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Sarah Hamilton: Sonnets, Tour to Matlock, Recollections of Scotland, and Other Poems. By a Resident of Sherwood Forest. London: J. Mawman, 1825. WPRP 266.



  Poet and playwright Sarah Hamilton (1769-1843) was the youngest daughter of Robert Hamilton, a physician of Lynn, Norfolk, and also an author. Featured in the Transactions of the Royal Society of Edinburgh and in the Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society, his scientific papers included “An Account of a Distemper, by the common People in England, vulgarly called the Mumps” (1790) and “An Account of a Suppression of Urine cured by a Puncture made in the Bladder through the Anus” (1776) (Jackson, 143; Creighton, Bagshaw, ODNB; Hamilton, PTRS, 1776, 578ff).


  Sarah Hamilton published a range of titles on a variety of topics: Art of War; A Poem, in Six Books (1826); The Liberation of Joseph; A Sacred Dramatic Poem, in Two Parts: The Beauties of Vegetation, with Digressive Sketches of Norwich, & c. in Four Cantos: And Other Poems (1827); and Alfred the Great, a Drama, in Five Acts (1829). In “Tour to Matlock,” Hamilton paints a scene of “adventurous” leisure travel undertaken by a group of women, as “four ladies once agreed to range” among the “steep rocks of Derbyshire.” She continues:


Now the dark hills with purple slope

A beauteous vista seem’d to ope,

With the sun’s golden tints array’d,

Dispersing all the neighboring shade:

The blue mists hung in distant skies,

Where Pleasley’s wooded rocks arise,

And as their friends cam riding on,

Each told her admiration. (Tour, 123-125)



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