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Hours: 1 to 5 pm, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays

On display: August 29 December 21, 2007



Sun and Moon

Woodcut from Nuremberg Chronicle, 1493



From Aristotle to artists' books, weather is an abundant topic. Historical meteorological works are here, such as the 1485 edition of Prognosticon, Benjamin Franklin's 1754 New Experiments and Observations on Electricity, and Henry Piddington's 1851 Sailor's Horn-book, or The Law of Storms , which includes translucent cards to place over ships' maps indicating wind direction.


We also reveal all the myriad ways humankind has coped with the natural order. Cultural issues of global warming and images of the ravages of Hurricane Katrina and the Dust Bowl are contrasted with artistry: Lois Morrison's Persephone; Lawrence Van Velzer's Tower of the Winds; Spitz and Pollack's Dictionary of the American Language, and Robert Sabuda's pop-up book of L. Frank Baum's Wizard of Oz.


Anasazi pottery lent by the CU Museum of Natural History and petroglyph photographs by Charles Roitz highlight past climate change. Books impart superstition, folklore, semi-scientific reflections, and weather forecasting (such as the 1853 Hagerstown Town & Country Almanack ).


Effects of weather are expressed lyrically, as with Alicia Bailey's lovely Haiku Box because haiku must always allude to the seasons. Excerpts from plays and poetry intermingle with color photographs from Eliot Porter's 1963 The Seasons . Victorian moral metaphors, particularly for children, remind us to persevere Through Storm to Sunshine.


The remarkable glass lantern slide snowflake microphotographs of Wilson A. Snowflake Bentley from the early twentieth century, and ice sculpted by Andy Goldsworthy make whimsy and delight visible.


We could not resist including one overlap of literature and art: the copy of James Thomson's The Seasons shown has a fore-edge painting on the edge of the pages.






Listed alphabetically by author in each case, starting with those in the hallway

and proceeding counter-clockwise in the reading room.


A: (Hallway)

Ludlum, David M. The American Weather Book. MATHPHYS QC983 L825 1982.


Nelson, Mike. The Colorado Weather Book. MATHPHYS QC984 C7 N45 1999.


Polidari, Robert. After the Flood. [Dust jacket.] ARTARC F379 N543 P655 2006. 



B: (Hallway)

Fielder, John. Colorado. ARTARC OVERSIZE F777 F46 1989 c.2.


Lippard, Lucy R. From the Center. ARTARC NX180 F4 L56 1976 c.2.


Turner, Joseph Mallord William. Joseph Mallord William Turner. ARTARC ND497 T8 W34 1983.


Weather Wisdom: Proverbs, Superstitions, and Signs. MATHPHYS QC998 W43 1996.



C: (Hallway)

Bishop, Robert, and Patricia Colbertz. A Gallery of American Weathervanes and Whirligigs. ARTARC NK9585 B57.


De Paola, Tomie. The Cloud Book. JUVENILE QC921.35 D46 1975.


Flammarion, Camille. The Atmosphere. PASCAL 551.5 F612.


Van der Meer, Ron. Earth Pack: Tornadoes, Earthquakes, Volcanoes: Nature's Forces in Three Dimensions. SPC 05-08-14.



Woodcut of Zephyrus

Woodcut from Nuremberg Chronicle, 1493



D: Reading Room

Franklin, Benjamin. New ExperimentsElectricity. PLUME QC516 F85.


Hagerstown Town and Country Almanack. ALMANAC COLLECTION.


Hopkins, Gerard Manley. Inversnaid. BOOK ARTS PR4803 H44 I58 1987.


Lockhart, Gary. The Weather Companion. QC870 L63 1988.


Spitz, Laurie and Amee Pollack. Spitz & Pollack's Dictionary of the American Language.

BOOK ARTS OVERSIZE1 N7433.4 S686 2005.


Thomson, James. The Seasons. [Fore-edge painting.] GOLDMAN 187.




Bailey, Alicia. Haiku Box. BOOK ARTS.


Bentley, Wilson A. Glass lantern slide photomicrographs of snowflakes, selection of 3 from set of 9.


Bowen, Mark. Thin Ice. MOUNT QC879.59 B69 2005.


Edmaier, Bernhard. Earthsong. DHT 9835 OVERSIZE.


Inwards, Richard. Weather Lore. CREAMER QC998 I64 1893x.


Martin, Jacqueline Briggs. Snowflake Bentley. QC858 B46 M37 1998x.




Bendavid-Val, Leah. National Geographic: The Photographs. DHT 7541.


Jordan, Chris. In Katrina's Wake. DHT 10466.


Kraczyna, Switlan Nicholas. The Great Flood of Florence, 1966. DHT 10688.


Van Velzer, Lawrence G. Tower of the Winds. BOOK ARTS.




Baum, L. Frank, and Robert Sabuda. The Wonderful Wizard of Oz. OVERSIZE1 PZ7 B327 Wi 2000.


Goad, J. Astro-meteorologica; or Aphorisms and Discourses of the Bodies Celestial, Their Natures and Influences. QC859 G57 1686.


Our Little Clouds Have Silver Linings. BLOCH 1647.


Quayle, William A. A Book of Clouds. SCUBA IV 106.


Seasonal Postcards 1993: Can Spring EAVES PRESS.


Seasonal Postcards 1993: Winter Therefore EAVES PRESS.


Porter, Eliot. The Seasons. Four selected photographs. PHOTO PORTS.




Musset, Paul de. Mr. Wind and Madam Rain. BLOCH 1076.


Abbott, C.C. Clear Skies and Cloudy. PUBLISHER'S BINDING 791.


Bailey, Alicia. Celestial Sonnet. BOOK ARTS.


Bukowski, Charles, and R. Crumb. The Captain is Out to Lunch and the Sailors Have Taken Over the Ship. OVERSIZE1 PS3552 U4 C36 1997.


Flammarion, Camille. The Atmosphere. QC863 F5713 1873.


Goldsworthy, Andy. A Collaboration with Nature . [Dust jacket.] DHT 8229.


Lacey, William J. Through Storm to Sunshine. BRITISH PUBLISHER'S BINDING 172.


Mann, Mary E. Out in the Life's Rain. BRITISH PUBLISHER'S BINDING 192.


Morrison, Lois. Persephone. BOOK ARTS.


Patchen, Kenneth. Glory Never Guesses. OVERSIZE1 PS3531 A764 G5.


Piddington, Henry. Sailor's Horn Book for the Law of Storms. QC943 P62 1851.


Seasonal Postcards 1992: In just- EAVES PRESS.




Anasazi pottery (CU Museum of Natural History):

a: Chaco Black-on-white pitcher (UCB MNH 740);

b: Tularosa Black-on-white canteen (UCB MNH 9487);

c: Chaco Black-on-white three-lobed vase (UCB MNH 9480);

d: Chaco corrugated jar with handles (UCB MNH 755);

e: Chaco-style [?] Black-on-white bowl (UCB MNH 738).


Cook, Jeffrey. Anasazi Places: The Photographic Vision of William Current. DHT 6686.


Roitz.Charles. Marks in Place portfolio. Two black and white photographs of petroglyphs. PHOTO PORTS.




Aristotle. Introdvctio physica , section on meteorology. PA3895 A44 1541.


Defoe, Daniel. The Storm , 1704. PR3404 S76.


Evelyn, John. Memoirs, Illustrative of the Life and Writings of John Evelyn. DA447 E9 A223 1819.


Leonardo da Vinci. The Codex Hammer [Codex Leicester], facsimile. OVERSIZE 2 ND623 L5 A4 1987.




Breventano, Stefano. Trattato de l'origine delli venti . QC931 B7 1571. A partial leaf from the fifteenth-century Nuremberg Chronicle has been used as a cover sheet for this treatise on the origin of the wind.


D'Alembert, M. Reflexions sur la Cause Generale des Vents. Pièce qui a remporte le Prix proposé par L'Academie Royale des Sciences et Belles Lettres de Prusse. QC931 A54 1747.


Leonardo da Vinci. Codex on the Flight of Birds in the Royal Museum at Turin, facsimile. OVERSIZE 1 QL698 L4613 1982.


Picturesque Views in England and Wales from Drawings by J.M.W. Turner, Esq. R.A. engraved under the Superintendence of Mr. Charles Heath, 1838. OVERSIZE 1 94-04-405.


Prognosticon. Opusculu[m] repertorii pronosticon in mutationes aeris tam via astrologica q[uam] metheorologica: vti sapie[n]tes experientia comperientes voluerunt p[er]q[uam] vtilissime ordinatu[m] in felici [et] primo prohemiu[m], 1485. PLUME 02-01-01.


Comet with tail

Woodcut from Nuremberg Chronicle, 1493




This interdisciplinary display draws on contributions by Debbie Confer and the CU Museum of Natural History for the loan of Anasazi pottery; Richard Anthes for barometers, thermometers, and the global warming mug; Candy Gobrecht and Jina Wakimoto for fans; the Math-Physics Library, the Art Library, and the Music Library's Digital Sheet Music Collection. Technical assistance also came from Emily Semenoff, Alison Graber, Cheryl Koelling, Tegan Davis, Susan Guinn-Chipman, Michelle Falke, Chris Vincent,

and Kris McCusker.


This display is staged in conjunction with EcoArts.  

See: http://www.ecoartsonline.org/ for a complete listing of events.