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Changing Chinook Passwords

In a future release of software, you will be required to change Chinook passwords on a regular basis so it is a good time to get used to the process.

"First and Second Level" Passwords

There are two levels of authentication and authorization in Chinook. Most users have a LOGIN (authentication) and INITIALS (authorization). The LOGIN allows you access to the system. This is what you type in at the login prompt when first connecting to Chinook. INITIALS authorize individuals to perform certain functions in Chinook.
Login Viewlet
Initials Viewlet

Your login and initials also have separate passwords. Most users have never changed these passwords. Sometimes folks are confused because the login and authorization passwords are often the same.

Changing Your Login Password

To change your Chinook LOGIN password, please send a message to lib-help indicating the login for which you would like to change the password and what you’d like the new password to be.

Changing Your Initials Password

To change your Chinook INITIALS password, follow these steps from the Chinook Main Menu (telnet staff mode).

1. M > MANAGEMENT information
2. I  > INFORMATION about the system
3. P > Change your PASSWORD

Chinook will prompt you to enter your OLD initials and password. Then the system will ask you to enter your NEW password and re-enter it to verify that you’ve typed it correctly. The system will display “Password changed” and “Press <SPACE> to continue.”
Change Initials Password Viewlet