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ERM Forms: Find Articles & More Subject List
Content Request Form


The purpose of this form is to simplify the process of identifying resources for the Find Articles & More subject lists.


The ERM task force on Subject Lists created this setup to address the problem of alphabetically ordered subject lists (as well as other problems).  If you are responsible for more than one subject list, please fill out a separate form for each subject.


Two options:  Most Useful/Also Useful or Granular

There are two options for arranging your subject list.


Option one is to have two lists, one for ‘Most Useful’ that would ideally include a small number of only core resources, and an ‘Also Useful’ list that would ideally contain a more comprehensive listing of resources relevant to the subject.


Option two is to have several lists that provide more granular access to a subject.  This would be most valuable for subjects that tend to be very large or varied, and would be instead of the Most Useful/Also Useful option.  For example, Engineering would use option two to break resources into the various kinds of Engineering.

See examples of both types here.

Please select which option you would like to use for your subject:

Most Useful / Also Useful


To add additional subjects on the Find Articles & More page to existing resources

Please use the Adding Additional Subjects to Existing Resources Form.