UCB Libraries

Buick Power (Lavender Collection)


Antique Photographs Collection

A small collection of late nineteenth- and early twentieth-century photographs acquired from multiple sources and assembled locally. The collection contains tintypes, daguerreotypes, ambrotypes, glass collodian photographs, glass positive slides, cabinet cards, cartes-de-visite, a photograph album, and postcard photographs. 2 boxes. Access to the collection is through a finding aid in the Rocky Mountain Online Archive.


Collection of Photographic Prints and Portfolios

Collection primarily of twentieth-century artistic and documentary photography. This collection contains prints by such photographers as Ansel Adams, Harry Callahan, Walker Evans, and Edward Weston, in addition to works by contemporary photographers. The individual prints and portfolios in this collection were acquired from multiple sources and assembled locally. 33 linear feet. Access to the collection is through a finding aid in the Rocky Mountain Online Archive.


David H. Tippit Photobook Collection (Tippit)

Collection of twentieth-century photo-illustrated books. The Tippit Collection contains first editions of the seminal photobooks of the twentieth century, as well as numerous contemporary photobook titles. Approximately 13,500 titles. Cataloged with locally assigned call numbers.  The collection was acquired from David H. Tippit in 1991 and continues to be augmented by additional purchases and gifts.  Access to the collection is through Chinook. http://libraries.colorado.edu/. PDF files detailing the contents of the 1991 acquisition can be found here:


Ira Wolff Photographic History Collection

The Ira Wolff Photographic History Collection consists of approximately 7,000 original photographs and 7,000 publications, largely from the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries.  The collection contains a wealth of primary source material offering insight into the invention of photography, the scientific and technical components of its development, the history of photomechanical printing, vernacular photographic practices, and the medium’s role in social and cultural documentation. Highlights from the collection include an 1844 photograph by William Henry Fox Talbot and numerous travel albums from the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries by both amateur and professional photographers alike. Publications in the collection trace the pre-history of photography in the eighteenth century and continue through the development of all stages and types of photomechanical printing in the nineteenth century. For additional information, see http://libpress.colorado.edu/?p=1678. The collection is currently unprocessed but select portions of the collection are open for research. Interested researchers should contact amanda.h.brown@colorado.edu.


Sandy Hume Photography Collection

Collection of twentieth-century American photography assembled by Sandy Hume. A former professor of Photography at the University of Colorado Boulder, Hume organized the influential 1977 exhibition, The Great West: Real/Ideal. The collection contains photographs by such photographers as Robert Adams, Thomas Barrow, and Robert Heinecken. 11 flat file boxes. Access to the collection is through the Rocky Mountain Online Archive.


University of Colorado Student and Faculty Photographs

Collection of portfolios created as class projects at the University of Colorado Boulder, along with a selection of individual student prints. Several class portfolios include works by collaborators at other universities. While the majority of the photographs are created by students, a select number of prints by faculty members are also included. Finding Aid in Rocky Mountain Online Archive.