov. 17, 1959) regarding invitations to the Writer's conference held at the University of Colorado.


MS 177:


Catherine (Drinker) Bowen (1897-). Telegram and typed letters signed regarding Writer's Conference at the University of Colorado, Boulder. Donor: Margaret Robb, Sept. 12, 1966.


MS 178:


Beatrice Brook. (Mrs. F. Adrian). Autograph letter, signed, Toronto Canada, Nov. 5 (1959) to Margaret Robb. Donor: Margaret Robb, Sept. 12, 1966.


MS 179:


Gelett Burgess (1866-1951). Typed letter, signed to B; J. (Burges Johnson). New York, Sept. 19, 1943. Donor: H.W. Hawk.


MS 180:

(Harold) Witter Bynner (1881- ). 2 typed letters signed to Mr. Pettit, Santa Fe, April 19, and June 7, 1962. Donor: Mr. Henry Pettit.


MS 181:


David Kherdian. Autograph letter, signed to Miles C. Olson, 11 Feb., '81, with envelope.


MS 182:


D'Alte Welch. Autograph letter, signed to Mrs. Alfred Cressler (Jay), with envelope postmarked July 27, 1968. 8 typed letters signed to Prof. Henry Waltemade, and /or Prof. Henry Pettit, and Pres. Robert Stearns. Sept. 9, 1969 with carbon of H.W. letter Welch with notes and other miscellaneous letters.


MS 183:


Hall Caine (1853-1931). Typed letter, signed to Francis Wolle, Oct. 31, 1929. Donor: Francis Wolle.


MS 184:


Rachel Louise Carson. Typed letter, signed, Silver Springs Maryland, Oct., 22, 1962 to Margaret Robb. Typed letter signed to Mary Helen Marks, Oct, 16, 1962; and typed letter signed to Rachel Carson Oct. 10, 1962 from Margaret Robb. Donor: Margaret Robb, Sept. 12, 1966.


MS 185:


Margaret Gaylord Chute (1909). Autograph letter, signed 1 p., to New York, N.Y., Oct. 3, 1963 to (John Wrenn. 2 typed letters signed, dated Oct. 18, 1963, to Marchette Chute from John Wrenn. Donor: Margaret Robb, Sept. 12, 1966.


MS 186:


Ralph Chaplin. Typed letter, signed to Mr. Pettit, May 26, 1950. Donor: Mr. Henry Pettit.


MS 187:


Walter Van Tilburg Clark (1909- ). 5 autograph letters, signed. Dec. 16, 1957 Nov. 6, 1962 to Margaret Robb. Donor: Margaret Robb, Sept. 12, 1966. 8 typed letters, signed to Walter Clark from Margaret Robb. 1958-1962.


MS 188:


Robert Myron Coates. Typed letter, signed to Mr. Pettit, New York, January 22, 1962. Donor: Mr. Henry Pettit.


MS 189:


Malcolm Cowley. Typed letter, signed to Sherman, Conn., Sept. 23, 1959 to Margaret Robb. Typed letters, signed to Malcolm Cowley from Margaret Robb. Donor: Margaret Robb.


MS 190:


John Dewey to Dr. Mehdi Nakosteen. Typed letter, signed New York, July 16, 1945. Autographed letter, signed, New York, Aug. 23, 1945. Donor: Prof: Mehdi Nakosteen, Aug. 11, 1971.


MS 191:


Loren Corey Eiseley. Typed letter, signed to Margaret Robb. Typed letter signed to Loren Eiseley from Margaret Robb. Donor: Margaret Robb, Sept. 12, 1966.


MS 192:


Havelock Ellis (1859-1939). Autograph letter, signed to Francis Wolle, Nov. 9, (1924? or 1929?). Donor: Francis Wolle.


MS 193:


Paul Engle. Typed letter, signed to Francis Wolle, Iowa City, Oct. 15, 1946. A narrow broadside For the Mid-western Dead, (sonnets) Paul Engle, Christmas: 1945. Iowa City. Donor: Professor Francis Wolle, April 21, 1964.


MS 194:


John Thomas Fante (1909 - ). Autograph letters, signed to Prof. Francis Wolle, 1930, from Wilmington, California. Donor: Professor Francis Wolle.


MS 195:


Thomas Hornsby Ferril (1896 - ). Autograph letter, signed. Margaret Robb. Typed letter, signed to Tom Ferril from Margaret Robb. Donor: Margaret Robb, Sept. 12, 1966.


MS 196:


John Fischer (1910 - ). Typed letter, signed to Mary Rose (Bradford), New York, 1957. Donor: [Mrs. Roark Bradford?].


MS 197:


John Gould Fletcher (1886-). 2 autograph letters, signed to Francis Wolle, Little Rock, Arkansas with Francis Wolle's replies. Donor: Francis Wolle, April 21, 1964.


MS 198:


Mary Hallock Foote. Autograph letter, signed from Hingham, Mass., June 25, 1929 to Francis Wolle, Boulder, Colorado. Information on her career as an illustrator and a novelist and family history. Supplied to Prof. Wolle for a Foote biographical article and a 6 page carbon typescript. Donor: Prof. Francis Wolle, 1969.


MS 199:


Richard Buckminster Fuller (1895 - ). Autographed letter signed to (Henry) Pettit, May 4, 1956. Notes and books by Sir Halford J. Mac Kinder and Samuel Eliot Morison. Donor: Henry Pettit.


MS 200:


Barry Morris Goldwater. Typed letter signed to The Librarian, University of Colorado Library, Oct. 22, 1959. Typed letter signed to Senator Goldwater from Henry Waltemade (Nov. 11, 1959), regarding an inquiry about Charles D. Poston letters.


MS 201:


Ferris Greenslet. Typed letter, signed to Francis Wolle, Feb. 23, 1924. Donor: Francis Wolle.


MS 202:


Mrs. Charles Grimm (nee Mary Pilling of Galena, Ill. ). Autograph letter signed, Central City, Colorado, Nov. 9, 1892 to Mrs. Roberts. Source: The Bookery Bookstore ( Denver ), 1965.


MS 203:


John Hayward. Typed letter, signed to Professor Henry Pettit. London, August 2, 1961. Donor: Henry Pettit.


MS 204:


Rolfe Humphries, (1894-1969), poet, teacher, and translator. Author of Europa and Other Poems and Sonnets, 1929, translator of Virgil's Aeneid, 1951; Ovid's Metamorphoses: Art of Love, 1953, 1955; Juvenal's Satires, 1959; and others. Collection holds 2 typed letters, signed, one dated Sept. 6, 1962, the other, October. 5, 1962 to Henry Pettit concerning typescripts, etc. sent to Special Collections.


MS 205:


Violet Hueffer. Autograph note, signed to Francis Wolle. [London: n.d.] An invitation to her home.


MS 206 :


Langston Hughes. Typed letter, signed to Rev. Francis Wolle, Oct. 23, 1965. Gives the names of his relatives in Colorado. Typed letter, signed to Francis Wolle, April 6, 1946. Donor: Francis Wolle.


MS 207:


Lyndon B. Johnson. Typed letter signed, Austin, Texas, Oct. 4, 1971 to Ralph E. Ellsworth. Six lines, signed LBJ. Expresses thanks for sending him the book The Gentleman from Colorado.


MS 208:


Edwin Carl Johnson (1884 - ). Autograph letter, signed to Dean Edward King, Denver, November 11, 1958. Regarding the disposition of his papers and correspondence. Donor: Dean King.


MS 209:


Zoltán Kodály (1882 - ). Autograph letter, signed to George Barany, (Budapest, Nov. 1953?). His editing of Hungarian folk songs, work in improving the teaching of music, plans for orchestral and chamber compositions. Donor: George Barany, 1957.


MS 210:


Fitzhugh Lee. Autograph letter, signed, Richland, 15 May, 1879 to My Dear Sir, about postponing a speaking engagement.


MS 211:


Robert Liddell Lowe. Typed letter, signed, June 26, 1961 to (Henry) Pettit. Concerns the disposition of the Seiffert letters he has, the Seiffert Collection, her influence on him.


MS 212:


Phyllis McGinley, (1905-). 2 autograph letters, signed, Larchmont, N.Y., Nov. 6, 1961 and Oct. 15, 1962 to Margaret Robb. 4 typed letters, signed (Oct. 1961 Sept. 1962) to Ms. McGinley from Margaret Robb concerning the Writer's Conference. Donor: Margaret Robb, Sept. 12, 1966.


MS 213:


Hugh MacLennan, (1907-). Typed letter, signed, Montreal, Canada, Nov. 3, 1959 to Margaret Robb. Typed letter signed Montreal, Canada, Oct. 17, 1962 to Margaret Robb. Autograph letter, signed, Grenoble France, Dec. 5, 1963 to [John] Wrenn. Donor: Margaret Robb, Sept. 12, 1966. 3 typed letters, signed, (Oct. 11, 1962; Nov. 10, 1959; Oct. 27, 1959) to Mr. McLennan from Margaret Robb concerning the University of Colorado Writer 's Conference. 2 typed letters signed (Dec. 9, 1963; Nov. 13, 1963) to Mr. McLennan from John Wrenn. Donor: Margaret Robb, Sept. 12, 1966.


MS 214:


Bernard Malamud (1914-). Typed letter, signed, dated Dec. 11, 1958; autograph letter, signed, Dec. 23, 1958; autograph letter, signed March 15, 1959 all to Margaret Robb; 3 typed letters, signed (March 4, 1959; Dec. 1, Dec. 16, 1958) to Bernard Malamud from Margaret Robb. Donor: Margaret Robb, Sept. 12, 1966.


MS 215:


Henry Louis Mencken (1880-). Typed letter, signed, Baltimore, May 1, 1945 to Mr. Cornwall, regarding the reprinting of The Future of English. Received January, 1969, with the purchase of a Mencken book.


MS 216:


Abraham Merritt (1884-). Typed letter, signed, June 29, 1942 to Edward S. Sullivan, San Francisco, Calif. (Tipped in Sullivans' copy of Merritt's Burn Witch Burn, New York, 1933).


MS 217:


Arnold Moss. Autograph letter, signed to Francis Wolle, Jan. 15, [?]. Donor: Francis Wolle.


MS 218:


Paul Scott Mowrer (1887 - ). Typed letter, signed, Chocorua, N. H. Nov. 4, 1965 to the Librarian, University of Colorado. Announces a recording of his poems.


MS 219:


Sean O'Casey (1884-1964), Irish playwright and author of such works as The Story of the Irish Citizen Army (1919), The Shadow of a Gunman (accepted for staging 1923), and The Plough and the Star (staged 1926). Collection holds 1 ½ p. autographed letters, signed, Torquay, Devon, England, Nov. 7, 1955 to Mrs. Sadie G. Walton, Boulder, Colorado. Writes that people who toil should write of the life they have lived. Discusses the Lane pictures in the Tate Gallery. Accompanied by a letter from Mrs. Walton explaining how she received the O'Casey letter. Donor: Mrs. Sadie G. Walton, July 12, 1966. 1 ½ p. autographed letter signed, June 9, 1955 to Mrs. Sadie G. Walton, regarding mutual friends, Jack and Floss Daly. Donor: Mrs. Sadie G. Walton, July 12, 1966.


MS 220:


John O'Hara (1905 - ). Typed letter, signed to Percy Fridenberg, M.S., Dec. 4, 1934. Gives the meaning of the terms copacetic,' a fig,' and Beech Nut kiss.' Donor: James Sandoe, Mar. 4, 1965. Four clippings of book reviews; short biographical sketch; note on the origin of the word copasetic.' Donor: James Sandoe, March 4, 1965.


MS 221:


Eugene Gladstone O'Neill (1888 - ). Typed letter signed to Francis Wolle, Oct. 27, 1920. Donor: Francis Wolle.


MS 222:


Mario A. Pei. Postcard, Columbia University, Nov. 6, 1958 to Professor Luigi Romeo. Donor: Prof. Luigi Romeo, July 5, 1972.


MS 223:


Salvatore Quasimodo (1901-). Typed letter, signed, Milano, 27 Agosto 1964 to Prof. Luigi Romeo. Donor: Prof. Luigi Romeo, Jan. 25, 1972.


MS 224:


Eleanor Roosevelt (1884 -). Typed letter, signed to Mr. Paul Carter, New York, April 15, 1955. Donor: Paul Carter.


MS 225:


John Ernest Steinbeck. Autograph letter, signed to Paul Carter, February 5, 1955. Comments on the New Criticism in connection with reviews of The Grapes of Wrath. 1 p. carbon typed letter to Paul Carter with penciled notes and initialed by J. Steinbeck. Donor: Paul Carter.


MS 226:


Lennox Robinson (1886 - ). Autograph letter, signed to [Francis Wolle?], Nov. 17, [1927]. Donor: Francis Wolle.


MS 227:


Henry Sewell. Autograph letter, signed to Dear Mayo, [n.p., n.d.]. A thank you. Source unknown.


MS 228:


William de Witt Snodgrass (1926 - ). Typed letter, signed, Detroit, Michigan, Oct. 27, 1960 to Margaret Robb. Two typed letters, signed, Oct. 14, 1960; Nov. 3, 1966 to Mr. Snodgrass, from Margaret Robb concerning the Writer's Conference held at the University of Colorado. Donor: Margaret Robb, Sept. 12, 1966.


MS 229:


Charles Percy Snow (1905 - ). Photocopy of typed letter signed London, Oct. 15, 1962 to J.J. Keen. Typed letter, signed from Pamela Snow, London, Oct. 22, 1962 to Margaret Robb. Donor: Margaret Robb, Sept. 12, 1966.


MS 230:


Jesse Hilton Stuart. Correspondence with Prof. Paul Carter consisting of 37 letters and clippings dating from August 5th, 1957 June 6th, 1973, 25 of which are autograph letters, signed and 12 of which are typed. Also: Jesse Stuart: A Bibliography for May 1960-May 1965 by Hensley C. Woodbridge. Reprinted from The Register of the Kentucky Historical Society, v. 63 # 4 Oct. 1965. Donor: Prof. Paul Carter.


MS 231:


Albert Schweitzer, (1875-1966). Autograph letter, signed in German, May 12, 1946 to Dr. Harold F. Walton. Writes of the difficulty of Dr. Walton's intended work in Germany because so many of the people had been led into false path, his feeling for the Friends, mentions his friends, Fletscher and Hubert Peet, writes that his best work is hard and exhausting. Donor: Harold F. Walton, July 13, 1966.


MS 232:


James Grover Thurber (1894 - ). 6 autograph letters, signed to Mrs. Sterling, from New York, West Cornwall, Bermuda, and Hot Springs, Virginia, Nov. 19, 1948 Oct. 19, 1950. Donor: Mrs. Robert Sterling.


MS 233:


John Barrington Wain (1925 - ). Typed letter, signed to Paul Carter, October 6, 1959; typed letter, signed to [Paul Carter] Aug. 15, 1959. Both from Reading, Berkshire. Donor; Prof. Paul Carter. Typed letter, signed to Mr. Pettit, Reading, Berks, Jun 6, 1959. Donor: Mr. Pettit.


MS 234:


Robert Penn Warren (1905 - ). Typed letter, signed, Fairfield, Conn., Oct. 3, 1964. Donor: Margaret Robb, Sept. 12, 1966.


MS 235:


Edward A. Weeks, Jr., (1898 - ). Typed letter, signed to Mrs. Pettit, Boston, June 16, 1961. Donor: Mrs. Henry Pettit.


MS 236:


Richard Purdy Wilbur. Autograph letter, signed to Mr. Pettit, Oct. 17, 1953. Donor: Mr. Henry Pettit.


MS 237:


William Carlos Williams (1883 - ). Typed letter, signed to Francis Wolle, Rutherford, New Jersey, April 10, 1942. Donor: Professor Francis Wolle.


MS 238:


Morton Dauwen Zabel (1901 - ). Typed letter, signed to Prof. Pettit. Chicago, May 5, 1955. Donor: Prof. Henry Pettit.


MS 239:


Dwight Lavender. 3 photograph albums from the summers of 1928, 1930, and 1931, including Colorado mountains, first ascents, and new routes. Contains about 465 photos, some hand-tinted, with annotations and notes by Dwight Lavender and his brother David Lavender.


MS 240:


Sir Edmund Hillary. Typed letters, signed to Ellsworth Mason, Sept. 26, 1982 and 20th June, 1983. Typed letter, signed to Ellsworth Mason from Mrs. Betty Joplin (secretary to Sir Edmund, 11th May, 1983. All 3 letters on Himalayan Trust letterhead. Typed letter copies to Sir Edmund from E. Mason, dated 25 October 1982 & 2 May 1983. Typed letter copy to Sir Edmund from John L. J. Hart dated Aug. 20, 1982. Donor: Ellsworth Mason, Dec. 1983.


MS 241:


Pearl V. Turner Collection of Mountaineering. Pearl V. Turner, alumna of the University of Colorado, was an early member of the Colorado Mountain Club and avid mountaineer. Collection includes 2 photo albums with descriptions of climbs (Colorado Mountain Club, 3rd annual outing, in 1914, in northern Colorado; Giant Forest, Mt. Hood, Mt. Rainier, Kaibab Forest, northern Arizona, and New Mexico in 1922-1924). Miscellaneous publications and correspondence relating to mountaineering. Miscellaneous papers relating to the Colorado Mountain Club. Typed manuscripts of The Fall River Avalanche, Aug. 21, 1914; To the Officers and Members of the Colorado Mountain Club? Greetings from Three of the Members of the Prairie Club Homeward Returning, [n.d.]; The Grand Lake Shawl the Best Newspaper in the Country, Aug. 10, 1914; Shipley Park Hobnail, [1914?]; Glacier National Park pamphlet, Montana, 1953; Our Bighorns, Trail Riders of the Wilderness, 1940; Tree Guide. N.Y., Doubleday, Page & Co., 1915; Trees of the National Forest of Colorado and Wyoming. Forest Service, Rocky Mountain Region. 1937. Donor: Pearl V. Turner.


MS 242:


The Authentic Mother Goose's Tales and Nursery Rhymes. Reproduced photographically in their original editions with introduction by Jacques Barchilon and Henry Pettit. 45 p. manuscript with corrections.


MS 243:


Messsage du Président Roosevelt au Peuple Français. Two-sided flyer or broadcast to the population of French North Africa on Nov. 8, 1942. Donor: Jacques Barchillon.


MS 244:


Proclamation of World Government Week March 6 to March 12, 1949. Reproduced document with signatures of Lee Knous, Governor of Colorado and George Baker, Secretary of State of Colorado.


MS 245:


Emily Wood Epsteen Papers. Epsteen served on the faculty of Colorado Extension Division during the 1920's and 1930's, including her position of Dean of Women during the summer of 1923. She taught Telling Stories to Children and Folk Tale and Myth in the university's summer extension division. Letters, cards, notes from 1922 and 1923. Teaching notes. Newspaper clippings for early 20's. Brochures on children's literature. 20 folders containing stories and poems. 19 folders containing typed and manuscript short stories and poems.


MS 246:


Folsom-Elting Collection. Manuscripts and correspondence relating to published works by Franklin Folsom and Mary Elting Folsom; papers relating to their son Michael Folsom. League of American Writers. Archives. 6 rolls of microfilm. Microfilm collection of correspondence and documents acquired by Folsom when he served as League's secretary. Original papers at the Bancroft Library, University of California, Berkeley [permission required]. Newspaper clippings pertaining to controversy of 1961. Correspondence regarding the first donation of their books to C.U. Library. Further correspondence from the files of M.L. Lyda, Education Library, C.U.; correspondence with Franklin Folsom's publishers; correspondence with James Sandoe; FBI and CIA investigation of Franklin Folsom, including correspondence, articles, and legal papers pertaining to a suit brought and won by Folsom against the CIA; Great Peace March for Global Nuclear Disarmament magazine and newspaper clippings; Interracial Books for Children Bulletin, 1969-1981, with correspondence and other materials. Manuscripts and correspondence relating to published works. Donors: Franklin and Mary Folsom. One highlight of the collection is a Civil War letter (1862).


Civil War letter


MS 248:


Marjorie Allen Seiffert Collection. Personal correspondence and papers of poet and author Marjorie Allen Seifert. Virginia Campbell, 11 p. typed manuscript biography of Seiffert. Typed letter signed from Emanuel Carnelvali [1929]. A collection of 39 letters, poems, and photographs from Arthur Davidson Ficke, 1917-1938. 2 typed letters signed and 1 autograph letter signed, the latter with an autograph manuscript poem, At my Window. 1 typed letter, signed from James Hamilton Lewis, Sen. Illinois, 1936. 4 typed letters, signed with 5 p. typed manuscript from Elder Olson, Chicago poet and friend of Robert Lowe, 1933. Autographed letters signed from C. Paolo, sculptor, 1938. Letters and cards from Edna Porter, 1930-1, friend and brailler for Helen Keller. A collection of 12 letters from William Marion Reedy (1916-1917). 2 letters from Lew Sarett, poet. 1 autograph letter, signed from G. Brandon Saul, 1932. 1 typed letter, signed from Robert Schauffler, 1927. Autograph letter, signed from Louis Untermeyer, 1929. 2 letters from Carl van Vechten, 1927; 1938. 63 letters from John Hall Wheelock, poet and editor at Scribners, discussing Seiffert's poetry and the work of authors Thomas Wolfe, Hemingway and Fitzgerald, 1923-1939. Miscellaneous correspondence with publishers and journals. Newspaper clippings and photographs. Access to portions of collection is restricted. Donors: Marjorie Allen Seifert and family.


MS 249:


Clyde Walton Tenth Mountain Division Collection. 10th Mountain Division activities announcement and membership rosters. 1980 - . Donor: Clive Walton. Bibliographic information concerning the 10th Mountain Division history project. Correspondence concerning the history of the 86th Mountain Infantry. History of the 86th Mountain Infantry in 3 different drafts. Blizzard (vol. 11, no. 1 (1st quarter, 1982), published by and for the men of the 10th Mountain Division (23 copies). Associated Press. Camp Hale to become meadow once again, Denver Post, (Nov. 7, 1988). Kathy McClurg, Mountain Memories, Summit Magazine, (Winter 1988-89, vol. 5, no. 3), 2-5 (c. 2 gift of Nora Quinlan). Nancy Nemec, Soldiers on Skis, Longmont Sunday Time-Call Magazine, (Nov. 6, 1988, v. 4, no. 45, ) 4-6 (c. 2 gift of Nora Quinlan). Fighting Men on Skis, Silver and Gold Record The Colorado Alumnus, Centennial Supplement, (Number 26). Soldiers of the Summit. KRMA channel 6 program aired 11/1/88. Curtis W. Casewit, Mountain Troopers: The story of the Tenth Mountain Division. Frank Harper, Night Climb: The story of skiing the 10th. Noble Paul Roth, Brave Men All. Donor: Clyde Walton.


MS 250:


The Houston-Mt. Everest Flight of 1933. Photographs. Correspondence to J.B. Pond from Air Commodore. Memorandum of Agreement between the Pond Bureau and Inc., Comm. P. F. J. Fellowes.


MS 251:


Francis Sydney Smythe Collection. F. S. Smythe, author and mountaineer. Typed and autographed letters signed to Pond. Correspondence amongst F. S. Smythe, Gerald Christy of the Lecture Agency, Ltd., and J.B. Pond of Pond Bureau, Inc. concerning a lecture series on the 1930 International Expedition to Kanchenjunga and the 1031 British Himalayan Expedition to Mt. Kamet. Two typed letters signed from Gerald Christy to J.B. Pond. Three typed letters signed from J. B. Ponds to F. S. Smythe. Two typed letters signed from J.B. Pond to G. Christy.


MS 252:


Gene Fowler (1890-1960), author, screenwriter, director. Collection of manuscripts and source materials relating to Gene Fowler's books and films, including photocopies of film script material. Correspondence from Samuel Hopkins Adams, Lucius Beebe, Bob Considine, Joan Crawford, Marion [Brown] Davies, George Creel, Jack Dempsey, Jimmy Durante, Thomas Hornsby Ferril, Margaret Case Harriman, Ben Hecht, Henry Hull, Joseph Henry Jackson, Clarence Buddington Kelland, Mabel Barbee Lee, Claire Booth Luce, Leonard and Sylvia Lyons, Clem McCarthy, George Murphy, Pola Negri, Dudley Nichols, Grantland Rice, Harold Ross, Robert Sherwood, Toots Shor, Herbert Bayard Swope, and Grover Whalen, etc.. Reviews, diaries, short essays, personal items, clippings, photographs, cassette and reel to reel tapes, and scrapbooks. Donors: Gene Fowler and family.


MS 253:


Edna Davis Romig Collection. Author and poet. Correspondence from editors and publishers. Personal correspondence to Franklin Folsom, letters to Bill and Marjorie Romig, letters from David A. Tannebaum and Francis Wolle. Typed poems, including, Black Angus, Bohemian Waxwings, Brown Thrasher, Christmas 1968, Deer at Night, Lines to a Starling, Lines to a Volvo. Processional, The Southern Slope, Such is the Calendar, Thanksgiving (for Mary), The Yule Log and the Cross. Donors: Edna Davis Romig and family.


MS 254:


John Millington Synge. Secondary research material compiled by Professor Paul Levitt. Articles signed and unsigned. Microfilm. Donor: Paul Levitt.


MS 255:


Camille Haynes Paul Ferret Cummings Collection. Miscellaneous correspondence, including letters from E.E. Cummings, Douglas Fairbanks, Jr., Col. Clifford B. Harmon, Katherine Butler Hathaway, Henry Miller, Joseph Hoffman, Mary Hoover, Bravig Imbs, Eugene and Maria Jolas, A. L. Krober, Ludwig Lewisohn, Jarvis and Roderick Mean, Luis Quintanilla, Carlos Sindreu, Gertrude Stein, Virgil Thomas, Henrick van Loon, Abraham Walkovitz. Family papers and correspondence including materials about Evelyn Nesbit. Photographs. Donor: Camille Cummings.


MS 256:


Louis Untermeyer. Typed letter signed to Normal Winestine regarding Zionism (June 21, 1918).


MS 257:


Queen Marie/Lavinia Small Collection. Small was a writer, poet, and child psychologist, who served as the American secretary to Queen Marie of Romania during the Queen's travels through the U.S. during the 1920's. They corresponded until the death of the Queen in 1938. Papers, photographs, newspaper clippings and letters relating to Queen Marie and royal family of Roumania. 58 autograph letters, signed from Queen Marie to Lavinia Small. Signed photographs. Oil painting of Queen Marie. Two small sculpted hands of the Queen. One painted icon. Donor: Lavinia Small.


MS 259:


Oliver Wendell Holmes (1809-1894). Two manuscript letters, signed to the [Water-Board]. One manuscript letter signed to E. Harry Byle, April 4th, 1861. One portrait of Oliver Wendell Holmes. Donor: John Feldman.


MS 260:


Irving Washington. Signature of Washington Irving with two lines of text from end of letter [s.l., s.n., n.d.], and gift acknowledgement from the Trustees of the Astor Library [printed form] signed by Washington Irving. New York, [n.d.]. . Donor: John Feldman.


MS 261:


Polly Bouck. 12 p. manuscript letter signed to Janet Robertson [1986?]. Bouck reminisces about her stepmother Harriet Vaille and Harriet's sister Agnes. Includes her memories of Agnes' death on Longs Peak. Mountaineering.


MS 262:


Thomas L. Fletcher. A large scrapbook compiled and belonging to Thomas L. Fletcher. No. 9 Lakeside USA General Hospital, American Expeditionary Forces, Rouen, France. Thursday, Sept. 13, 1917 Photographs, postcards, letters, memorabilia, dog-tags, programs, tickets, newspaper clippings, etc.. Donor: Prof. and Mrs. Gordon Hewes, 1987.


MS 264:


Winestine Collection of Winestine Collection of Emergency Paper Money and Miscellaneous Bank Notes. Donor: Mrs. Gordon Hewes, June 30, 1987. Collected by her mother, Belle Winestine of Montana.


MS 265:


Albert Smith. Programme of Mr. Albert Smith's ascent of Mont Blanc 1851. Autograph letter signed to Webster circa 1852. Hand-book of Mr. Albert Smith's ascent of Mont Blanc, 4th ed. in Mountaineering Collection.


MS 266:


Sir Humphrey Davy. Manuscript letter signed with envelope to Mr. [Howth?]. 28 March [18--?]. Envelope has sealing wax. Donor: Mrs. Janice Bayer in memory of William Berlin.


MS 268:


Chinese Imperial Edicts. 44 woven silk scrolls with calligraphy, reproductions of scrolls from the Ch'ing dynasty reigns. 2 Shun Chih (16-44-1661); 4 K'ang Hsi (1662-1722); 2 Tao Kuang (1821-1850); 1 T'ung Chih (1862-1874); 15 Kuang Hsu (1875-1907); 9 Hsuan T'ung (1908-1911). 2 K.H.; 7 blank, and 2 unidentified, with writing. Donor: Mrs. William Aspinwall.


MS 269:


Percy MacKaye. Manuscript letter to David Munro, 18, Jan. 1908, written on the Harvard Club letter head stationery. One manuscript letter to David Munro, 20, June 1908, Windsor, Vermont. Donor: John Feldman. One newspaper clipping of an interview with Percy MacKaye, form the New York Sun, December, 28, 1942. Donor: John Feldman.


MS 270:


Edgar A. Guest. Poems. A souvenir. Chicago: Reilly & Less Co., 1919. Pamphlet signed by author on front cover. Note and signature by Guest on half-title page torn from book dated Oct. 5, 1921. Donor: John Feldman.


MS 271:


Marc Connelly. Signature taken from letter to S. Gilbert, July 1, 1931. Donor: John Feldman.


MS 272:


John Kieran. Typed letter, signed to Spencer Gilbert, February 18, 1943 on The Sun letterhead stationery. Donor: John Feldman. 2 newspaper clippings of the column One Small Voice by John Kieran from The Sun, February 16, 1943 and March 11, 1943. Donor: John Feldman.


MS 273:


Tenerife, Canary Islands. Handwritten journal (8 p.), 1805, describing a trip up the Peak Tenerife (referred to as Sugar Loaf) with a mountain drawn on the manuscript.


MS 274:


Yearns Collection. Certificates of appointment and exequaturs of Kenneth J. Yearns during his years in the Foreign Service, 1930-1949. Includes signatures of Herbert Hoover, Franklin Roosevelt, Anthony Eden, George VI, Harry Truman and Dean Acheson.


MS 275:


Letter dated 1763 on handmade paper. French. 4 folio sheets in quarto, sewn. Donor: Prof. Emeritus Paul Thompson.


MS 276:


Letter dated June 11, 1708 on handmade paper. Latin. 1 folio sheet in quarto.


MS 277:


Letter from the Suez Canal. Dated 8 March 18[73?] on handmade paper. French. 1 folio sheet.


MS 278:


Havelock Ellis and Marguerite Winant Lopez Correspondence. 43 autograph letters signed from Ellis to Marguerite Winant Lopez from 1909 to 1935. 3 typed letters, signed with holographic postscripts from Marguerite to Ellis. Letters from Hewes to Phyllis Grosskurth and Francois Lafitte regarding this collection as well as original inventory of letters. Donor: Professor Gordon Hewes.


MS 279:


Domingo Ricart Collection. Materials relating to his works on Spanish Renaissance and Golden Age, Erasmus of Rotterdam, Spanish mystics Juan de Valdes. Material relating to his work with the organization and administration of the Quaker International Relief Program for Refugee Children during the Spanish Civil War, and the evacuation of refugees. Donor: Hermina Ricart Frost.


MS 280:


Friendship's tablet [prepared by friends and family in honor of Laura Ann Perry, of Stafford's Point, Fort Bend County, Texas.] Philadelphia : Moss & Brother, [1860-1870]. Civil War memento.


MS 283:


Eugene M. Kayden. Translation of various poems by Russian Poets. Typescript with manuscript corrections and notes. Photocopy, n.p., n.d. with personal inscriptions by Kayden. Donor: Margaret Jones.


MS 284:


Latin Bible. New Testament (2 Corinthians 12:4 Galatians 2:6). Historiated initial P (figure of man falling off horse) on recto. Decorated O, E, and R elaborate blue and red pen worked initial E on verso. Donor: John Feldman, 12 February, 1990. [Plume].


MS 285:


Latin Bible. New Testament (1 Timothy 6:4 2 Timothy 3:1) France, 13th century. Parchment. Single Leaf. Historiated initial P incorporating two male figures; one, with halo, assists the other. [Plume].


MS 286:


Latin Bible. New Testament. Epistles of Paul. Vulgate? Selections. [Plume].


MS 287:


Latin Bible (Lamentation 5:11 Baruch 2:21). France (?), 13th century (?). Parchment. Single leaf. Historiated initial C on recto at the beginning of Baruch, depicting Baruch as a seated figure in green and red holding a scroll, attached to a demi-vinet border dividing the columns. Donor: John Feldman and Jennie Inman, 15 October 1990 in memory of William Wallace Carson. [Plume].


MS 288:


André Dauzats. Notion préleminaires de la langue peul [manuscript]: Grammar and vocabulary of the Fula language. Original and photocopy. Donor: Z. Frajzyngier.


MS 289:


Ricardo Gullón (1980-) papers. Spanish scholar, author, teacher, and critic. Articles of literary criticism, reviews of Gullon's works, teaching materials, press pieces, essays, manuscripts, and miscellaneous materials relating to his career.


MS 290:


Pearl S. Buck. Typed letter signed to Frederic Lo, January 15, 1965. Letter originally laid in: Nowhere is my home,' by Lo Kung Yuan.


MS 291:


Latin Bible. (1 Maccabees 1:1-2: 14). France, 13th century. Parchment. Single leaf. Historiated E on recto, portraying the beheading of the idolatrous Jew. Style of the Dominican Painter. [Plume].


MS 292:


Fritz L. (Leo) Hoffman. (1907-). The Fritz L. Hoffman Collection of Argentine newspapers 1942-1971. Preservation photocopies of selected newspaper articles from La Nación, Vanguardia, and other sources.


MS 293:


Juan Emilio Aragonés (1926-). The Juan Emilio Aragonés collection of literary and political materials 1950-1970.


MS 294:


Ramón Hernández collection of manuscripts and other materials 1978-1988 relating to his work. See also MS 346.


MS 295:


Eugene Richardson Printing Ephemera Collection, 20th century. Published works and printing ephemera of American private presses. Based on Eugene Richardson's collection, but other collections have been added.


MS 296:


Henry Fairlie (1924-1990) Papers. The papers document Fairlie's literary career during the period (1971-1990). The majority of the collection consists of materials including drafts and notes for Fairlie's published and unpublished works, articles, clippings, and correspondence.


MS 297:


J.D.A. Ogilvy Papers, (1900-1992). The papers document Ogilvy's writing and the life of his father, Lyulph Ogilvy. Finding aid available on the Special Collection's web-site.


MS 298:


Isabel J. Vickers writing case, (1882-1909-?). A travel writing case with several calling cards and a telegram.


MS 299:


Latin Bible. France (Paris), 1240-50. Illuminated manuscript on vellum. Eighty-two historiated initials. [Plume].


MS 300:


Latin Bible. France (Paris), 13th century. Illuminated manuscript. Parchment. Seven historiated initials: fols. 1 ( St. Jerome ), 4 (Seven Days of Creation), 257v (David), 288 (Solomon), 329v (Isaiah), 457 (Matthew), 509v (Paul). [Plume].


MS 301:


Greek squeezes, [n.d.]. Paper rolls of impression of Greek inscription, with a few cuneiform, hieroglyphic, and Arabic impressions. Donor: Mrs. George A. Stowe.


MS 302:


James M. Stradling letters, transcribed ca. 1987. Transcripts of James M. Stradling's letters to his family from various army camps in Washington, D.C. and Virginia, dating from 1861-64. Donor: Ms. Martha Buck.


MS 303:


Bruce Campbell Dalton Trumbo Ephemera Collection, ca. 1970-1980. Promotional material (including buttons, a balloon and a matchbook) for the film Johnny Got His Gun. Collection assembled by the film's producer, Bruce Campbell. Donor: Bruce Campbell, 1993.


MS 304:


Naropa Institute. Kavyayantra Press Collection. Broadsides and other ephemera printed at the Kavyanyantra Press, Naropa Institute, Boulder CO. Donor: Naropa Institute.


MS 305:


Ignacio Manuel Altamirano (1834-1893). Diarios. Holographic diary in black and red ink. Photographic glass plate of Altamirano. Microfilm. Donor: Prof. Ralph Werner. [Plume].


MS 306:


Marlys Millhiser papers. Drafts of works such as The Threshold, Murder at Moot Point, Death of an Office Witch, and Murder in a Hot Flash. With annotated corrections.


MS 307:


Austrian Revolution Ephemera Collection. [R.John Rath Collection].


MS 308:


Book of Hours from Penitential Psalms. Single leaf. France, early 14th century. Antlered and bearded animal on recto; similar animal on verso. Donor: John Feldman. [Plume].


MS 309:


Latin Bible. Psalms 51: 1-9, with commentary. Single leaf. France, 13th century. Historiated initial Q depicting devil in blue, green, and red. Nude white bearded figure between two columns. Donor: John Feldman. [Plume].


MS 310:


Maghamate Hariri. Maghamat [Stages]. [S.l.: s.n., 1282 A.H.] [1860's?]. A book of moral stories in Arabic. Donor: Mehdi Nakosteen. [Plume].


MS 311:


Leo Miller John Milton Papers. Correspondence, notes, drafts, study copies of manuscript and printed materials from libraries, photographs, slides, and rare books. Early editions of Milton 's work. An extensive finding aide, the Guide to the Leo Miller John Milton Collection, details the collection.


MS 312:


Civil War diary. Handwritten account reporting on Company B of the National Guards of the 9th Regiment, p.s., Harrisburg, PA, kept by W.M. Hinkson; and Diary of the 124th Regiment, p.v., Harrisburg, PA. 1861-1862. A draft transcription of the diary containing introductory background and biographical information is available as well as a Hinkson family tree. Donor: Hortense Brant.


MS 313:


Book of Hours. France, late 15th century. Parchment, Ff. 87 + i. Large painted miniatures, some with coats of arms. Donor: John Feldman. [Plume].


MS 314:


Latin Bible (Leviticus 26: 26 Number 1:19). Northern France (?), early 13th century. Single leaf. Historiated L on verso (beginning of Numbers). Double-headed dragon in pink, blue, and white. [Plume].


MS 315:


Book of Hours (possibly from the Suffrages). Southern Netherlands, c. 1435. Parchment. Two leaves. One leaf has a large miniature of St. Eustace in a gilt frame with a full-page border of foliate decoration with an illuminated initial G. The other leaf has several gilt initials. Donor: John Feldman. [Plume].


MS 316:


Cutting. Paris, 1210-1220. Parchment. Historiated initial, possibly an F, from the words Frater Ambrosius' which begins St. Jerome's letter to Bishop Paulinus, normally prefacing Genesis in the medieval Bible. The initial depicts a seated man offering a book to a kneeling man. The tail of letter is zoomorphic, with head of a lion or dog, wings and birdlike feet. [Plume].


MS 317:

Latin Bible (Jerome, Prologue to Job Job 5:9). Paris, c. 1220-30. Parchment. Single leaf. Historiated blue initial U on verso, at beginning of Book of Job. Depicts naked, diseased Job on the dung heap, with his wife, three sons, and the devil. Illuminated initial S also on verso, containing zoomorphic shapes. [Plume].


MS 318:


Latin Bible (Leviticus 46: 11-Jerome's Prologue to Daniel). Paris, c. 1220-30. Parchment. Single leaf. Historiated initial D on verso (beginning of Daniel), of two entwined dragons, whose tails form a knot design. From the same manuscript as MS 317. [Plume].


MS 319:


Latin Bible (Luke 6: 35-7: 44). France, 13th c. Single leaf. [Plume].


MS 320:


Latin Bible, Old Testament (Psalm 144:21-Proverbs 1:1), Paris, c. 1250-75. Single leaf. Historiated P on verso. Solomon instructing his sons Rehoboam. Large illuminated I on verso and other smaller illuminated initials on recto. [Plume].


MS 321:


Cutting from Peter Lombard, Commentary on Galatians, Paris, c. 1230-40. Parchment. Single illuminated initial P (6-line) on verso, with stems and flowers in a gilt frame marking beginning of commentary. Fragments of text on recto from preceding Commentary on 2 Corinthians. [Plume].


MS 322:


Book of Hours, France (?), England (?), late 15th century. Single leaf. Illuminated O. Donor: John Feldman. [Plume].


MS 323:


Latin Bible (beginning of letter from Jerome to Bishop Paulinus, preceding Genesis). France (?), England (?) 13th century. Parchment. Single leaf. Double column; 50 lines to a column. Painted initial I at the beginning of the letter. Painted initial F on recto. Donor: John Feldman. [Plume].


MS 324:


Latin Bible (part of Jerome's Preface). France (?), England (?), 13th century. Parchment. Single leaf. Painted initial P. Donor: John Feldman. [Plume].


MS 325:


Latin Bible (part of Jerome's Preface). France, c. 1240. Parchment. Single leaf. Large historiated initial F on recto, depicting a seated man. Donor: John Feldman, April, 1991. [Plume].


MS 326:


Latin Bible (part of Jerome's Preface). France, c. 1240. Parchment. Single leaf. Donor John Feldman, April 1991. [Plume].


MS 327:


Psalter (?) (Psalms 89; 10-91: 14). France, 13th century. Parchment. Single leaf. Donor: Ellsworth Mason. [Plume].


MS 328:


Latin Bible. (Luke 17: 14-19: 36). Italy. Second half of 13th century. Parchment. Single leaf. [Plume].


MS 329:


Gradual. Mass for the Paschal vigil. Single leaf. 16th century. [Plume].


MS 330:


Antiphonal, Matins and prayers for Pentecostal season. Spain (?), 15th or 16th century. Single leaf. Donor: Lynn Wolfe. [Plume].


MS 331:


Antiphonal, Matins for the Dead, with block printing. Spain (?), 16th century. Single leaf. Donor: Lynn Wolfe. [Plume].


MS 332:


Matrimonial work. Leaf. France, 1250-75. Unidentified text, Quaestiones on the law of marriage. Single leaf. [Plume].


MS 333 OS:


Augustine, In Iohannis Evangelium tractatus CXXIV. End of Homily 46 and beginning of Homily 47 (Homilies 46 and 47 in modern editions). Italy, probably Tuscany, mid 13th century. Parchment. Single leaf. [Plume].


MS 334 OS:


Antiphonal (Matins for Passion Sunday). Italy, late 15th century. Parchment. Single leaf. Music: Five 4-line staves in red with square notation and text for music in black ink. [Plume].


MS 335:


Gradual. Spain. 16th century. Possibly used in Seville. Gift of Abbey rents. [Plume].


MS 336:


Shirley Jackson. Original and carbon typescripts of short stories, essays, notes, and drafts by Shirley Jackson.


MS 337:


Jean Paul Sartre. Manuscript notes for v.1 of Sartre's biography of Gustave Flaubert. Manuscript notes written by Sartre. Five pages. Donor: Hazel E. Barnes.


MS 338:


Book of Hours (from the Hours of the Cross). Flanders. Parchment. Single leaf. Several foliate, gilded letters with red and blue ornamentation, and white tracery. [Plume].


MS 339:


Memorandum in English, Latin and Norman French recording payments from an estate in Shropshire, dated 29, September 1420. Includes the cost of driving beasts for fattening, carrying silver, shoeing a black colt, etc.. Parchment. Single leaf. [Plume].


MS 340:


Indenture in English and Latin conveying two houses in Norfolk, 30 September 1453, by Henry Smith, Bondman, back to the Lord of the Manor, Nicolas Bokkyng. Single leaf. [Plume].


MS 341 OS:


Gregory the Great, Homily. Italy, 13th century. Single leaf. [Plume].


MS 342:


Postcard Collection Postcards from around the world. Over 3900 postcards, dating between 1899 and 1985. Subjects include parks, monuments, geographical features, the International Expositions of 1939, the Anglo-Japanese Exhibition of 1910, etc.. Provenance unknown. Organized by geographical region.


MS 343:


Robert Emmit Collection. Typescripts and related material.


MS 344:


Horace, Odes. (I. 190 IV). Italy, 15th century. Paper. Ff. 55. Written in a humanist hand in black ink. Bound in green morocco gilt by Rivière; signature of Sir Arthur Paget dated 1859 and the etched bookplate of this ancestor Richard Paget, signed and dated 1786. Donors: Eugene H. and Jane M. Wilson.


MS 345:


Latin Bible. (2 Peter 1:20 1 John 2:11). Paris, c. 1330. Parchment. Single leaf. Illuminated with marginalia and sketches. Came to the Abbey of St. Alban's in the mid-14th century. Donor: Prof. Emerita of Fine Arts, Amy Vandersall, in honor of Marie-Helene Richard Gantner. [Plume].


MS 346:


Ramón Hernández Papers, part II. See also MS 294. Documents used for research, drafts, typescripts, and printer's proofs for his works, Cristóbal Colón, El joven Colombo, Algo está ocurreindo aquí, El secreter del rey, and Textos breves.


MS 347:


Anne Ophelia Dowden, free-lance botanical artist and writer, whose first illustrations were for a book written by her father, a pathologist at the University of Colorado. Authored such works as The Blossom on the Bough, From Flower to Fruit, and The Golden Circle. Her botanical illustrations have been published in Life, House Beautiful, Audubon, and Natural History magazines. Collection includes drawings, paintings, layouts, research, correspondence, etc., for From Flower to Fruit and The Golden Circle.


MS 348:


English private letter concerning manor of Whetlaw (=Whitlaw, Northumberland?). French. Late 14th century. Signed by Walter Nedyrtone, Chaplain to Isabelle de Claxtone, Dame de Horden, resporting on negotiations over the Manor of Whetla. Paper. Single leaf. [Plume].


MS 349:


English indenture, 17 October 1489. Parchment. Single leaf. Indenture between William Haghe and John Drouffeld concerning the marriage of Alice, daughter of the former, and Thomas, son of John Drouffeld. Relates to lands in Lepton, Yorkshire. [Plume].


MS 350:


English indenture, 31 August 1468. Parchment. Single leaf. Indenture concerning sale by John Horne to William Leuyngton (?) of londys and tenementys and rentis and seruyces'. Relates to lands in Kenarton and West-wall, Kent. [Plume].


MS 351:


Cloth merchant's account. Southern Germany, second half of 15th century. Parchment. Bifolium. [Plume].


MS 352:


Legal documents relating to the sale of lands in Toledo, Spain. In Spanish, dated 28 December 1437. Three related notarial documents, sewn together. In this series of documents, Juan Martinez de Alcarez, accountant of the Bishop of Zamora, and his wife Juana Rodriguez sell some houses and their underlying property to Diego Sanches de Caceres, clerk, chaplain of the Chapel of King Sancho (now called "Reyes Viejos") of the Cathedral of Toledo. Parchment. Four bifolia. Relating to the sale of lands in Toledo, Spain. Spanish. [Plume].


MS 353:


Indenture. Sarah Smith. Apprenticeship agreement to be a spinster. Roxborough, PA: 26 April 1805. [Plume].


MS 354:


Indenture, English. 1680. [Plume].


MS 355:


Gospel Book (Luke 11: 29-46). France or Germany, 9th century. Parchment. Single leaf. Carolingian miniscule. [Plume].


MS 356:


Latin Bible (Mark 4: 18-7:15). Paris, c. 1300. Parchment. Single leaf. Red painted initial F at beginning of chapter 5. Other smaller red or blue painted capitals within text. [Plume].


MS 357:


Indenture, English. 1672. [Plume].


MS 358:


Wildlife Stamp Albums. Washington, D.C.: National Wildlife Federation. 1938-1949; 1959-1959; 1960-1969; 197-1974; and 1975-[1979]. Donor: Robert S. Welsh, 1981.


MS 359:


Fuchs-Auspitz Austrian Revolution Collection. Broadside Collection, 303 items. Printed broadsides, proclamations, edicts, etc., from March to December 1848. Based on a collection originally assembled by Arthur Fuchs. Gift of J. Lee Auspitz, 1995. Related collection: MS 307, R. John Rath Austrian Revolution Broadsides. In Map Case 2, Drawer 2.


MS 360 OS:


Latin Bible. New Testament. France, mid 13thc. Luke I? Bible leaf, sister leaf to MS 284, 285, 291, 319 and Fine Arts Department Colorado Collection's Tree of Jesse leaf. Style of Domincan Painter. Donor: Prof. Emerita Amy Vandersall. [Plume].


MS 361 OS :


Breviary leaf, Dutch, c. 1450. Single leaf from a breviarum in Latin. Elaborate marginal rubrication and decorated initial. Part of Psalm 118. Donor: Ronald Ogle, Aug. 15, 2002. [Plume].


MS 362:


List of slaves, possibly for auction, [1857?]. From Dobbins or Dobins estate in North Carolina: possible auction of property inherited by Milus Dobbins from John Dobbins. Includes name of 33 adult slaves, with color, sex, age, height, and number of children. [Fredell County, North Carolina?]. [Plume].


MS 363:


Bill of sale for a black child named Jasson, age 9, sold by Wm. R. Campbell to Milus Dobbins, February 8, 1856, for $696.50. [Plume].


MS 364:


Manumission paper. Autograph document, signed by Michael Badeau, St. Genevieve County, Missouri, April 27, 1838, manumitting his slave, Michael [age about 26]. [Plume].


MS 365:


Louis-Ferdinand [Destouches] Céline. Two autographed letters signed from Céline to Colas [Debrot], one, n.d. [1938?], the other 11 Fev. '38. French. Donors: Dr. and Mrs. Heller, Dec. 13, 2001.


MS 366 OS:


Simplicissimus. 214 disbound polychrome lithographs, circa 1900-1910? By various artists, including Ferdinand von Reznicek, Paul Bruno, Thomas Theodore et al. Donors: Dr. and Mrs. Eugene Heller, 1999 and 2001.


MS 367 OS:


Otto Achleitner. Colorado wildflower paintings: fourteen framed watercolor and gouache paintings, some with landscape vignettes. Donors: Dr. and Mrs. Eugene Heller, 2002.


MS 368 OS:


Palm leaf book. Buddhist prayers written on palm-leaf paper in Sinhalese temple language, from Sri Lanka. Cover possibly tree bark. Donor: Harriet Rebuldela, 2005. [Plume].


MS 369 OS:


Medical treatise in Latin. Italy, 2nd half of 13th century. Unidentified medical and pharmacological treatise in Latin. Complete bifolium with double columns of 60 lines written in a small rounded gothic script in brown and red ink. Headlines "T...VII." Numerous rubrics include pillule ad Ydropicos [pills for those who have dropsy] and pillule que sunt ex decem medicinis ad podagram [pills which are made from ten medicines for gout]. Sources cited within text include Abusaid, the 12th century Syrian physician, and Galen. [Plume].


MS 370:


John Wrenn Papers. Papers relating to his scholarship on Edgar Less Masters and John Dos Passos. [Plume].


MS 371:


Rent receipt book from Philadelphia, 1840-1879.


MS 372:


Miscellany. Mary O. Dyer. Mrs. Charles Dyer.


MS 373:


Roberts family notebooks.


MS 374:


June Jordan. Autographed letter signed from Jordan to unknown friend, Walter, July 21, 1971.


MS 375:


M. [Mary] Helen Carpenter. Archive relating to her life at the University of Colorado at Boulder. Diary from 1918-1920, various awards from employment years, biographical details, Christmas letters from 1991.


MS 376:


Apsley Cherry-Garrard and Bernard Freedman. Collection of 8 letters (some copies) dating 1950-1954, between physician Freedman and Cherry-Garrard. Freedman was working on a paper about E.A. Bill Wilson's leg condition during his polar explorations, and asking Cherry-Garrard for Details. Wilson and Cherry-Garrard were part of the penguin-egg expedition described in The Worst Journey in the World. Wilson perished with Robert Falcon Scott in 1912. Transcription included.


MS 377 OS:


Caleb Sipple Layton. Handwritten legal account book, 1846-1882. Layton was an anti-slavery attorney in Georgetown, Delaware. After stepping down from the Delaware Supreme Court, he re-entered private practice in 1844. Layton handled many freedom petition cases, manumission settlements, and other transactions for African-Americans. Along with records of his broader legal practice, his accounts list dates, the principals involved, their legal opponents, resulting trials, and costs. 53 African-Americans are named. Additional information with manuscript. [Plume].


MS 378:


Ernest Shackleton. Typed letter (signed) to J. Cates [British Petroleum Old Company], 6th August 1914. On The Imperial Trans-Antarctic Expedition letterhead. Discusses acquiring petrol stores en route rather than in England. Dated two days before the Endurance's departure for Antarctica.


 MS 379:


Frances Trollope. Fragment of a letter, circa 1835? Handwritten place and date (Paris, 1835) added by a later hand. Donors: Paul and Dorothy Thompson, Sept. 4, 1992. They received it from George Reynolds.


MS 380:


Ernest Hemingway. [Ephemera]: 5 telegrams to his friend, boxing coach and personal trainer George Brown, Jan. 1944 Jan. 1948; 2 ticket stubs, one used, for heavyweight title fight between Joe Louis and Tami Mauriello. Hemingway's plane was late and he missed the boat.


MS 381:


Ernst Jünger. [unidentified manuscript, beginning Freuhstueck auf der Terrasse]. 8 handwritten pages, a travel book dealing with Jünger's sojourn in Angola, October 1966? Accompanying material: 2 page partial typescript; newspaper clipping: Die Brücke zur Welt, 29 Mürz 1975: Balkon zum Atlantik: Notizen aus Lissabon / Von Ernst Junger. [Part of Ernst Jünger Collection, Humanities].


MS 382 OS:   


Quitclaim, William Knyll to John Walsham, 13 Oct. 1655.  Handwritten on parchment, in English.

Quitclaim from William Knyll of Evengobb [Evenjobb, Powys, Wales] to John Walsham of Knyll, Co. Herefordsh., esq., all his estate, right, title  [etc…for £30] in  capital messuage…in Co. Radnor, for Walsham to have and hold in perpetuity.  Manuscript on parchment, with wax seal and Knill’s signature.  Gift of Marjorie McIntosh, June 6, 2006.  [Plume.]


MS 383 OS:   


Lincoln, Abraham and Mary, et al.  Warranty deed.

Warranty deed, Oct. 27, 1848.  This deed is over 300 words long in Abraham Lincoln’s handwriting, outlining sale of a piece of land.  The property was owned by Gershom and Sybil Jayne and Abraham and Mary Lincoln, and sold to Pleasant Armstrong and John Yardley.  It is signed by all four sellers.  It includes a codicil written by another lawyer.  Accompanying material:  official transcribed copy; 1998 information from John Lupton, Assistant Editor of Lincoln Legal Papers; scanned CD of document images created by The Papers of Abraham Lincoln, Springfield, Illinois; and miscellany.  Provenance unknown.  Owned by UC-Boulder since at least the 1950s.  [Plume.]


MS 384:         


Folsom, Fred, Jr.  Folsom family papers, covering some portions of attorney Fred Folsom’s legal career in Washington, D.C.  Includes materials relating to his testimony for the House Judiciary Committee, Nixon Impeachment inquiry; materials relating to the Martin Luther King assassination investigation; correspondence; and family biographical information.  Folsom is brother to writer Franklin Folsom and son of Coach Folsom of UC-Boulder, cf. MS 246.  One archival box, plus oversize items in Map Case 1.


MS 385 OS:   


Land transfer, 1621, Wormingford Hall, Essex.  Handwritten in Latin on parchment.

[7] April 19 James I of England; 54 James VI of Scotland.  Court of Henry Killegrew, Lord of the Manor of Wormingford Hall, Essex.  Land transfer by which Thomas Osborne and his wife acquire land called Periton and Periton Marsh (which was Galfrid Scott’s and later John Scott’s).  Copy of Court Roll.  Dated ‘6 Aprill 1621’ on verso. Latin.  Provenance unknown.  [Plume.]


MS 386 OS:  


Indenture, ‘2o March 1682 Mr Tanner to Mr G Eyrie and John Will Rect for 2500 li.’  Handwritten in English on parchment.

“Tripartite indenture between:  John Tanner the Elder and John Tanner the younger and the said Katherine Tanner (daughter of J.T. the elder) of the first parte the said Gyles Eyre and John Hill of the second parte and Anthony Trethewy of the parish of St. Gyles in the Ffeilds [sic?] in the County of Midd[lese]x…”  Acknowledge the sum of 2,500 pounds has been paid by Gyles Eyre and John Hill.  2 March 1682.  Signed by John Tanner [w/seal], John Tanner [w/seal], [  ] Hill, John Hill, [Js] Harrison, Ma: Conny.  In English.  Provenance unknown.  [Plume.]


MS 387 OS:   


Copy Admission of Mr. Hugh Josselyn on the grant of the Lord.  Dated 2 Sept. 1788.”  Handwritten in English.  Wormingford Hall, Essex.

Regarding a “cottage with the orchard piece of ground and appurtenances therto belonging containing by Estimation one acre more or lesse formerly parcel of the Land called Longfield in Mount Bures formerly the Estate of John Bell heretofore in Occupation of William Harvey and now of Hugh Josselyn or his Undertenants, was sometime since convicted of Felony and received Sentence of Transportation for the same whereby the Toft whereon the said Cottage stood (the said cottage sometime having been taken down) and the aforesaid Orchard & Close (or piece of Ground became according to the Custom of the said Manor) forfeited to the Lord of the said Manor…”.  In English.  Provenance unknown.  [Plume.]


MS 388 OS:   


Land transfer, [1691.]  Handwritten in Latin on parchment.  Wormin[g]ford Hall, Essex. 

Deccimo Sexto die Novembris Anno die Millimo Sexcent.  ‘20th Aug 1691’ in ink on verso.  Reign of  William and Mary.  Named parties includes Baron Thomas Waldegrave, John Harrison, gentleman, and Richard Newton.  Refers to Mount Bures [Essex].   Refers to sale of tenements or cottages. Signed by John Harrison.  In Latin.  Provenance unknown.  [Plume.]


MS 389 OS:   


Ferdinand V., King of Spain, and Isabella I, Queen of Spain.  Autograph letter, signed July 27, 1492.  Framed, oversize, shelved separately.

Signed “yo el rrey” and “yo la rreyna”; countersigned Fernand Aluares, Secretarius.  Addressed to Don Juan de Ribera [don iohan de Ribera], commander-in-chief of frontiers in Navarre, regarding a complaint about work stoppage on a building Count Salin was constructing on boundary land between Castille and Navarre.  In Spanish, on paper.  Matted with additional hand-tinted engraved portraits of Ferdinand, and Isabella and Christopher Columbus, whose 1492 explorations were funded by the King and Queen.  Documentation accompanies piece:  Article about the piece from Notes from the Rare Books Room, No. 23, in Norlin Library Occasional Notes, no. 12, April, 1971.  Gift of Mrs. George Galland, 1938.  [Plume.]


MS 390:         


Langston Hughes.  Archive of publishing contracts and correspondence between Langston Hughes and children’s book publisher Franklin Watts, 1950-1969. Regarding:  First Book of Negroes; First Book of Rhythms; First Book of Jazz; First Book of Gypsies.  Three agreements and four letters.


MS 391:         


Ai (1947-).  Rapture: A Fiction.Two handwritten copies of Ai’s poem Rapture, about O.J. Simpson, in paper folders, accompanied by handwritten note from Ai to Dick [Schwarz] about the copies.  Copies K and L.  Gift of Chris Vincent and Richard Schwarz, April 2000.


MS 392:         


Lucy (Lucile) Berkeley Buchanan Jones, first African-American woman graduate from the University of Colorado at Boulder in 1918.  Matted photographs, and graduation cap and gown. 

In Map Case 2, drawer 5, and Range 36/37, Section 2.  Gifts of Polly McLean.


MS 393:         


Merle Locke.  Three ledger drawings. Three modern colored pencil drawings on original ledger sheets from the 1888s:  “Ehannke Oyate”: People of Long Ago; Swiftly and Briefly; and Victory Call at High Noon.  Lakota artist Merle Locke’s work is a new version of traditional ledger drawings.  In Map Case 1, Drawer 11.


MS 394:         


Janet Stevens Papers. First proofs and partial proofs of books illustrated by Janet Stevens.  Includes "I'm In the Zoo, Too," "Anansi and the Moss-Covered Rock," "The Emperor's New Clothes," and "The Three Billy Goats Gruff."  31 leaves, several signed by Stevens.  Acquired in 2002. [Map Case.]


MS 395 OS:        


Spanish Forger leaf. Forgery of a miniature of a crusader departing, mimicking a medieval leaf of the mid-15th century: circa 1900.  Filed in its own box due to mat size.

“A nobly dressed couple stand on a path outside their castle and present a crusader’s banner to a young knight in armor (presumably their son), landscape background with trees, a river and a distant castle.  Set within a pink and blue ornamental border with white tracery.”  The “Spanish Forger” was a proficient forger active in Paris around 1890-1910.  On re-used parchment.  See: William Voelkle’s The Spanish Forger: A Master of Deception, ART ND1662 S63 S63 1987.  240 x 189 mm.  [Plume.]  


MS 396:     


Margaret Puls.  Selection of poetry publications, 1973-2008.  Gift of author, 2007. 


MS 397 OS:   


Armenian lectionary leaf, with zoomorphic bird initial in red, pink, orange and blue, and interlacing marginal flourish painted in the same colors, 1120 A.E. [Armenian Era], i.e., ca. 1671. 

Text based on a fifth century translation of the Bible by Armenian prelate Maschdots Mesrob, in the Haikian alphabet of 38 characters.  Handwritten on paper.  Double column with rubrics, 32 lines, 385 x 260 mm.  Originally in Otto Ege’s leaf book, Original Leaves from Famous Bibles.  [Plume.] 


MS 398 OS:   


French legal document, 25 January 1787, Lyon, France.  Printed document on paper, with handwritten illegible names and other insertions, “l’Ordonnance rendue…” “…ensuite l’Ordonnance rendue par Monsieur Faure de Montalant, Lieutenant Général Criminel en la Sénéchaussée & Siege Présidial de Lyon sur le requisitoire de Monsieur le Procureur du Roi auxdits Sieges…en la Chambre criminelle desdits Sieges, sise au Palais de Justice….”  Miscellaneous Manuscripts and Documents box.  [Plume.] 


MS 399 OS:   


Palm leaf book fragments (two.) Found in M. Ramasami’s A grammatical vocabulary in English and Canarese : classified under the various parts of speech, PL4646 R36 1863.  Miscellaneous Manuscripts and Documents box.  [Plume.] 


MS 400 OS:   


William Chesterton Indenture, printed, 2 April 1749.  William Chesterton apprenticed to John Lloyd for seven years.  England.  This indenture indicates that “William Chesterton Son of William Chesterton late of the Parish of Saint Sepulchre London,” deceased, agrees to an apprenticeship to John Lloyd “Citizen and Founder [blacksmith?] of London” for a term of seven years.   William Chesterton, as an apprentice, had to keep the secrets of his master and not waste his masters’ goods or lend them unlawfully to others.  He had to maintain a moral lifestyle, refraining from cards, dice, table, or any other unlawful games through which he might lose his master’s money.  He further had to refrain for both “fornication” and contracting marriage for the duration of his apprenticeship.  Miscellaneous Manuscripts and Documents box.  [Plume.] 


MS 401 OS:   


Robert Farmer Indenture, printed, 29 February 1789.  Robert Farmer apprenticed to John Maund for eight years as chimney sweep.  England. This indenture indicates that “Robert Farmer a Boy of eight years of age Son of Mary Farmer of the parish of St. Sepulchre without in the County of Middlesex with this mothers Consent doth put himself Apprentice to John Maund of the parish of St. Sepuchre [sic] in the City of London Chimney Sweeper to learn his Art, and with him (after the Manner of an Apprentice) to serve from the day of the date of these presents unto the full End and Term of eight years.”  As an apprentice, Robert Farmer had to refrain from playing cards, dice, tables, haunting taverns or playhouses, committing “fornication,” and contracting marriage for the duration of his apprenticeship.  Miscellaneous Manuscripts and Documents box.  [Plume.]


MS 402 OS:  


Samuel Davis Indenture, printed, 6 November 1719.  Samuel Davis apprenticed to Matthew Knight as tailor. This indenture witnesses that “John Tidman and John Petchee Church-Wardens of the Parish of St.. Sepulchres in the Liberty of the City of London And Joshua Walfree and Willima Bott Overseers of the Poor of the said Parish,” apprentice to Samuel Davis, “a poor child of the parish” to Matthew Knight of the Parish of St. James Clerkenwell in Middlesex, a tailor.  Davis was to live with and serve Knight until he reached the age of twenty-four.  Matthew Knight, who was to instruct Samuel Davis in the “Art or Trade of a Taylor” agreed to provide for Samuel so that he would not be a financial burden on the parish or the parishioners.  Miscellaneous Manuscripts and Documents box.  [Plume.]


MS 403:  


Alfred M. Cressler Papers. Typescripts of short stories and financial articles and newspaper clippings. Primarily related to Cincinnati literary society.



MS 404:  


Leipzig Music Scrapbook. Programs and clippings for musical performances in Leipzig, Germany, 1892-1894.



MS 405:  


W. H. Haynes receipt for slave auction, December 12, 1854. Receipt for payment of two dollars from Milus Dobbins for calling the auction.


MS 406:  


Henry Pettit's Thesis: A History of Young's "Night Thoughts," 1938.


MS 407:  


Sir Henry Griffith Letters., c. 1600.


MS 408:  


Donald Beaty Bloch Papers and Miscellany.   1871-1971. 


MS 409:  


D.K. Bailey Papers.


MS 410:  


Wenceslaus Hollar (?) Etching of the English and Bohemian Civil Wars, c. 1642-1649. 


MS 411:  


Secvnda Predicacion de la Decima Qvinta Concession de el Papa Vrbanao Octavo, 1750.


MS 412:  


Latin Book of Hours leaf with Saint Margaret and the Dragon and Saint Catherine and her Wheel, c. 1530.


MS 413:  


Latin Bible leaf from the Book of Aggeus, with illuminated Dragon, early 14th c.