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1698 edition of the Contes de Mme D'Aulnoy. This is a rare first edition by the author who many
credit as the first writer of fairy tales.


Les Contes des Fees


L'Oiseau Bleu


Gracieuse et Percinet






Chinese painting


Chinese painting


Chinese painting (detail)


Pl. Oversize 05-08-04


Wu, Shou Fang. [Chinese Paintings].


Chinese paintings, watercolor and pastel, based on Tang style, approximately 1898. Accordion-fold, 8 leaves. Artist's seal on last page. Source unknown. Please contact Special Collections, spc@colorado.edu , if you can contribute any additional information.




Portion of letter


MS 246 Folsom Elting Collection


Civil War letter from John Elwell to his family, 1862. A transcription of the letter is available.


Part of a recent addition to the Folsom family papers. Gift of Mary Elting Folsom.




Pencil Drawing


OS2 05-12-01


Nine pencil drawings by James Henry Moser, most identified as Cape May Point, August 3, 1890. Include artist's annotations for colors and other anecdotes.


Gift of Eugene Heller and Lily Appelman, 2005.




Detail of account book


Pl. Oversize MS 377


Layton, Caleb Sipple: handwritten legal account book, 1846-1882.


Layton was an anti-slavery attorney in Georgetown, Delaware. After stepping down from the Delaware Supreme Court, he re-entered private practice in 1844. Layton handled many freedom petition cases, manumission settlements, and other transactions for African-Americans. Along with records of his broader legal practice, his accounts list dates, the principals involved, their legal opponents, resulting trials, and costs. Fifty-three African-Americans are named.


Illustrated: entry for Frank Gorden, neg[ro], 1847.


Additional information is filed in the box with the manuscript.


Purchase, 2005.



Portion of letter


MS 376


Collection of eight letters (1950-1954) between physician Bernard Freedman and Apsley Cherry-Garrard. Freedman was working on a paper about E.A. (Bill) Wilson's leg condition during his polar explorations, and asking Cherry-Garrard for details. Wilson and Cherry-Garrard were part of the penguin-egg expedition described in The Worst Journey in the World . Wilson perished with Robert Falcon Scott in 1912.


An excerpt from one of Cherry-Garrard's letters:


Wilson forgot himself, so far as a human being can. Therefore if he said or wrote anything about himself it has strong value.


Medically from 87 ° 37' onwards I should say he was attending mostly to Seaman Evans for a cut hand and also for frostbite. His nose was rather bulbous and inclined to frostbite. Later I suppose other symptoms developed. His hands got badly blistered.


Purchase, 2005.




Editions of Goethe


***Faust by Goethe (Berlin, 1940). Vellum bound edition.***

(standing in back)

Gift of Eric F. Simonton


"When my father left Germany after World War II he brought with him this book. The night before leaving, soldiers in his barracks looted the town. The soldier who stole this book decided it was too cumbersome to take home. My father felt it was too valuable to leave behind, fearing it would be put in the trash, as many other books were. While at CU I studied German History under Professor Robert Pois. I am donating this book to the University in his memory." E.F.S.


***The Works of Goethe with Biographical Introduction by Hjalmar H. Boyesen, Ph.D. (Philadelphia, 1885). Five volume set.***

(open volumes)

Gifts of Barbara and Professor Stanley Cristol





Lewis and Clarke books


Travels to the Source of the Missouri River and Across the American Continent to the Pacific Ocean. Performed by Order of the Government of the United States in the Years 1804, 1805, and 1806. By Captains Lewis and Clarke.


Three volumes. Revised London edition, 1815.


Gift of Bill Blair (UCB BA, 1960; LLB, 1963)


Map from Travels to the Source of the Missouri





Bakelite pursesBakelite Purses


Gifts of Martha Sabin, June and August, 2004





(Text and images courtesy of The Treasured Library)


Hebrew Bible
( C.XV )


Muley Zaidan Koran
(C. XVI)


The Book of Good Love
Libro del Buen Amor


Latin Dioscorides


The Codex about the Medicines of Frederick II


The Epistles of St. Peter
Beati Petri Apostoli Epistulae






The Familiar Astrologer: an easy guide to fate, destiny, & foreknowledge, as well as to the secret and wonderful properties of nature...Embellished with curious engravings on steel and numerous woodcuts
by Raphael (London, 1831)


Engraving of AstrologerEngraving of Palm






A Family herbal: or familiar account of the medical properties of British and foreign plants
by Robert John Thornton with plants drawn from nature by Henderson and engraved by Bewick
(London, 1814)


Nasturtium Title PageMonk's Blood






THE NOSE, a Poem, in Six Stanzas. Dedicated to all Unmarried Ladies,
who may profit by the example,and take warning from the fate of Dorothy Spriggins


Illustration of family out walking Illustration of the School Room


The Walk and The School Room

(illustrations from The Nose, by Frances Parker, Countess of Morley, 1831, First Edition)


Title Page






PRESERVING, CONSERVING, PICKLING; And The Several Branches of These
Arts necessary to be known by all good HOUSEWIVES


Title Page


by John Middleton (London: Tho. Astley, at the Rose against the North Door of St. Paul's, 1734)





Physicians' Anatomical Aid
(Chicago: Western Publishing House, c. 1889)


Chest CavityHeadEye, Ear, and Skeleton





Late 18th c.? Recent donation to the Special Collections Department


Botanical Print