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Courtesy of Panda Antivirus News:
The latest version of the fake antivirus scam.


We’ve seen this on a few Libraries computers, and heard reports of it on home computers. Another thing to watch out for.


Anti-Virus-1: A new fake antivirus


Anti-Virus-1 is a fake antivirus program. It is designed to trick you into buying and installing malicious adware on your machine. It also causes your browser to be redirected from legitimate sites to fake reviews, giving the adware the appearance of legitimacy.


When run, this adware warns the user that the computer is not protected. The main screen displayed is a spoof of the Window Security Center:


Spoof of Windows Security Center


It pretends to scan the system for malware. If you don't buy the pay version of the fake antivirus, the malicious code will sporadically display a message reminding the user that the computer is infected.


Similar viruses run under the names Antivirus2009 and Antivirus 2010.


More information can be found here.