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Technology Petting Zoo (Libraries Staff Only)

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Chrome BookThe Technology Petting Zoo is an LIT-sponsored program to allow libraries employees to explore newer technologies. These items are intended both for professional and personal exploration.


The normal circulation period for these will be five business days. 


See Chinook for a detailed listing of items and their availability.

Nook TabletWe use Sierra Circulation to track these items. This has several advantages for all of us: 


  • you can see online what items are available vs. checked out;
  • you can place a hold on a checked-out item if you wish to have it next;
  • you can place a booking on an item you want to use at a future point in time; and
  • we’ll be able to use the automatic features of Millennium both to track use and to encourage the timely return of checked-out items.   

Logging into WebPac Pro with your IdentiKey, as a Libraries employee, will allow you to search for these items and place holds/bookings.  (A title search for “Technology Petting Zoo” will find them all.)   


Please work with LIT employees in the first floor Media Services office to checkout and return Zoo items.

Nook TabletJust as a reminder, this is a “self-serve” Zoo and at this point in time LIT is not prepared to offer training on these items – they are merely provided for your use and exploration.  The exception to this is the new Canon camera and Tascam audio kits, for which Michael Riberdy can arrange training if you so desire – please contact him directly to schedule training at a mutually convenient time. 


The Nooks and Kindle have a limited amount of purchased content already downloaded on them and – as these are sold with the intention of them being personally owned rather than library owned – you won’t be able to download additional purchased content to them (but you may download free content if you like).  


Special thanks to Carson Block and Poudre River Public Library District for the idea of having a Technology Petting Zoo.