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Catalogue. [In a later hand:] of the library of female authors of the Rev. J. Fr. Stainforth.: [Francis John Stainforth]. WPRP 290.


Manuscript, before 1866.



  Thick quarto account book of 373 leaves, of which 254 leaves comprise the catalogue and 92 leaves comprise Stainforth's wants lists. Stainforth's interest lay in the works of British and American women poets and dramatists, and by the time of his death in 1866, he had amassed over 6000 works, many of which Stainforth sought to acquire each edition of every title. The books are listed alphabetically on the rectos with additions on facing pages. Stainforth's collection provides what must be the single most comprehensive bibliographical record of English-speaking women poets and dramatists up to 1866.


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