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Women Poets of the Romantic Period, 1770-1839

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The University of Colorado at Boulder Libraries has a significant collection of first and early editions of poetry by women writers of the British Romantic Period (1770—roughly 1839). The 83-volume nucleus of the collection, which was acquired in 1996, has been expanded to more than 425 works by such writers as Anna Barbauld, Charlotte Smith, Mary Robinson, Felicia Hemans, and numerous other authors, both well-known and more obscure. Selected prose works by women poets, notably Helen Maria Williams' controversial books on the French Revolution, are also part of the collection. The works, which range in subject from poems for very young children to impassioned political statements, were written by women of every class of society, from aristocrats to domestic servants. The collection is located in the Special Collections Department, Norlin Library, Room N345.


Over sixty volumes have been digitized and are available in the CU Digital Library.


The Women Poets' of the Romantic Period project aims to expand upon the growing corpus of digitized and TEI encoded works by British and American women authors of the Romantic period, while exploring new ways to use maps and other visualizations in the collection's search interface. Reverend F. J. Stainforth's Catalogue of the library of female authors which documents approximately 6,000 titles published from 1650 to 1830 will serve as a central organizing principle for the database. This is a work in-progress by Associate Professor Holley Long, with assistance from graduate student interns Ashley Sneesby, Juliet Robinson, and Leo Arellano.



PLEASE NOTE: This list is frequently revised and updated as books are purchased or analyzed. Some information is based on book dealers' descriptions or standard bibliographies. The form for authors' names is that used in in the Library of Congress Subject Headings when available; names not part of these headings follow the form used in Jackson, J. R. de J., Romantic Poetry by Women: A Bibliography, 1770-1835, or in the Jackson Bibliography of Romantic Poetry. When the name used in Jackson varies from the Library of Congress, that form is listed and linked to the record listing. Anonymous works are indicated by square brackets around the attributed author's name; for example: [CELESIA, DOROTHEA.] Almida, a tragedy... By a Lady.


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