The Stainforth Library of Women Writers (Beta)
Porter Seward Barbauld Opie Smith More Taylor Landon Jewsbury

The Stainforth Library of Women Writers (SLWW) will be a virtual simulation of those works in Francis John Stainforth’s library, which he cataloged in this manuscript: Catalogue of the library of female authors (1866), held in CU Libraries Special Collections. Stainforth's 6,000-volume library contained only works written by American and British women poets and playwrights. The range of authors whose works he collected include 15th-century author Juliana Bernes, 18th-century African American author Phillis Wheatley, and Victorian author Elizabeth Barrett Browning. Genres represented in the collection include poetry, plays, novels, essays, letters, and manuscripts – but only those written by female poets or playwrights. This voluminous collection enables us to ask and, with the help of computer analysis and visualization, to answer questions about how women’s writing was circulated, valued, collected, organized, and displayed in the nineteenth century.

Stainforth Library of Women Writers
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