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Artists' Books from the Special Collections Department


Examples of artists books
Kunc, Karen. Mexican Gothic. [Lincoln, NE] : Blue Heron Press, 1993

Dates: October 24 - December 19, 2003
Hours: Fridays, 2-4:30 PM (CLOSED Friday, Nov. 28 for Thanksgiving)
Location: Special Collections (Norlin Library, 3rd Floor, N345)
Information: Phone 303-492-6144 or email spc@colorado.edu

Free and open to the public

Work by Seko, Bailey, and Chen
Work by Julie Seko, Alicia Bailey, and Julie Chen

A1. McKim, Alicia. Home on the Range. Denver : Rattlesnake Press, 1996. Uncat OS2 96-10-5.

A2. Wagner, Mark. Library in a Book : Seven Books in One. New York; Delafield [WI] : Bird Brain Press [2001]. New.

A3. Bailey, Alicia. Lipstips. [Lake City, CO] : Ravenpress, 2001. New.

A4. Campbell, Ken. Firedogs. London : Ken Campbell, 1991. Uncat OS2 94-8-168.

A5. Som, Indigo. He Likes You. Berkeley : Bitchy Buddha Press, 1996. Uncat OS2 98-4-16.



B1. Seko, Julie, et al. Secrets. [Boulder, CO]: Eaves Press, 1995. Eaves Press Collection.

B2. Walker, Todd. R is for Rock. Tucson, AZ : Thumbprint Press, 1986. DHT 3435.

B3. Faulkes, Eve. 70 x 7 : A Journey in Forgiveness. Rosendale, NY : Women's Studio Workshop, 1998. Uncat OS2 99-4-8.

B4. Sligh, Clarissa. Reading Dick and Jane with Me. Rochester, NY : Visual Studies Workshop, 1989. Scuba III 2020.

B5. Bailey, Alicia. Tongue Tied. Lake City, CO : Ravenpress, 1999. New. Poem by Patricia Beer.

B6. Rubottom, Sibyl & Jim Machacek. Cosmic Sidereal Galactic ABCEDARIUM of the Universe. San Diego : Bay Park Press, 2001. New.



C1. Fitzpatrick, Kate. Dreamless Sleep. Boulder, CO : Kate Fitzpatrick, 2003. New.

C2. Benjamin, Elaine S.. Key to Happiness. Blue Lake, CA : Blue Chair Press, 1988. New. 2nd edition [Chocolate bar].

C3. Colorado College students. First Celestial Adventure of Mr. Benzedrine. Colorado Springs, CO : Press at Colorado College, 1996. Uncat OS1 96-11-3. Text by Tristan Tzara.

C4. Various artists. Exquisite Horse. [Silver Buckle Press] Madison, WI : University of Wisconsin Press, 1997. Uncat OS2 97-9-4.



D1. Hobson, Charles. Fresnel's Tower : Why Lighthouses Are Like Stars. [San Francisco, CA] : Pacific Editions, 1997. New. With cylinders to assemble into lighthouse.

D2. Morrison, Lois. Endangered Species. [S.l. : s.n.], 1999. New.

D3. Haynes, David, et al.. Everyday Magic of Walter Lee Higgins. [MN] : Minnesota Center for Book Arts, 1998. New. Deluxe edition.

D4. Ediciones Viga. Revista del Vigia : Numero Especial Dedicado al Aniversario Quince de Esta Casa Editorial. Matanzas [Cuba] : Ediciones Vigia, 2000. N7433.35 C8 R48 2000.

D5. Cummins, Maureen. Checkbook. Brooklyn, NY : M. Cummins, 1996. OS1 N7433.4 C8 C5 1996.



E1. Seko, Julie. Prohibition. Longmont, CO : PS Press at the Sign of the Vicious Dog, 2001. New. Poem by John Donne.

E2. Bailey, Alicia. Opening a Shell. [Lake City, CO] : Ravenpress, 2001. New.

E3. Chen, Julie. World Without End. [Berkeley, CA : Flying Fish Press, 1999]. New.

E4. Thomas, Peter et al. 1998 Collection : Books by Peter and Donna Thomas. Santa Cruz, CA : Peter and Donna Thomas 1998. Uncat OS2 98-11-2. A collection of 18 miniature artists’ books in a wooden case.


Miniature books


E5. Liddle, Matt. Ipso Facto. [Sl : s.n.], 1995. Uncat OS2 97-10-8.

E6. Chen, Julie. Leavings. Berkeley, CA : Flying Fish Press, 1997. New.



F1. Hensel, Susan. Anne. [East Lansing, MI : Susan Hensel, n.d.]. New (Oversize). Literary sculpture of Anne Sexton.

F2. Robinson, Jeffrey C. and K. S. Jacobs. Floridize, Absorb, Spin : Cockney Keats on Fanny Brawne. [Boulder, CO] : Jacobia Press, 2002. New.

F3. Peter, Sarah. Pen in Hand. [S.l.] : New York, NY 1996. New.

F4. Watson, Gail. Texts. Denver : Zuni Studios, 1997. Uncat OS2 97-11-1. Poem by Ursula le Guin.



G1. Van Vliet, Claire. Sanctae Hildegardis Circulus Sapientiae. [S.l.] : Janus Press, 2001. New. Hildegard von Bingen.

G2. Forster, Clare Chanler. Day in Six Parts. [Boulder, CO : Clare Chanler Forster, 1986?]. N7433.4 F67 D3 1986.

G3. Drucker, Johanna. Narratology. New York : Granary Books, 1994. Uncat 97-9-2.

G4. Bernstein, Dennis. French Fries : A New Play. Purchase, NY : Ear/Say ; Rochester, NY : Visual Studies Workshop, 1984. DHT 2019.

G5. Morrison, Lois. St. Ostrich in Manhattan. Berkeley : Flying Fish Press, 1990. Uncat 96-9-11. Collaboration with Julie Chen.



H1. Golden, Alisa. Catching a River. [Berkeley?] : never mind the press, 1993. New.

H2. Various artists. I Need to Come to More of These. Boulder, CO : Camilla Beck, 2003. New. Created during Friends of the Libraries event, 2003.


I Need to Come to More of These


H3. Kunc, Karen. Mexican Gothic. [Lincoln, NE] : Blue Heron Press, 1993. New. Poem by Vinnie-Marie D'Ambrosio.

H4. King, Susan Elizabeth. Redressing the Sixties : Lessons a la Mode. Washington, DC : National Museum of Women in the Arts, 2001. OS1 N7433.4 K56 R43 2001.



I1. Doctor, Laurie. Psyche's Quest for Her Lost Lover. Abiquiu, NM : [created at] Ghost Ranch, 1996. Plume OS 98-10-2.

I2. Barton, Carol. Vision Shifts. Glen Echo, MD : Carol Barton, 1998. Uncat OS2 98-10-16.


Vision Shifts


I3. Russell, Laura. Colorado Wall Dogs. Denver : Simply Books, Ltd. 2003. New.

I4. Golden, Alisa. Eight Degrees of Charity by Maimonides. Berkeley : never mind the press, 1995. N7433.4 G65 M36 1995x.

I5. Wait, Laura. Postcard. Denver : Bookworks, 1995. Uncat OS2 97-7-3.