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Women Poets of the Romantic Period
Individual Item Contents: WPRP 203




E. S. L. (Elizabeth Susan Law), 1799-1883


Poems dedicated to Joseph Jekyll, Esq.


London: Ibotson and Palmer, Printers, Savoy Street, Strand.  1833.

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WPRP 203

Physical Description:

63 p. ; 19 cm


Dedicated to Joseph Jekyll, Esq. Bound together with Miscellaneous Poems dedicated to Lord Colchester by Elizabeth Susan Law, WPRP 203; Bound together with The Lady "Arabella Stuart" : a poem by Elizabeth Susan Law, WPRP 203b ; Giustina, A Spanish Tale of Real Life. by Elizabeth Susan Law, WPRP 203c; Views in London by Elizabeth Susan Law, WPRP 203e.



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Lady Jane Grey's Letter to Lord Guilford Dudley 1
The Postman 10
Description of an Old Man in the Abbey Church at Malvern 15
The Recluse- A Fragment 17
Written at Pisa 22
Past Joys 25
Mola di Gaeta 28
Addressed to Lady F. M. 30
Addressed to Italy 31
The Effects of Absence 35
Addressed to Mrs. H. G----n, on the Birth of her second Daughter 38
Monody on my dear Father, Lord Ellenborough 40
To 1818 and 1819 44
On the Death of E. A. Towry 45
Reflections on a Life of Dissipation 47
Melancholy Thoughts at Pisa 49
Farewell to London 53
Portrait of a Lady 56
Thérèse               61
Lines Addressed to F.S.L. 63
On the Death of Lord Byron 65
On hearing of the Death of "Riego" 70
Addressed to F.H.L. when she completed her seventeeth year 71
Thérèse               74
Lines supposed to be addressed by Corinne to Lord Nevil, on returning the Ring 75
Alvina 77
The Favourite of Nature 79
The Preference of Feeling over Talent 82
The Preference of Beauty, as the result of Feeling, over that arising from extreme Youth 84
Translated from the Italian of Serafino Aquilano 87
Translation of a Song written by a French Sergeant on the Campaign in the Morea, 1828 91
Stanzas for Music 97
To Lord S--------th 101
Stanzas for Music 102